Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Only in Texas

Before I show you everything, sorry I have not been on here much.  I have barely had computer time from working so much.  My Aunt Sara died the day before yesterday, so I am going to the funeral tomorrow in a whirlwind trip back and forth from Mississippi.

OK, on the fun part.

It my son's senior year in highschool and he has a girlfriend this year at homecoming. Normally, I make the mums for my son's dates, but it being senior year, I wanted it to be special.  They are supposed to have 3 or 4 mums, light, lots of white and gold ribbons, bears, etc.  I know - it is HUGE in Texas.

I find this lady that does them out of her home, so I checked out her prices and found she was much lower than most.  If you can consider $200 low.

We sucked it up.  I was using my business money so we would not affect the budget and I toddled my way to her house to pick out the pieces. 

Of course, we got to talking and she asked what I did.  I mentioned my quilting.  She seemed interested and asked if I made T-shirt quilts. 

Well, it ended up, she would make me a mum if I would make her T-shirt.  Even trade, no monies exchanged.

This is the quilt I made her.

This the mum she made us.

My son and his girlfriend

Close up of the mum
Have you ever in your life seen anything like this?  There is a Christmas ornament, their names, 2 bears, lights, TONS of ribbon, a cell phone ornament, a cross, paint set, crayons, candy, bows galore, boas, stickers, a little robot and more than I can think of.

What they do is highlight the boy's and girl's interests.  My son is techy and she is artsy.  As much as I wanted to make it special - this is a little over the top.  She can barely walk with it.

However, I think her home life is not the greatest and she has not been honored like this before - she actually got teary.  So, she can enjoy it.  It cost me maybe $25.  Trade value - $350.  This was the amount the lady who made it gave me!

Truly - the saying that everything's bigger in Texas got it right. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Ending for Threaded Lines

Well, this has been the most lucrative month for me EVER!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this job I have created! 

So, here are the totals:

Total Incoming - $641
Total Trade Value - $350
Total Expenses - $141.93

Patches sewn - 277
Quilts -2
Crochet Hats - 2
Hems - 4
Ribbon Necklaces - 10

Total Incoming is literally the money I received for goods and services.  Money in hand.  The trade will be a different post, but I included it because it would have been personal money spent, so intrinsic value to us.

Expenses include supplies for the quilt sold and the quilt traded as well as for a quilt this month and part of the 9 quilt order.

For the month of October, 1 customer was carried over, but I am finishing the order today.  It is a quilt.  Her grandmother had made a quilt top, but died before finishing it, so she had me finish it.  I free-motion quilted for the first time on it today!  I did practice before sewing hers, but it turned out beautiful.  I will show you when I finish it off and bind it.

Items that have come in for October.  A repair for a baby quilt (which is being completed this weekend if not tomorrow), 4 patch blankets - I have not counted the patches just yet, but I assume 150-200 patches, and the 9 quilt order which I am still cutting the clothes for.


I have not done any advertising this month - word of mouth is keeping me plenty busy.  I am reaping the rewards of contacting all the pack masters of the Boy Scouts in my area.  Right now, I am serving 6 packs.  So LOTS of repeat customers.

Both Darrell and I made the decision that I would set up booth in at my friend's church next fall.  After this 9 quilt order, I am going to be making LOTs of things for the booth.

Overall, lots of work - lots of decisions - lots of learning!  I LOVE MY JOB!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ups and downs

Lately, it seems as though it has been an lot of ups and downs.  Not too much of a settled feeling.

I am still just a little sick and it is putting me off.  I have a constantly slight to severe headache and very fatigued.  Yes, I am stressed, but this just magnifies it.

My grandmother's sister is in hospice.  So lovely that I was able to see them this past weekend and kiss her - telling her I love her.  I got the word on Monday that she has taken a very hard turn for the worse.  She is 91.  Another generation passing.  My grandmother won't be long after her. 

Financially, we are slowly but surely making gains and getting things in order.  We received the paid in full title on the Jeep yesterday, but I was too tired to do the paid-off dance.  Darrell did it for me.

Work has been VERY good - lots of work.  It is a whole other post.  I am closing the books on September tomorrow morning and all unpaids will go to October. 

The kids are slumping through school.  Well, they are all making almost straight A's.  Only Koen has a B.  That's not slumping, but it seems that way when they head off to school in the morning and drag back to the house in the afternoon.  LOL  I know school is tiring.

Back to work.  A little coffee in me now, so...