Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Roof, The Roof

The Roof is coming off!  LOL

The roofers were here at about 6:00 a.m.  It is going to be a LONG day.  They are shaking the house scraping the shingles off right now.  Been at it for an hour.  I know it will get bad when the hammering commences.

Since I struggle with sleep, 6 a.m. is about when I go back into a deep sleep, so I probably only reached 1 stage of REM last night, as I was up at 4:30 not able to sleep anymore.  Ah, well, sleep will come soon enough.

I am really glad it is getting done, one step closer to the sale of this house means one step closer to the new house.

So, a quick update on my son.  I talked him out of Kansas - just a bad idea all around.  However, we are going to help him a bit.

My main issue(for me) is that my second son, Aaron, has no place to live this summer either since we will be in an RV.  Aaron usually stays with Matthew anyway when he is here though, so we decided to help Matthew get a place on his own with these rules:

1.  We will pay 1/2 of the rent for 6 months only.  Of which, Matthew MUST save that portion.  This 6 month is a reality check with a safety net.  He has to live on his income to see if this situation is doable after the 6 months.

We chose 6 months because it gives Aaron a place to stay while he is on break from college that is close to his work and it gives Matthew 6 months to get himself together.

2.  The apartment mist stay clean at all times - mom kind of clean.

3. He cannot quit work for any reason during this time. (This is from a previous job situation, but he has been on this job for over a year).

It is in an apartment complex that caters to young singles. They have weekly social events and hopefully with this, Matthew learns to balance his money, or finds someone he can room with after the 6 months.  They have 2 bedrooms in this complex as well that are made for a roommate situation - unlike the one he was in before that was more for families.

The rent is $600 a month, so not killer.  It eases my mind during this heavy transition of us not having a place and building, selling, repairing etc.   If we were not, I would handle all this differently.   I do realize we are delaying facing this off 6 months.   My hope is that he realizes the brevity of it and makes changes accordingly.  We will see.

So, I have my bottle of ibuprofen, peppermint essential oil and coffee.  One day they said to get the roof done - I pray it is true!

Edit:  Quick insight to their Dad's family.  Aaron and Matthew have the same father.  Aaron is the golden child, Matthew is treated very poorly.  Even though Aaron is honored, he hates going over there.  It is extremely uncomfortable - lots of talking behind backs, lying, back stabbing, calling name, being judgemental, imposing opinions, yelling, guilt, etc, etc.   Yeah, they need to suck it up and maybe it will come to that in 6 months.  Where I have the biggest beef (right now), is Aaron is given $400 a month to live whereas Matthew has not been given a dime.   Now, we make Aaron pay for his living expenses at college, so this helps him tremendously.  Just Matthew could use a little help every now and then.  Even if it was a trip to the grocery store or a pair of jeans at Christmas.  

For example, Aaron got a memory book of himself infant through current, money, and a few articles of clothes for Christmas.  Matthew got a used Hardy Boys book.  That is it.  I am not saying they should give him more - it is like that WITH EVERYTHING!  Time, money, love, all of it.  Now, to Aaron's credit - all this comes with a price - strings are attached.

So, it is really no wonder Matthew is more than hesitant.  No excuses though, if it is his last resort - he will have to suck it up!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Drama Ensues

Well, we decided this past weekend to have a garage sale this coming weekend, even though our neighborhood does not allow them.  We have some rather large pieces of furniture to get rid of.  We are not looking for a large amount of money, just for someone to take them off our hands and we can line our pockets with a little something.

So, the packing in earnest has commenced.  I packed up almost all my business items.  Only what I need to make the quilts and one last embroidery order that I committed to MONTHS ago.  Also and entire extra large Expidit shelf from IKEA, a large tv/dresser type armoire, a regular dresser, a sofa and a dining table - oh and 4 barstools.  Whew!  It is mainly to sell these things.  The rest has already been filtered down from the first move, but any extraneous things will go to charity.

I am meeting the builder at the land tomorrow and putting more into storage.

Things were moving right along when


Oldest child, Matt, was kicked out of his living situation.  Long story short, about 1 1/2 weeks ago, he told his roommates that they might want to stop doing so much cocaine, that they seemed to be addicted.

Lo and behold, he has found himself without a place to live again.  Sigh.

This time, I cannot literally cannot help him.  My college boy is coming home for spring break (he is on the quarter system, not semester system) and needs a place to rest.  He had a VERY rough quarter.  We were putting off listing the house until he went back to college - at which point, I am moving into his room because the room I am working in is actually a formal dining area.

This means that neither my oldest or my college will have a place to live in two weeks with us. We will be listing, then living in the RV.  So, I have to literally kick my son out on Friday.  Now, before you get all upset about it - he has his father's side of the family that ALL live here.  He could easily go stay with them.

But no, he wants to move to Kansas (Topeka, he thinks).  Bad idea, he is on long term medication that would be very difficult to manage without a job.

Now he trying to room with a friend from high school that won't be available to room until August at the earliest.

He needs something right now.

More stress added to more stress.

However, we are not stopping our process.  We are listing in 2 weeks, and hoping to be in a contract before April.  That is final!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

We closed after all!

It was back and forth about closing for days!  We finally closed yesterday, so we are the proud owners of 2.5 acres!

Next up is meeting the builder at the land to discuss location of the driveway and house.

All the while I meet with the engineer to plan the house!

Things are moving right along.  This morning, we are packing up to take a load to the storage place - all my business stuff.  A little sad, but I will be fine.

I hope you all have a great weekend!