Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Tale of Two Brothers - Part 3 Working The Job

I know no one comments on these, and that is ok.  They are a bit like therapy for me.  Believe me - you do not know how it will end.  Neither do I at this point really.  

1st Brother - Zach, 19 months older
2nd Brother - Aidan, Younger by a mere 19 months

So, now both Zach and Aidan work at the same grocery store.  Zach as cashier and Aidan as bagger.  Zach works about 20-25 hours per week and that is ok.  It is a little high for someone in High School, but Zach does better when he has a full schedule.  In fact, so does Aidan.  Aidan, however, is working less ours because he has extra curricular activities. 

On a side note, mother received a phone call from their employer one day and was told they would hire any and all of her children because they were such dependable and hard workers.

Maybe the stress was paying off.

Zach became disenchanted with being a cashier however.  He wanted to work the deli.  Although he had to wait until he was 18, Zach made a point to make the change as soon as he turned 18.  The only problem was that he could not get extra hours if he needed.  Hours were pretty set without much flexibility.  Zach didn't care.

Aidan was getting tired of bagging.  He was almost 17 years and was ready to become a cashier.  There was a new store opening up that was actually closer to home.  Aidan decided to apply at the new store as a cashier.  He was immediately hired and spent the next couple of months transitioning to the new store.  It was not an easy transition.  Schedules were mixed up and the actual transfer on paper did not happen with the physical transfer did, so paycheck were late, etc.  Aidan, however, dealt it with like an adult and very rarely complained.  He also got a raise with this change.

As money got tight, Zach, was stretched for money, but could not get any more hours.  He blamed management.  He blamed his parents.  He was upset that his younger brother made less than him per hour, but brought in more money.

Here's the reason.  Aidan figured out, somehow with his parents, that he could be cashier AND bagger.  With that, he could pick up other people's shifts when they needed off.  Since the cashier and bagger positions are much more plentiful than deli workers, Aidan picked up shifts until he made the money he needed.  Often in the summer and during breaks working a full 40 hour week.

Zach said it was a waste of time.

Both Zach and Aidan are good workers.  Both get to work on time and do what they are told, sometimes beyond what they are told - going above and beyond.

Aidan just thinks he holds the power to direct his future and Zach thinks it is up to others. 

A Tale of Two Brothers - Part 4 Saving Money

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Stuff

This past weekend was all about getting things set up for me!  WOOHOO!  The computer I was on was SO FREAKING SLOW, I was about to throw it out the window.  I mean, I would start a program then go to the bathroom and maybe it would be up by the time I got back.

So, tired of hearing me endlessly complain about it, -D decided to use some of the tax money and get me set-up.  I am the new owner of a shiny laptop!  It is a Dell, but I have no idea what kind.  It is, hands down, the BEST computer I have ever had.  I was told it was a refurbished over $1,500 computer.  We paid less than 1/2 of that.

My new area where no one is allowed to touch anything!

You can see, I have my computer, my music, an external cd drive, the mouse will be replaced by a wireless soon, all my cool pens in a German Stein, then on the pull-out - my tape and stapler (that is always disappearing), my own colored pencils for when I am designing, my planner, headphones and calculator.  I feel so professional now!

Then I also bought Corel Draw.  It is a big step down from Illustrator Professional, but I am not doing as much graphics work as I used to do, so this should be fine.   Also, Photoshop Elements that I am loving right now.  I never did use Photoshop Pro to its fullest extent. 

Plus, I do not like Adobe's new buying structure where everything is a monthly charge rather than buy it and own it.  So, I am using the dumbed down versions, but they are more than adequate for what I do now.

We also paid for a Microsoft office to be installed on the computer, not the 365 thing.  Neither one of us trusts the cloud for privacy and we keep many things on files that are private.

Let's see what else.  Oh yeah, my planner FINALLY came in - so excited.  Using it like crazy!  The other one - Passion Planner - that was taking forever also came in.  I was going to do a give away, but -D grabbed it up quick!

I just love my planner!

No debt was incurred with all this - tax refund paid for it all!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday List - Things That Complete My Life

OK, getting a little mushy on this get it together Monday Morning.

Things That Complete My Life
  1. My family - not only my husband and kids, but all those that are in my life - LOVE THEM! 
  2. Blogging - I just would not be the same without you all!  I tried to stop before, but could not.  I will still have this blog when I am 70.
  3. Coffee - I don't care if the authorities say it is like crack cocaine.  I socialize with it, it is my comfort through the morning pain, and I just cannot see me giving it up.
  4. Technology - I could not just pick one however, because I LOVE electricity, plumbing, computers, cars, cell phones anything technology related that frustrates me to no end and causes me to fall in love all at the same time.  I COULD NOT live without it. I don't have to have the latest and greatest either.
  5. My Planner - It settles my mind, organizes my thoughts and truly makes me a better person.
  6. Sewing - I am still amazed at how something I used to balk at has given me more peace and creativity than any any other thing - ever!  I don't strive to be professional - it is my outlet!
  7. Money - Yes, yes, that root of all evil.  I never had dreams of being fabulously wealthy.  I just want enough to live comfortably during retirement.  We will get there and that brings about a self-perseverance type of peace for me that no one can understand.  Well, maybe some people.