Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It is actually Exhaustion

Yes, I have been diagnosed with exhaustion.  Seriously.  My blood pressure is up.  I am not sleeping well.  My nutrition is poor, but not because of my eating - my body is literally exhausted.

-D was getting worried about me being so tired, so I went in and yep, an official diagnosis.  I have to rest, eat well, take vitamins, exercise (but not to the point of exhaustion) and get the stress down in my life. 

So, I think for the rest of the year, we are not going to allow visitors. 

I am going to chill out.  Just spend as much time at home as possible, not booking early appointments if we HAVE to book them at all.  I am not going to take in any more work and Christmas is going to be low key.

I have to track my water intake and keep a food journal, but that should not be too hard. 

I was told to get a massage.  I am allowed to forgo blood pressure meds right now.  There was an unusually high reading for me, but it could be dehydration and the fact I am on decongestants.  So, we are waiting a couple of weeks and trying again.

Is anyone really surprised though?  I am not.  I know I have been running thin.  We need to have a family meeting though and really discuss expectations.  -D is going to freak, but we will get through this.

Let me tell you folks.  Clinical exhaustion is awful. It is beyond tired.  I am ready to be myself again.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Completely exahusted

The weekend was very long.  I love my elementary friends.  Don't get me wrong.  It was lovely to see her again after 21 years, however - it completely wore me out.

She did not want to do any of the things I had planned other than shop for Christmas items and decorate.  No antique shop, no movie.  So, we talked and talked and talked and talked.  Her interests are very different from mine.  She is extremely opinionated and our opinions are opposite.

She is not intelligent either and has no interest in learning, so it was difficult. I mostly just listened to her.  She wants to live in the past and that is just not something I am interested in.  However, it was nice to reconnect and talk about childhood a bit.  One day would have been good, but she was here for 3.  My whole family is just not used to that length.  I will do more in the future to curb that.

On to other things, my hormones are going CRAZY!  I am in peri-menopause and have been for about 2 years for sure.  I am very late and thinking I will skip this monthly visit.  We will see - no I am not pregnant. It still feels like I am PMSing though, so that sucks 2 weeks of PMS.

We did mostly set up Christmas decorations though.  The big tree needs to go up and I need to organize the Nutcrackers as well as get the outside wreath in shape.  The house really looks cozy with the 2 smaller trees, a garland on the mantle and the stockings. 

If I have not said before - we have 3 trees.  The big one is the family tree with all the ornaments from the kids and our lives over the years.  One of the smaller trees has ornaments from all the states we visited as well as the national parks and monuments.  The other smaller tree has the White House Historical Society ornaments that come out every year.  We have all of them.  They are gorgeous!

To recover, I am going to read and nap.  Probably nap first.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Company's here!

My sweet DS#2 come home last night.  DS#1 came to visit with him and they went riding around - ah, youth.  DS#2 came home sick, with a duffle full of laundry.  LOL

I stuffed him with soup, some medicine, the neti pot, helped him start his clothes, made him take a shower, then he felt better.  He said our new place smelled like home.  Isn't that just the sweetest thing!?!

I am letting all the kiddos sleep in this morning, so I can go a little slow.  I need to work, but I am having a hard time getting started because a friend from elementary is coming in this weekend!  I have not talked to her in at least 10 years and have not seen her in 25 years.  Should be interesting.  I am not sure what we have in common anymore.

However, she said she was willing to help me out in any way since I have been so stressed lately.  I am going to put her to work (not really).

Tomorrow, I think we will shop at an antique type store I have been dying to go to - their sign says, "If you like Chip and Joanna, You will Love Us!  We're cheaper!"  Cracks me up.  We went to Waco and stopped by their store - Magnolia.  It is very expensive and crowded oh man.  There was a waiting line to get into the store!

Anyway, I would go there, then to Hobby Lobby for a few Christmas things - taking advantage of the sale and coupon, then go see Bad Moms Christmas.  Having lunch along the way.  Then back to the house, for time in the hot tub and just visiting. 

Then on Sunday, I was going to have her help decorate with us.  Or make something for her grandkids (embroidery wise).

I am not a go-go-go out and about person.  I am a homebody.  

Luckily, we have a lot to catch up on, so I don't think there will be lingering lulls in the conversation. 

What all are y'all up to this weekend?