Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rainy days

We all move a little slower on rainy days.

Even though I didn't sleep in much - I have not started yet, enjoying that next cup of coffee!  And I think by posting today (when there is not much to say) I am avoiding getting started!  LOL

  1. 7 quilt orders are in house!  For the most part, they are small though - 20 Tshirts or less, so they should go pretty quickly.  I have the fabric for the backing and borders ordered and Joann's is having a buy one get one for thread starting tomorrow.
  2. I have decided to keep the business open, but not tell anyone.  I am going to let it go until we get a little more settled.  I will sew when I want, get on top of my health, get the kids settled, etc.
  3. In saying that, I am dying to make some of these bags I have patterns for - I am IN LOVE with all these bags!
  1. We have officially stopped for the summer.  I wanted to give them a break and I needed it as well.  Theater was crazy and is not over just yet, plus we have well check visits and camps in July as well as driving school for the whole of August.
  2. We have made the decision on how we are going forward with homeschool.  They will be going to public school.  -L will be going into the 10th grade - she is too smart for words, and -K will be going into the 9th.   4 more years and we are done.  We will probably still talk about the logic during dinner or something - I think it is important for them and they will not get it in high school.  I won't take a grade.
  1.   Yard work, Yard work, Yard work.  We spread out those crushed concrete piles to make the parking space/drive area.  It still needs some work to level it, but the rains came and the attachment piece for the lawn mower that will help with that has not come in yet.  It is looking better and better.
  2. Really, that is it - it is all about the yard and since we have nothing but rain this week, not much is going on.  Hopefully, it will clear up this weekend and we can get some stuff done.  The soft ground might make it easier to pick up those rocks!
  1.  I am currently working through 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I read it years ago and it worked wonders for me in business.  I am looking to transfer it to my personal life a bit.  I think the stress of the past couple of years have made me retreat to a more emotional self than I would like to be.
  2. I am making sure I refill my water cup during the day.  I have a problem with getting dehydrated while working (causing dry eyes), so I am actively working on getting myself more water throughout the day.
  3. I am not wearing myself out in one day.  It is definitely better this slower pace.  I can blog, I can answer emails, do a little maintenance cleaning daily, read a bit and get some work done.  I just need to add exercise and this balance will be a good one!
I am going to get one more cup of coffee, then start ironing interfacing and laying out a quilt top.  Today is a good day - I hope you are having a good day as well!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Our Yard

This is a picture of our driveway from the road.  What I had hoped to catch was all the rocks that were left by the builder all along the sides of this driveway.  I have hated it from the beginning.  Since we have gotten a notice from the HOA, I thought I was going to have to hire someone to deal with all of this, but since talking with neighbors, we decided to tackle it ourselves, but make a commitment to do so.

So, the kids and I will start removing the rocks and dumping them to shore up the gravel drive to the shed.  It is not bad, but it will reinforce some thinner areas and make a little curve area for easier backing up.

Along the driveway on both sides, we are taking out some of the brush  - about 10 to 15ft on each side - leveling it out, laying sod and planting Natchez Crepe Myrtles to line the drive.  This all will take some time, but I think as long as we are actively working on it - the HOA will leave us alone.

This picture is from where the driveway starts to curve toward the house.  The left catches a tiny bit of the gravel drive to the shed and the right is another area that we are creating a gravel drive for parking and backing up.

The area between the house and shed currently has 3 Natchez Crepe Myrtles and a Lemon Tree.  It will be sodded, but we are working on the dry creek beds.  All LOT of water comes off the house, shed and front of the property, so we had to deal with that.  We did not want a rain fall to wash out the yard over and over, nor did we want standing water, so we made a rather long dry creek bed that will ultimately end up in a small pond, but right now, it is just going to the back of the property.

Here is a closer view of the dry creek beds.  Both come together in from of the fence.  Our plan is to line them with rocks.  After we get the driveway done, this is what we will focus on.  It will take time laying out the rocks because they have to be laid one by one pretty much.

Our flower beds have hibiscus, bottle brushes, mexican grass and one other kind I always forget the name of.  It is a light green bushy type.  Eventually, we will also put a fire pit and seating in this area - so some grass, but not too much.

This is the side of the driveway that is getting graveled as well.  They dumped the crushed concrete on Friday.  College Boy and my youngest got out there on Saturday and got one pile spread out.  It is rainy today, so the pile by the basketball goal is still there.  It looks so much better though - clean up the area tremendously!

Now that Theater is over, our weekends are back, so hopefully we can actually get some work done!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Theater Week is always crazy

It seems like the tech week of theater is always so hectic!  Coming from an extremely organized person - there is no reason for it, but since I am in not charge (and do not want to be) and I am along for the ride!

The beginning was fine - drop her off, pick her up.

Then Tuesday hit, 30 minutes late letting them out.

Wednesday, 1.5 hours late letting them out - which meant us waiting in a parked car until almost 11 p.m. at which point, they told us - "oh, yeah - we know tomorrow is opening day, but they need these special shoes, shorts and tank.  Plus period hair and make-up AND be have all that and be here 1 hour earlier."

Which meant, I was up watching you tube videos to learn how to do hair from the 1910-1920s.  Did I tell you we have sucky internet!  So, a 15 minute video takes 40 minutes.  Yeah, fun.

On top of that, I had a customer coming Thursday morning and it was our planned day to go see the play!

We got the stuff (4 hours to find!), 2 hours for hair because I seriously cannot hair - I can only do a ponytail, no time for lunch, she was late getting there because it is 1 hour away and we had to drive into town to get the things, then back home for her to get ready, then back to the theater.

The play was great though!  Much Ado About Nothing set in the 1910's.  The teens were cute.  They did the full play, but are shorting it to 30 minutes for a Shakepeare festival this summer. 

You can tell we are not really theater people.  However, we are trying to suck it up for our daughter.  This is her last play with them, since she is going to public school next year, she will do theater with them.  MUCH closer, MUCH easier, MUCH more organized.

This current school is really a mess.  It is hurting them.  I was not the only upset parent - LOTS of talk going on about it last night.

Today, we are dropping her off and picking her up.  I will do her hair, but now that I know how it is going, it will be easier.

We are having crushed concrete and dirt dropped off today to making a little parking area/turn around area off the driveway.  A customer is coming and the gas company is coming to give us an estimate for a generator.  We are also meeting friends for dinner.   Poor DH has only been home to sleep this week. 

Well, I am off to the races - I hear the load of dirt coming up the drive!