Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The offer is in

Venting again.

We did receive the offer - finally!  It was another low ball offer.  Has me a little depressed.  The first offer was $31,000 under our asking price.  This offer is $34,000 below our asking price.  Both are at foreclosure level pricing.

I am trying to make sense of it, but I cannot.

The good things about this offer is the strong financial aspect.  They are putting 20% down, and financing for 15 years.  They have strong finances, so that is a MAJOR plus. 

I am trying to think of this as a starting point. 

We need to be done with this part of our lives, but I do not want to give away the house.  I think this will work though.  This time I really do.

I will you all know as this progresses, but it seems slow, so it may not happen tomorrow or Friday.

-D and I are both at the limits of our stress and ready to get some stability in our lives.  It is coming though.  Should this work out, by the end of May, we will reduce our overall debt by over $150,000.

Selling a house stinks, but the end result is where the comfort comes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 killing me!

Sometimes, I need the patience of a saint and I just do not have it.  I am highly passionate and that does not lead itself to tremendous amounts of patience.

We had a long showing this past weekend.  Feedback was: Shows well (typical), love backyard, entry light needs cleaning.

This light in question is 18ft in the air.  Sigh.

We let it go.  This is about how all our showings have gone - shows well, not exactly what we are looking for.  With everyone being sick - I seriously let it go.  -D and I had a deep discussion about significantly lowering the price and offering an allowance for flooring.  We set up a meeting with our realtor for today to hash out all the specifics of the new terms.

So, then I get a text this morning.  Our realtor says he has been going back and forth with the people from Saturday and their only problem is the laminate flooring.  Can he give them an allowance for it.  Ummm, YES!!!  He then says, we will most likely be getting an offer by this afternoon.

OK, I did not need to know that - how can I function today?  My daughter is still not feeling well, so we are stuck at home or I would go somewhere.

Trying not to get my hopes up.  Trying very hard not to get my hopes up.

UPDATE:  Their realtor said an offer would be coming in the morning after the buyer was back in the US.  (out of the country for work).  Still anticipating!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Thinking about food

A friend on Facebook recently shared this video. 

I have heard Micheal Pollen before, read his books.  At one time, I did a lot of cooking at home.  We ate about 60% locally and pre-processes foods were rarely eaten.  Our health skyrocketed!  I was never thin, but we never got sick and all blood tests came out normal.

Then I was in a wheelchair and life got complicated.  I could not stand up for any length of time and the cooking fell to -D who was coming home after working for 8+ hours to stand in the kitchen and cook.

Well, I felt guilty (obviously not guilty enough to do anything about it) and LAZY.  More and more meals included not just 1st tier processed foods, but full on processed meals.  After a while, I got out of the chair, but my blood pressure rose, and then the heart problem started.

My husband is more lethargic, my kids are moody.

Now, in the past couple of weeks - I have gotten sick - very sick and still fighting something, though I am feeling much better.  -L and -D are in bed with a stomach virus.  No one in my family has so much gotten more than a simple cold that lasted a day or two in the past 4 years, but now we are getting sicker and sicker!

I have to do something about this - NOW!  Problem is our kitchen has to be spotless and we have to be ready to show at a moment's notice.  Sigh.  We will make it work somehow. 

The menu will be posted later today.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Track It Thursday

OK, this is where I come clean with how I have been doing more spiritually, than fiscally.  It was an off-week because I was so sick, but I am slowly doing better.  Today is better than it has been for over a week, but I still get breathless easier and have less energy.  I am down to just a decongestant, neti pot, Sambucol and Mentholatum, and humidifier.  LOL

Here goes

1.  Exercise - Yeah, what a joke.  I get breathless sweeping the kitchen.  No exercise at all this week.

2. Homeschool - Another joke.  I could not talk for 5 days, then we had a major water leak in the new house, so I have been overseeing construction work while sick - not conducive to learning.  They did do their individual work, so it was not a total loss.

3. Sewing - YES!  I made a lanyard and drew out the two baby blanket designs for an order.  Oh, yeah and set up my sewing area!  The lanyard is not perfect and there are some adjustments I want to make, but I did sew!
Lanyard - 1st try

4. Money - Eating out - we spent $30 on one meal out this week - during the water leak fiasco. Other than that, we have not spend any money.  Eating down what we have.

5. Cooking - Even though I did not feel like it, I really wanted homemade chicken soup on Monday, so I made a crockpot version to and it was wonderful - everybody enjoyed it!

6. Reading - We did not make it to the library because of my sickness the water leak, however, my son was given a research project from this enrichment teacher and my daughter was given The Book Thief for her birthday.  I myself perused our shelves and started reading The Da Vinci Code again.  Good enough for this week.

So, pretty good for what all went on.  We mostly ate in and I even got a little bit done despite of it all.

I forgot to show you the before and after of what will be my sewing room and A's study/music area.

Before - light floors, red walls, brass chandelier.

After - darker floors, green/tan/grey walls and a ceiling fan.

I LOVE it now.  I am much more into earth tones and it feels very calming.   I have not moved into this room just yet because we are going to repaint the trim.  It is a little yellow from the oil based paint and I just found out that they smoked in this house!  It was why the carpet smelled so badly.  We replaced all the carpet with these floors.  It smells much better.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shopping at Home

As we are moving closer and closer to our new home, I have been thinking and thinking about how all our furniture will fit in the new "smaller" space.  In 6 bedroom house where every room has a purpose, going to a 3 bedroom seems a little daunting.

Rooms have to play multiple roles whereas now each room has a reason.  For example, two kiddos will share one room to sleep.  The dining room will be my sewing room and -A's study area/music room.  The breakfast area will be an eating area and homeschool room.  The living room is a place for leisure, but also will house the family computer and a game table (small, counter height table w/ 2 chairs).  Our bedroom will also be the storage area for all the books in the house - Yeah me!

Closets are even pulling double duty, since we are using the office for -M's bedroom, he doesn't have a closet, so the coat closet becomes his.  A hallway linen closet becomes overflow for the 2 that share a room, plus may be our stock-up storage for those great CVS deals on almost free laundry detergent!

So, back to my original topic - shopping at home.  There is an alcove in the living room that is large, but empty - no built ins or anything and although it was meant for a television, one side of the living room could not see it.  What to put in there.  We started thinking about putting in shelves - built in, but decided money was too much a factor.  Then we thought we need to find an armoire to give us more storage capacity.

Then I looked in my current living room and there are two beautiful wine racks and they both fit perfectly side by side in this alcove.

Solved two problems in one - 1 how was I going to fit my furniture, and 2 what to put in that odd space.

Gotta love it when you don't spend money!

Monday, April 7, 2014

More showings

Well, two over the weekend.

1 - too big, didn't like flooring

2 - rooms too small.  Seriously?  My smallest bedroom is freaking 14' x 14'.  Wanna see small - come see what my daughter is moving is moving into.  10 x 9 - maybe it is that big.

Today, 2 more showings still to come.

I feel like crap.  Day 4 of being sick and having no voice.  It just sucks - plain and simple.

HOWEVER!  Thank you, thank you, thank you - for giving me LOTS of notice before coming by.  I can work for 15 minutes - sweating like nobody's business and struggling to breathe - nose burning and dripping - it is not pretty folks.  Then I rest for 10-15 and start again.

I am in the home stretch now - only 2 more rooms to vacuum and then I just have to check everything. -D is rushing to get home, so he can help when he gets here.

Other wonderful thing - I have a place I can go! It is only a couple of minutes away and it has my stuff!  I love it!

Nothing but good things, all good things.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekend Happenings....

I am still sick.  Ugh!  Everyday I hope to get up and feel some energy, but as soon as I try to do something like make the bed, I am out of breath and exhausted.

So, I clean-up in spurts.  Rest a while, make the bed, rest a while, wipe the sink and toilet, rest a while, put on a load of clothes, rest a LONG while, think about doing something, rest some more.

Luckily, I am the only one in the house not feeling well - everyone else is bouncing off the walls.

-D is at the new house painting the dining room that will be my sewing room.  The floors are all in and look gorgeous! (Picture after painting!)  We will be moving homeschool and sewing over there tomorrow so our new week can start like we planned.  The large freezer is going as well.  We are considering eating over there from now on just to not introduce any new smells here.  The official move date is April 27th.  Keep in mind though that we are transferring things over there a little at a time.  I would like to start sleeping there then even if not ALL the furniture is over.

Other than that, we are just hanging out.  Taxes need to be paid - all freaking $3,500 of them. Not going there today.   Bills need to be paid, so -D and I will sit down this evening probably.  Menu needs to be made. Chore Chart written, etc. etc.

I have an order for 2 baby quilts, so I am excited to get back to sewing.  A great way to get back into it!
Lanyards are HUGE around here, so I am thinking about making a bunch of them with cloth I have on hand for quick, low cost sales.

Off to down some cough syrup.