Friday, October 18, 2019

WOW! Almost a year - seriously!

I have been out of it that's for sure.

So much has been going on, that most days I don't even get to decide when I will go the bathroom much less sit down and write a blog.  I am working on journaling for my business, but that is hand written and I have the luxury of taking it with me where ever I go.

2019 has not been very kind to me - unfortunately.  I am seriously looking forward to 2020!


1.  My oldest found a congenital issue with his kidney.  The ureter that comes into the kidney kinks.  He already had one stent put in and it kinked again, he is on his second stent right now, but if it kinks again, he loses that kidney.  The chances are high that he will lose that kidney.  He is only 23 years old.

2.  ALSO, that son had a MRSA infection in his hand that was hours away from his getting his hand amputated.  It spread so fast - 48 hours.  As it stands now, he has his hand, but the nerves will always be a little off.  THEN, he got a staph infection in his elbow.  Antibiotics took care of that one, but this guy has been through the ringer this year. 

3. Four of us went to England in June. We stayed in Southwark, but traveled by train to Liverpool since my youngest son is really into music.  It was not as great as the first time my husband and I went, but my kids got to experience international travel and my daughter is already planning on going back with a friend that that has family there.  The reason for the lack of excitement is that I was bleeding for 60 days straight.

4.  The heavy bleeding led us to find out that I had a very early stage of uterine cancer.  The bleeding was not a symptom of it, but the research helped us find it.  I am severely anemic from all the bleeding this year.  I just had a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago, so trying to build back up my red blood cells, but it is slow going. I have always struggled with anemia.

While in surgery, they found a cyst on one of my ovaries.  The doc said - no wonder you were in pain.  So, the surgery took care of that too.  No pain and no bleeding - I am in. 

5.   My business was doing great, it was building and people were loving it - I was having fun doing it.  Busy, exhausting, but great.  Then, July 25th, an update completely wiped my inventory online and on my register.  It has been a nightmare even since then. 

I have over 3,000 items and to reconstruct them all is a daunting task!  We switched systems and that was worse.  Then, we switched systems again and that did not work either.  This business is very nichy and finding an all in one system that links the on-line inventory with the in-store inventory is non-existent.  Who knew!  It is a completely custom thing apparently.

SO, we are still NOT back on track - 3 months and my store is closed (mainly for my recovery) and the on-line is awful.  My whole recovery time is spent on the computer trying to get this system working.  We meet with our tech guy tonight again to try to figure something out.

6.  My daughter is now a driver!  Thankfully!  It helps so much. 

7.  My shy, anxious youngest son is now in choir!  He sings - on stage!  The teacher and voice coach found out he has a gift.  We knew he was perfect pitch (not a great thing if you ask me), but I had no idea he had a voice.  He can sing in 5 octaves. His normal is bass and is the lowest singer at the school.  Lower by 4 notes than any of the others.  He is in driving school, so just 8 more months and all my kids will be driving!  WOOHOO!!!

8.  My husband's Dad has dementia.  He is solidly in Level 2.  Very sad, last time we saw him, we noticed the changes.  -D is freaked out that he is going to be that way.  We have started talking about end of life things, home health care insurance etc.  He will be 50 next year.

9.  Which leads me to - It is our 20th anniversary next week!  WOW!  It does not seem like we have been married that long.  It feels like we are just getting started and we need more time! 

That's about all. I hope you all have been doing well.  I keep up with Carla and Sharon on instagram - if you are on Instagram - I am @threadedlines.  It is mostly about my business, but I post some personal too.  I am not on Facebook much anymore.

Enjoy your weekend and I will be lurking a little more - maybe - I am not sure how things are going shape up.

Take care, I still think about you often!


  1. Wow, so much has happened to you! I understand now why you stepped away from the blog. I wish you and your family better health!

  2. Good to read an update. I hope 2020 is a much better year for you.

  3. Those were some scary incidents. I hope your business continues and does well. Were you helping two couples fix their finances?

  4. No wonder you've had no time (or inclination) to blog! So much to deal with. It was so good to hear from you, though - you were really missed - and I am wishing you all better health and luck in 2020. Big hugs! xx

  5. I had a similar experience to your uterus issues. I had had some sort of my period for 10 years straight. It went from spotting every day to clot gushing every time I stood up from a sitting position. It was horrible. Anemic to the point I needed blood transfusions. I finally got a hysterecomy. Found pre cancer cells. A year later a large cantaloupe sized cyst was found on an ovary, so another surgery to remove both ovaries and cyst, which was atatched to my colon, intestines and bladder. Now in forced menopause. I also had an abcess in the same ovary with the cyst, which explained the pains I was having in my side since my hysterectomy. It took that long to convince my doctor that there was something wrong. If it went on much longer the diseased cells would've turned to cancer cells. I'm still mad about the whole ordeal, but oh so happy it's done. I do wish medical personnel would listen to their patients when they say something is wrong. I'm very glad your cancer was found early and can be treated. As a way to have fun with my menopause, we've named it Susan ( no offense to anyone named Susan!) so if I'm having a hot flash or get unusually cranky it's "Susan's here!" My Surgeon told me that you'll know what your menopause symptoms will be like within 2-3 weeks post-op. I hope you have very little to no symptoms.

  6. It's been a wild year for you & your family. I hope things turn around & you get the time you need to rest & recover! Great to hear from you - you've been missed.