Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope you are having a day full of love and gratitude!  With lots of goodies and full bellies.  A long walk and long talks.

We are waiting for our older boys and doing Thanksgiving tomorrow.   They are spending the day with their father's family and their grandfather is dying, so I felt it was important to spend as much as time possible with him.  Our dinner can wait.

I am working today on all these quilts - I am down to 8 to get done by Christmas (down from 12). Between the business and kids, I don't get much time to sew. 

To add even more to my plate - I am doing a crazy sale tomorrow - 40% off everything!  Threaded Lines if you want to check us out.  So, tomorrow, I will be filling orders in the morning, then Thanksgiving in the evening.  I will hopefully finish filling orders on Saturday.

Not that in itself is a bad thing - it is part of business.  The quilts are seriously holding me back.  Not long now though.  I have to be done by Christmas, so it will happen.  This week I have made a lot of progress.

I digress though - this was supposed to be about Thanksgiving!

What I am most thankful for today:

1.  My family - as cliche as it is.  I have truly have the best husband and kids.  They are so thoughtful, supportive and just all around wonderful people.

2. Being able to live in the trees.  Every single day I look out, listen to the birds, the frogs and crickets.  It is truly where I want to be.

3. My planner.  I know - simple pleasures. 

4. The sun today.  It has been so rainy and cloudy here, every little inch of sun is like pure energy!

Happy Thanksgiving - wishing you all the love possible!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Yes, Yes, I am still alive

I did not name this blog Absolutely Sweet Chaos for nothing!

Not much has been going on really of note.  I am working like a mad woman - quilts, fabric store, chauffeur, shows, accounting, marketing, etc. etc.  And the cutting - I cut fabric every single day - every day.  Not for anything, just cutting into smaller pieces - 3 yards, fat quarters, 1/2 yard, 9" x 12", you name it, I cut it.

The kids are doing good at school.  Theater for my daughter is something to be desired.  Makes us long for the other theater with all the problems.  But academically, they are doing really good.  We just finished the 1st 9 weeks and all As and Bs.  I could not ask for more.  The transition from homeschooling was pretty smooth.  Our son still wants to homeschool, but he understands why we are doing this.  That is the only real problem, he is struggling to find friends, but this has always been an issue of his.

Work - Work, work, work, work.  I have 9, possibly 11 quilts to get done by Christmas.  This is still what is left from "finishing up".  Lord, I cannot wait to be done with these quilts.  I have refused more than I count.  No, I do not want to do it as business no matter how many I can get.  It is just too much work.

The Fabric Store is slow going, but building.  Designers are blogging about me and a few others link me in their "where you can buy" area.  I am going to be sponsoring a Quilt show in Dallas and here close to me at the beginning of next year.  Lots of marketing, like most of my time is spent marketing.  Writing, take pictures, thinking of new and interesting topics.  It is WORK!  I have a whole new respect for those in advertising and marketing. 

It has done nothing but rain here.  Like every day.  We have had almost no sun and it is getting to me a bit.  I feel a little down, but nothing a bout of sun could not help.  I need to start taking my Vitamin D.

Anyway, I have stopped and started a million times.  I will post pictures of my little shop soon. 

I am on and reading from time to time.  Love you all!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The business of life..

Things are better, somewhat.  No rest for the weary.  A double sided business and busy teens who don't drive, don't leave much time for grieving.

Saturday, I was a basketball case.  I could think right, crying spells.  My eyes were so puffy they hurt and crusted with salt that night. 

On Sunday, I made myself not cry so I could rest my eyes.  I got to work - deadline on a quilt.

Monday, we went to my office and built shelves, rearranged the fabric and began cutting the cork fabric into manageable chunks.  Cork Fabric is HEAVY!!  Each color is 60 meter, so it took a lot of effort and we only made it through 3 out of 9 colors before calling it quits.  Needless to say, I was too exhausted to thing about it, BUT, when we got home I got a call from the funeral home.

Because she is being cremated and the next of kin are her children - all children must consent.  Fine for me and my sister, but my brother is in jail.  Brilliant.  So, my mother is hanging out in a refrigerator waiting to be cremated.  I just shake my head.

Now, my mother died Friday around 5 pm.  She lived in an assisted living building and had her own apartment and could leave when she wanted (she just had to tell them).  They did not find out right away - obviously, but they also did not inform anyone in the family.  The first we heard was my aunt being called from a funeral home asking if she wanted her sister embalmed. 

Sigh.  This is typical of what happened around my mother.

So, we all just found out on Saturday.  Sunday, she was transported to the next state, and a memorial service was held this morning BEFORE she is even cremated.  There was no way I could make it, but I doubt I would have gone anyway.  That whole side of the family is REALLY mad at me and I just did not want to deal with it.

When my sister told me all this, I asked who was doing flowers and she said they were just going to pick some up at the grocery store and arrange them that morning.  Oh.....My......Goodness......

Sigh,  No matter what she had done to me, she is my mother and she deserved to have a beautiful memorial service.  So, I bought the flowers for her service.

Picture of what I ordered - Large
Picture of what I ordered - small
What they got - large

What they got - small

Needless to say, I am disappointed.  They all said they were beautiful, but these are the worst arrangements I have ever seen and I am not at all happy with them.  And a mirrored vase for a funeral?  A simple white vase would have been fine.  We don't need disco mirrors at a funeral.  And what are those green things sticking out everywhere?   It is just awful!

What's done is done though.   If the ceremony could have been delayed a couple of days, I am sure it would have been better.  But my aunt is like that - whatever is best for her.  She has always been this way. 

Today, my sister asked if I want anything.  Last I knew, my sister was getting everything of my mother's, not that there was much to get.  I don't care.  I told her I just wanted a little something for a memory - did not matter what.  She knows how much I love furniture, so without my prompting, she said all the furniture was gone.  My heart dropped.  Most of the furniture she has was my Meme's and we (my siblings and I) were supposed to get those pieces.  My aunt has already gone through all my mother's things before my sister even had a chance.

That is how my aunt is. 

My Meme is my mother's aunt that really raised her and who I recognize as my grandmother, although she was a Great Aunt.  She died in 1994.  My mother asked me when Meme died what I wanted and I said the record player.  It is one of those piece of furniture turntables with the speakers and everything.  At that moment, my mother said yes.  Then, when we went to pick up everything, she turned to me and said, " You really didn't think you were going to get that record player did you?"  I was crushed.   Years later, she gave it me - after her dog had chewed through the speaker cloth and there was water damage to the wood.  I took it anyway.  Damaged or not, it was what my Meme and I did - dance and sing around this record player.  I have refinished it and the turntable still works!

Now, we were told that the pieces she had left - a coffee table, a dresser,  a couple of chairs, 2 end tables - would be ours to divide up.  All of it is gone.  There were boxes of pictures, all gone.  It even had our baby things in there - all gone. 

Funerals on that side of the family are awful - so much bitterness and talking behind backs loud enough that you hear the hatefulness being said, grabbing at the possessions that are left.  I am so done with it all.

It is so bad for me that our will even goes over all of this - how no one is enter our premises but the executor and things are to be sold and yada-yada.  It is spelled out specifically - all because of how this family is so freaking crazy!