Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nothing Major

Life is just kind of keeping on, keeping on.  Nothing major is going on besides paying off debt and saving to pay the taxes which means we are living like we are broke. 

So far, the new diet change is going really well.  I am down another 3 pounds, so 7 in total since January. Smiles all around in that area.  It is still not in the excitement mode though - I have lost these 7 pounds enough times to make me a waif.

We had a very relaxing time on our weekend away and really did not do anything.  It was needed.  We did look around at sports good stores, for future things like a basketball goal for the kids and a bow and arrow set.  While out, we found camouflage flannel sheet set for CHEAP!  Like a full size set for $12.  I am making my Dad a camo lap quilt this year and camo fabric is around $18 per yard.  GULP!  So, this gives me enough fabric to make 2 lap quilts.  One for my Dad and one for my Step-Father-in-law.  Score. 

Other than that, there was no buying of anything.

 I am trying to finish up the crazy lady order this week. Still no word from 9-Quilt Lady. 

So yeah, overall, I am pretty boring right now.  Sewing, cleaning, cooking, reading, sleeping, then start that all over.  Pretty content though.  The structure works for me in this time of life.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Excited about things to come!

Even though the weekend is not as we planned, I let it go.  We are getting away for a short amount of time, maybe not where we want, but it is time without kids.  I am excited for us!  We REALLY and TRULY need time away.

Whenever we do things like this, we get into these conversations that bring us closer and tend to be life changing.  For example, we decided to get out of debt in earnest, sell our house, have another child - whatever it was, we decide on these trips.  (no, I am not having another child, this was way back when).

This time the focus is all on our health.

The topic this time is all about our diet.  It seems as though we are going to lower our carbs/no sugar.  I have been thinking that the days that I am lower on carbs - meaning no bread or potatoes, then I feel better and not as bloated.  I am going to stick with the not as bloated days.  Which include chicken, fish, salad, tomatoes, cheese, eggs, bacon, berries, and nuts.

I am very excited about this - a new adventure and something to focus on!  The debt is almost gone and although saving should feel like paying off debt, it doesn't.  We will just be saving and there is no brain power to it.

This is something to focus on.  So, no, I am not giving up carbs, but I will try to give up sugar for a while.  I just want my carbs in fruit and vegetable form.

Also, I am excited because it is a no sew weekend!  Although I love sewing, this is a break that I will enjoy!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

TL - Starting off strong!

I still feel like I am bit behind on things only because new work is coming in and old work is still sitting on the shelves!

January Numbers

Total Incoming: $447
Total Trade: $0
Total Expenses: $295.55

Patches Sewn: 156 + 27
Quilts Put together: 5
Quilt Repair: 0
Ribbon Necklaces: 10
Repairs: 1

There are a lot of caveats to this month.

1. Expenses were high do finishing 2 projects not paid as of today.  Bad news for me.  One of them will pay when I get done I know for sure, but it will go on February Books

2. The Big 9 Quilt order is a problem.  I have finished - YEAH!  If you remember, she told me she was going to pay in full.  Well, Saturday rolls around and she emails me Saturday morning about 1 hour before she is to be here.  She says I invoiced her wrong, that she only owed 1/2 of what the final invoice was.

I emailed her back saying I was sorry the invoices were confusing and I will do better about that in the future.  I sent her the original order form with the total amount she agreed to, then snap shot pictures of the paypal account for the days she paid.  Well, it was actually ALL people who paid me through paypal, but I blocked out their last names and amounts.  I also said we could work out a payment plan and she could take her quilts.  ( I know, but I am NOT keeping her mother's clothing)

She has yet to contact me.   I still have 4 quilts, 2 bags of clothes and lots of scraps.  I am not sure what is going to happen.  At this point, I will take the loss, she just needs to come get her things.  A HUGE lesson learned.

3. The Crazy Lady I am working on now.  3 T-shirt Quilts, 1 quilt finish project and 1 more scout blanket.  So far, 1 T-Quilt finished, another top is done and the last one is cut and ready to design.  I really think, I will be wrapping this up next week.  Thankfully!  Then, I will feel caught up.

4. Some of the income this month is for deposits on 3 T-shirt Quilts, and 1 was paid in full up front.  I do have another T-shirt Quilt on order as well, but it is through an organization, so it will be paid upon invoicing.  I hope to have all this done in February as well.  It typically is a slower month for patches.

2016 Quilt Giveaway

The response is building for the giveaway, I am very excited about it!

If you have not heard, I am giving away a quilt in October!  It is through a Block of the Month benefiting the March of Dimes.  

All you have to do is like my Facebook Page, then comment on the Giveaway post.  You can tell me your favorite quilt color or just that you want to be entered.  Please share the post, as I will only give the quilt away once my page has 200 likes.  We are 86 now!

This is the fabric I have chosen to use on the quilt!  I am thrilled with it!

The fabric will not arrive until sometime in March, but I will get some blocks made then, so there will be pictures each month from there on out!

So, really the year is starting off pretty strong - patches and T-shirt quilts.  I am doing a few personal  things this year though.
  •  Laney and Koen's lap quilts are almost finished.  I need to sandwich them and then bind.  So excited to give it to them while it is still sort of cool.
  • David's quilt for college.
  • My Dad's camouflage quilt
  • My Father-in-law's Clothing quilt,  Made from a few button up shirts, a pair of overall and a sweatshirt.  We are adding our family shirt and a West Virginia one as well.  
  • I would also like to finish the scrappy triangle quilt.  Probably won't happen, but it would be nice to get into again.  I am in love with it!
 Well, that is all that is happening right now!  More picture next week as I should have 4 quilts finished by that time!