Friday, June 29, 2018

5 Things Friday

I am joining Carla, simply from a lack of what to write about.  It is the summer doldrums for sure. 

1. Today, I need to finish the top of a T-shirt Quilt I am working on.  This is one of two for a customer - the other one is ready to be sandwiched, so it would be nice to get these both done at the same time.  The customer is picking up next Saturday, so I need to get moving on this.  Overall - this is two out of eight quilts that are on order right now.

2. Whole House Generator.  We put in a generator this week.  It was an expense, but the peace of mind is tremendous!  I never knew!  We live kind of out in the middle of nowhere and we have our own transformer.  If our transformer blows in a major storm - aka hurricane, we are the last people on the list.  Electric companies repair the lines with the gas stations and grocery stores first, then the most people.  The individuals will be last.  We have 2 freezers and a fridge freezer, but beyond that, we cannot run water or toilets without electricity.   Everything is on a pump.  Hopefully, we won't have to use it, but I have lived through 3 hurricanes and lost power every time.  

Something new we learned, it is actually a law here that if a generator is installed, it has to feed the total amount of electricity that feeds the house.  You cannot break it up unless you split the breaker box. Of course, it is up to us how much we use it when the electricity goes out.  It will run on our propane and the tank we have can run the full amount of electricity for about 4 days.  We can run it longer, obviously, if we cut down on the usage.  So, limited air conditioning, limited plug ins, etc.  The main thing is the freezers, the pumps for water and sewage, charging cell phones and lights to see at night.  Of course, if it is hot, we will run the air conditioning, but MUCH less.

3. The Saharan Desert is sending dust and sand our way.  Allergies will be a high.  There will be a haziness to our area and we were told to stay inside if possible.  Although the sunsets are supposed to be tremendous.  So, I guess we are not working on the yard this weekend - we will see though.

4. This is how boring we are right now - I cannot think of even 5 things to say!  LOL  Oh, My son did well on his first month with a retainer.  Only 2 more appointments and then no more orthodontist!  YEAH!!  A trip there every single month for over 2 years.  I am not sure what I am going to do with myself now.

5.  Just now, a red bird was knocking on my window - I looked it up - it is a summer tanager - part of the cardinal family.  I don't doubt it.  Everyone thinks cardinals are so beautiful and lovely, but they are the biggest pain in the ass!  They knock on our windows all day and hard too!  They are known to break windows!  We put these metal little bug sculptures (dollar store) in the windows and it helped at first, but not now.  They really are the the dumbest birds.  Supposedly, they are attacking another male that is encroaching on their territory.  They see a reflection of themselves.  Dumb birds!

Ok, I finally figured it out a few things to tell you!  I am off to the races!  Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rainy days

We all move a little slower on rainy days.

Even though I didn't sleep in much - I have not started yet, enjoying that next cup of coffee!  And I think by posting today (when there is not much to say) I am avoiding getting started!  LOL

  1. 7 quilt orders are in house!  For the most part, they are small though - 20 Tshirts or less, so they should go pretty quickly.  I have the fabric for the backing and borders ordered and Joann's is having a buy one get one for thread starting tomorrow.
  2. I have decided to keep the business open, but not tell anyone.  I am going to let it go until we get a little more settled.  I will sew when I want, get on top of my health, get the kids settled, etc.
  3. In saying that, I am dying to make some of these bags I have patterns for - I am IN LOVE with all these bags!
  1. We have officially stopped for the summer.  I wanted to give them a break and I needed it as well.  Theater was crazy and is not over just yet, plus we have well check visits and camps in July as well as driving school for the whole of August.
  2. We have made the decision on how we are going forward with homeschool.  They will be going to public school.  -L will be going into the 10th grade - she is too smart for words, and -K will be going into the 9th.   4 more years and we are done.  We will probably still talk about the logic during dinner or something - I think it is important for them and they will not get it in high school.  I won't take a grade.
  1.   Yard work, Yard work, Yard work.  We spread out those crushed concrete piles to make the parking space/drive area.  It still needs some work to level it, but the rains came and the attachment piece for the lawn mower that will help with that has not come in yet.  It is looking better and better.
  2. Really, that is it - it is all about the yard and since we have nothing but rain this week, not much is going on.  Hopefully, it will clear up this weekend and we can get some stuff done.  The soft ground might make it easier to pick up those rocks!
  1.  I am currently working through 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I read it years ago and it worked wonders for me in business.  I am looking to transfer it to my personal life a bit.  I think the stress of the past couple of years have made me retreat to a more emotional self than I would like to be.
  2. I am making sure I refill my water cup during the day.  I have a problem with getting dehydrated while working (causing dry eyes), so I am actively working on getting myself more water throughout the day.
  3. I am not wearing myself out in one day.  It is definitely better this slower pace.  I can blog, I can answer emails, do a little maintenance cleaning daily, read a bit and get some work done.  I just need to add exercise and this balance will be a good one!
I am going to get one more cup of coffee, then start ironing interfacing and laying out a quilt top.  Today is a good day - I hope you are having a good day as well!