Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Finishes going in!

The ceiling of the patio is actually the same color in both pictures, it was just the angle and light that makes it look different.

The brick is amazing!  So much better than we imagined.

Sorry so quick, hubs is off this week and we are running like crazy.

Hope you all are having a good week.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Week 28 Update

The week started off awful, ended much better.  I still am just ready for this whole process to be done and us to start living our regular lives.  Such and adventure though.

Land and Home - I know this is an ever changing category - pretty much how I perceive it.  There are multiple area of attention so even as I talk about it to my family, the name changes.

With the house, we are to the point where all the internal doors (except one*) are going in, as are all the baseboards, casings, and other such trim work.  Masons will keep working on the outside - they are extremely slow with the stone work, but I guess you would want them to be!  I am really excited to see some brick work!  Those guys fly through that and it will really make the house look like it is coming together.

Really the good part about this week is we have finished the prep work and are starting on the finishes.  We get paint next week!

The shed is finally underway!  The concrete pad is done!  Now they can get the steel work done.  I was told that when the crew comes out there to start the welding (it is all steel construction) that it only takes a couple of days.  They pre-make pieces of it, then a crane puts it in place, while welders do their job.  Then the outside sheeting goes on, as does the insulation, put in the roll garage door and we are in business.  Just got word it will be done the first week of September!

The other part is the actual land, but there is nothing we can do about it right now.  The big trucks are coming in leave large ruts and there is so much digging to bury lines - plumbing, electric, water, sewage.  It is a mess and then when it rains, there is mud everywhere!  I told my DH that I just cannot wait until I am not slogging through mud and dirt all the time.

RV Living:  Well, if you did not catch it - this category will cease to exist in 1 week time.  We are giving up on RV living.  Lots of reason - I mean LOTS of reason, but mainly, we just hit a wall and are done.  We move into the VRBO rental next week.

Homeschool:  I am really wanting to start prepping, but so many things are keeping me from it.  Between cleaning out my grandmother's home to moving to overseeing things at the property - it is a more than full time.  When I had my mini breakdown earlier this week and stop doing anything for one day, DH tearfully said to me - "You are amazing, I don't know how you handle it all in one day, I was about to have a breakdown myself!"  Yep, I juggle quite a bit (nothing like Kim though).

We are going to get started probably the 23rd or 24th - at a modified pace - math and language arts.  Then add everything in after Labor Day.

My DD is going to be auditioning for a musical in a couple of weeks.  We are all amazed at her transformation in just 2 weeks of theater - she speaks louder, is more animated - it is like she found her voice.  Brought tears to my eyes.

Business:  Yes, this is going again.  I have 4 quilts that are actually on order and another one possibly.  I am hesitant to completely put it out there until we move into our home, but I do need something to do.

Oh, and I scored on supplies!  I bought 149 yards of interfacing and 3 queen size batting bags for $104!  The original price was $310.  I never buy this stuff for full price, but this is an amazing deal!  I can probably get 6-7 quilts done with that amount of interfacing and 3-4 quilts out of the batting.

* I forgot to add why that door is not being installed like the others.  We had to put in a glass door to the laundry room because it opens out to the hallway.  There is a door coming into the laundry room from outside, so someone coming into the house can see if someone is walking down the hall and someone walking down the hall can see if someone is coming in.  Nothing with glass is being put in until the very end.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Birthday and Stuff

Yes, today is my Birthday.  I am perpetually 29 according to my husband, but I don't mind getting older - I earned the right to get older!  I am 44 today - still young enough to accomplish much, old enough to take naps (according to my kids - they send me away for nap time) and I am looking forward to when it is just hubs and me for a while.

I am not into birthdays as a celebration really - no one in my family usually acknowledges it, so I just stopped caring about it a long time ago.  It was my luck of the draw with a family that is just sort of not with it.

With that, nothing special is planned - too much going on in everyone else's lives to worry about mine!

We FINALLY got the concrete poured for the shed this morning!  It was an amazing site to see.  Since the pad had been sitting there for so long - over 2 months, some of the dirt washed out.  The concrete guys just "packed" some more in.  Good grief.  I will have to talk to my builder about what he can do to reinforce it.

For an even better morning surprise, the sheetrock guys textured yesterday!  This was supposed to happen earlier this week, but they surprised us all by showing up last evening.  No one knew, it is was a total surprise to all of us.  No worries - those beams are wrapped in plastic.

Then, I walk outside checking things out and happen to look up - WOW!  The Chimney is being stoned!  They will get done this today!  Moving on.

That is pretty much it for this week by way of work.  Some deliveries will come in.  I am sure the masons will keep on going, but nothing like today.

Other than that, I am picking up some food for the cast this evening.  There were no drinks or food and they had 2 shows and had been there since 10 am.  They were all very thirsty and hungry. I am just doing some snacky things - cheese and crackers, veggies, grapes and a cooler of bottle iced  water - those stage lights are HOT!

Both DS and I are going to the 5 pm show.  Then all the kiddos are meeting up for the 7:30 show and then going to dinner.

It is a cute play - a condensed and modernized version of Shakespeare, but with Shakespeares words.  For a week's worth of practice, these kids are amazing!

Well, that it is for me today - I need to clean the kitchenette and start getting ready to pack up the kids and ourselves for the big move!  There are no regrets with this moving to a rental.  My outlook is so much better, the kids are laughing again, we were in a really low place.  Really low place.