Friday, August 28, 2015

Makes a Mom get teary (Roth IRA)

My son of 17 years, came to me yesterday and asked if he could start an IRA.

Not sure a mom's heart could swell more. 

We sat down and talked a bit about the differences between an IRA and a Roth IRA, how the Roth would be most beneficial to him.  Then we went on discussing priorities - college vs. retirement savings.

See, we all want him to graduate without debt.  It will take all of us - his savings, his Dad's continued child support money funneled to him instead, and our contribution to make this happen.  He almost has his first year of living expenses saved up.  Between now and when he starts college next fall, he will probably have close to 3 years without his Dad's help, so with it, it may be the entire 4 years.  AND graduation is a cash cow.

However, he still has money left over.  What can I say, he is the absolute best saver ever!

So, he wants to start a retirement account and just put a small amount in there - $25 to $50 a month.  We will not match or contribute to his retirement because we have to get out of debt first and we have our own to fund.

However, I am so excited for him that he gets to watch this grow over time!  I sooooo wish someone had done this for me.  No one in my family knew though and they still don't.  Even though I am not the best money manager, my kiddos seem to be doing better than us and maybe their family tree will change as a benefit.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

What a little sleep can do!

Oh my!  A decent night's sleep and I can rule the world!  

I was able to sleep in a bit this morning, which was luxurious.  Hot coffee waiting for are happy and at school...there is work for me to do.

Though that seems like it would be something bad - Work for me is awesome!  I hate cutting, but the other stuff is dreamy.

Yesterday, we rearranged the office, so I could use a table for a dedicated Juki sewing machine table.  It is awesome!!  Right now, I am using the desk top and have to move the sewing machines on and off.  I will still do that for the Singer, but the large and very heavy Juki gets it own spot.

My office!
 I know this looks very junky, but it is actually extremely organized!  All projects are either hung (like on the left) or in piles on my cutting table.  The ironing board is like a reception desk while I am not ironing.  That is an order ready for pick-up.  90% of what I do in here is sew.  The rest is managing the family.

The cutting board and sewing peg board.
 This is the other side of the room where I do all the cutting and where projects sit at  night.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this space!  My cousin, whom I have never met - just communicated on Facebook, made that lovely beaded tree for me.  Since I am a tree hugger, this was the most perfect piece of art for my office.

Organization for the 9 quilt order.

The great thing about this table is it is the very first piece of furniture I ever bought in my adult life.  It was a raw butcher block that I originally just put tung oil on, but several years ago, sanded it down and stained it a deep brown.  I was so proud of this piece and even more so now that 31 years later, I am still using it.

The Butcher Block Juki Table
Yes, my singer sits on there when I am not sewing, but when I am using the Juki, it comes off.  Oh, above the little pictures are hand drawings of the Salisbury Cathedral, William Pye Water Sculpture and Stonehenge.

How much spent on this reno?  $0!!!!  I love it when things around the house make a space brand new!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Regret and Goal

I am in a lot of pain today and I am regretting taking this 9 quilt order.   Though she tugged at my heart strings, the cutting is literally killing me.  I have thought of hiring someone to cut for me, but I cannot afford it - it is very laborious work.

I did cut it down to smaller chunks and it helps a little, but I still over the cutting table for about 3 - 4 hours straight for 12 pieces of clothing!  It is insane!  That is just one part.

So for each article of clothing, I have to cut out all the seams and then into smaller pieces to fit the 20" wide interfacing.  Then I have to iron interfacing to each piece (which is 3 to 8 pieces per article of clothing).  THEN, I cut to the square size I need.  I use a cutting machine, but some pieces are too small to fit the die, but I can get a square if I cut manually.

Cutting for all the quilts at one time is something I will NEVER do again.

Once I get past this cutting phase, it will be better.  Still though - I regret taking this job - it is not worth the money I will get paid.

Oh, if you have not noticed - I added to tabs to the top of the page.  Yes, one is finances and one is our RV.  I will be adding our travels and goals eventually.

Honesty is one of my strongest values and despite what anyone thinks, I will be honest.  Again, if you decide to share your opposition, I will not publish direct attacks on me or my family.  You can not like our decisions all day long if you want, but personally - please show us respect.

Yesterday, I got in 92 patches, another quilt and a stuffed animal repair and almost had a break down.  I have too much work.  So, I decided to work one project at a time to get some things off my plate.

#1 - Patches as they come in.
#2 - Superhero Quilt
#3 - Grandmother's quilt top
#4 - Child's lovey quilt
#5 - Large 9 quilt order

I have been working on all these a little at a time.  I am getting nowhere fast.  Once I can focus on the Superhero Quilt, I really suspect I will be done in 5 days.  The Grandmother's Quilt - maybe 3 days.  Child's Lovey - 3 days.  So in 2 weeks, I could have 3 orders completed.

The 2 crochet hats I will work in tandem during the evenings.  They are my TV time projects.

That is my goal for the next couple of weeks.  Those 3 quilts done as well as the 2 crochet hats.