Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweet Nothings

1) I have a friend that always does so much for us.  She works her tail to the bone and loves my two younger ones (she has not even met the two older ones).

So, I decided to make her a little gift and buy her a want with our points at Staples.

She wanted/needed a large pad of paper to help explain things to the kids she teaches Robotics, my youngest is one of them.  Done - that is what we purchased from our points with Staples.

Then the made gift.  She admired my wristlet I carry my keys on and was complaining that the one she bought was already tearing up.  So, I made her a wristlet - with ruffles!  It is the cutest thing and I am surprised as heck that I could even make a ruffle!

2)We also paid off the Chase (J) and the Travel Trailer.  I am waiting until balances actually go through to update the sidebars.  I will also add actual amounts, not just percentages.  Should be simple coding.

3)The sun is covered by clouds and we should be getting rain, which I am thankful for - a reprieve from the heat.

4)A friend came over and we had a lovely chat.  Those are the best ones!

5) All laundry is done

6) I think I may get a nap in!

I love the sweet nothings days....

Monday, July 28, 2014

Laptop, Retirement, and Transfers


Well, It is dying a slow and painful death.  I have tried to revive it, but I am just hoping it lives to back-up everything I need.  So, I am going to be on the ipad and desk-top.  Poor me huh?   I am going to use some of my sewing money to replace this magnificently crappy keyboard. 

I think this is a good thing.  I truly believe I will be more purposeful on the computer and get more done in less time.  My back hurts if I sit too long in the office, so there you go.  Plus, I like grading the kids homeschool in here more - it gives them a private area with me and we can sit one on one.


Not sure if I told you all out plan about retirement.  Because we are not in our 20s or 30s, we do not feel that we can disregard retirement anymore.  So, we are saving for retirement AND getting rid of debt at the same time. 

In less than one month, we will be contributing 6% to our 401(k) - which the point of matching by his employer.  For us, this is huge!  I am beyond excited!


Not jobs!  Money!  We got an offer for a transfer on a credit card.  0% until November 2015.  Which is much later than we plan on having all credit card debt paid off.  The transfer rate is low, so we are transfering Chase (J) and the Trailer to it.  1st - the trailer is up for sale and when it sells, we will pay down the Citibank (J) since it is has a high interest rate.  We are hoping the trailer will sell somewhere around $9,000 to $10,000. 

Let's see what today has in store for us.

Friday, July 25, 2014


I get more and more excited about payday.  It seems our money is being stretched further and further - in a good way.

We don't pay too much with this check:

Mortgage - $1,632
Life Insurance - $59.20
Allowances - $88
Blow - $360
Toll Charges - $120
Gas for the Home - $64
Flexcards - $2138

In case you are just joining me, Flexcards are our credit cards that we pay off every month.  We put the cleaners, electricity, groceries, gas for cars, cell phones, internet, Netflix, auto insurance and the water bill on these.  It also gets discretionary funds from our savings account - things like clothing, medical, birthdays, etc.

We get points from these cards and usually order gift cards to pay for expenses from the points.

But, the good news.  We did so well with our money this month that we were able to put $282 towards the savings repayment!  That was money we were not expecting, so any amount would have been exciting, but this much is fantastic! 

We are now certain that by the end of September (not October) that we will be able to get the repayment done and can get back to debt pay-off!

No numbers to update this time.  Next check will have some numbers.

Only 14 days to go!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Ah wanderlust - that wonderful, awful feeling that keeps me in its grips.

I want to go back here:
River Thames

And here:


I want to go everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  I always have.  My grandmother used to call me a gypsy because I was always talking about going, going, going.  Then, when I became an adult - think 19-21, domestic flights were cheap - very cheap.  AOL was booming and I was meeting people left and right.  I went to Minneapolis, Chicago, New Orleans, Orange County in California, Ohio (all over), all with long layovers, so I could explore a bit. 

Neither of my parents have this wanderlust, nor did my grandparents.  My husband's desire is not as strong as mine, nor are our children's.

So what spurred this latest wanderlust happening?  My friend told me about a survey a graduate student put out about who, why and how people homeschool - this is her dissertation.  It was a simple one, but when it came to why we homeschool, I said mainly because of the curriculum offered in public schools, but also because we wanted to travel.  That is true, it was one of the reasons, but we haven't traveled yet.

Then, on Facebook, a Homeschool group I belong to posted an article about homeschooling while RVing.  Really?  Any more signs out there?

How do those of you who LOVE to travel, but live with homebodies, handle it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Insight to a day in my life....

Today was a typical day, aside from the fact my husband was home (abnormal), and I keep reading about everyone else's lives.  To me, they are VERY interesting.  I don't respond usually because what can you say to a typical day.  So lovely, so tender and I don't feel like I would add anything.

I usually only write about moments in my life, but for something different, I thought I might give you a glimpse of my daily happenings.

The music from the alarm goes off and I fumble to turn it off.  It is a new alarm clock and so far I don't like it.  It is too different from the old one I had.  I hate that it just quit, but an alarm clock is an alarm clock.  I make sure -D is getting out of bed, then proceed to go back to sleep.  The sun is not out and it is too early for me.

He come back in to turn the fan off, but I want to sleep more.  By then, I am awake, so I just lay in bed until I make the definitely decision to get up.

I get dressed, make the bed, open the blinds, gather the clothes for washing and step out to the living room to see my husband lying on the couch!  He decided to take a mental health day.  I proceed to eat breakfast - 1/2 hard-boiled egg, 1 piece of bacon and a handful of grapes.  Followed by coffee - probably 3 cups worth.

The kids have problems while I am eating - like there are no water bottles, what their math work is, can they go to the park (with me knowing a flasher is in the vicinity), etc.  I sigh, I want one morning with no issues.

Glad my husband stayed home, we talk about what we will do for the day and I mention my chiropractor appointment, a couple of customers coming by, the sewing I need to get done as well as homeschool.  I ask if he can go ahead and set up the desktop, so I can start making the transfer from the laptop.  HE DID!  YEAH!

I started laundry after breakfast, and helped rearrange the office, swept the floor and returned emails.

I then set out for the chiropractor.  Something new this time, my wrist has been bothering me for about a month, so I have him look at it.  He thinks that maybe the thumb is a little out of place and works on it for a while.  I have to do yoga breathing because the pain is pretty bad, but overall he made it feel better.  However, he wants me to have a Rheumatoid Arthritis blood test.  Bummer.  I am not convinced that is it, but after a month, if it is still bothering me, I will go to a doctor.

Come home, and my wonderful husband is putting Abode Photoshop, Illustrator and Reader Professional on the desktop.  FABULOUS!

We have a grilled chicken salad for lunch with Tazo lemongrass tea (my absolute favorite).  I work on homeschool with the kids and finish up just before the first customer comes.  She has a 4 yard piece of cloth she wants hemmed with scrunchy ribbon sewn along the hem.  Easy enough, but she did not bring me enough ribbon - LOL.  I finished the hem and sewed 4 lines on the quilt I am making for my grandmother.

Meanwhile, I sent -D to get no flake starch for the table cover.  Paid with business money!

After that, I started ripping cds for the Jeep.  It has 120 gigs of memory, so ALL of our cds will fit.  WOO-HOO!

Customer #2 arrived, but is a friend, so we chatted for a few minutes. She just wanted patches on her kids uniforms.  At that point, I went back to ripping, but was almost done for the day.  As I was wrapping up, a surprise customer #3 arrived.  Over 100 patches to put on a blanket.  I think I have enough work for now.

My husband does most of the cooking, so he started cooking dinner while I rested my back on the heating pad.  I returned more emails - yes, I am moderator on a Beg, barter, Buy and Sale group, webmaster of my homeschool group, run this little business and have friends, so I get LOTS of emails.  I played a game on the computer and drank a beer.  Folded laundry.

We ate dinner, pork tenderloin, sliced tomatoes, lima beans and cinnamon applesauce.  After dinner, we watched What About Bob?  I picked up crocheting the blanket I making my husband.  Hugged and kissed the kids.

About to head for bed now.

In actuality, this is how most of my days go.  Nothing spectacular!

Monday, July 21, 2014

15th Wedding Anniversary

Somehow in the publishing of this the first time, the first part of the post was lost.  Sorry about that! Here goes:

I had almost forgotten that this year was a significant one for our anniversary.  Our 15th!  We really wanted to do something special and normally we don't anything at all.  We started thinking how wonderful it would be to see autumn out east - specifically Virginia around the Shenandoah National Park area.  We looked into flights - $850, cabins - $700, Car rental - $300, Food - $300 - over $2,000!

There is no way we can do this.  We have WAY too much debt.

It hit us and made us a little sad at how broke we are.  There is too much debt and too little time.  I tried to make us feel better by talking about when the debt is gone and when we have the RV that we can go every year to see the colors change - hell, we can actually watch them change.  It didn't help much.

Today, I feel better about it.  A little more positive.  We would love to get away, but there are logistics that make even a weekend trip close by extremely difficult.  So, we are looking at a couple of hundred for a
night on the town.

My husband reads this blog, so I cannot tell you what I am going give to him, but I will post after our anniversary in October.

So, with a couple of hundred, a day and night free in a very large city - what would you do for a significant anniversary?

Oh, something really sweet he did last night after all this - he set this song to play when I got in today.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Purchase with my EARNED money!

So, I run a small side gig sewing on patches for scouts and every now and then a lap quilt or hot pads.  Nothing major at all.  Most of the time, I will treat us to an ice cream or slush drinks or make a deposit an even amount.

Other than that, I really don't touch that money I bring in.

Well, recently my sewing machine has been acting up - it is making a slightly grinding noise and there is a loose stitch ever 150-200 stitches.  I have looked at it, cleaned it out, etc, but it is still doing it.  Basically, it needs to be looked at.

However, I constantly have work - not much, maybe 2-3 patches a week.  I am constantly making gifts though, so I sew almost daily.  Which means, the 2-3 week turnover for sewing machine repairs will not work for me at all!

I need a back-up machine.  Something on the low end, but can handle patches.  I found one!

A Janome 2212, lightweight, highly functional, and only $149 on Amazon.  Better still, my little gig paid for it!  That and a binding tool for my lap quilts that I have been wanting.  I still have money left too!

Can't help but feel proud a little.  It has been a long time since I made money.  At least this little gig is funding my hobby fully.

Who said $1 patches don't add up!