Friday, May 22, 2015

The Closing

This cracked me up!
We are closing on the refinance today and this what showed up this morning.

I completely busted out laughing. 

Working with Quicken has actually been very nice.  They gave us the best rate and the customer service has been outstanding!   

I am sure you are all waiting with bated breath to know the details!

Loan amount - $196,975
Term - 10 years fixed rate
Interest Rate - 3.25%
Monthly Payment - $2514.91
PMI - $37.75 per month (included in payment)

We decided to roll in the closing costs to help with cash flow right now.  Not something I would recommend to everyone, but it is working for us.

The PMI kills me.  Literally.  I stay up at night thinking about it.  There are certain fees that bother me more than others and this is one of them.  Our old PMI was $75 per month, so I am beyond excited that it is that much less.  Now, we will be done with PMI no later than April 2016.

Our old mortgage was $1703.05, so we are paying $811.86 more per month.  Less to debt, but with the option to pay it off in 10 years as opposed to 30 years is just phenomal.

Jumping for joy!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Saving on the Monthly Budget! Cell Phones

Well, we have been eager to do this for some time now, patiently waiting, biding our time.


We get to kick AT&T to the curb and go with Republic Wireless.

The rates are better and there is no contract, so it is fabulous!  If we find a better deal, we can switch.  Plus, AT&T service around here has been fair at best.  -D doesn't get calls, I don't get texts.  It is insane.

So, here's the deal. There is a little bit of upfront money, but since we have no mortgage this next month, we are using a little bit of it to fund this transaction.  We added one child to the mix as well.

-K's phone - $99, Shell - $20, Monthly Plan - $10 base price
-L's phone - $99, Shell - $20, Monthly Plan - $25 base price
-A's phone - $99, no shell, Monthly Plan - $10 (he pays his own)
-D's phone - $99, no shell, Monthly Plan - $25 base price
My phones - $299, no shell, Monthly Plan - $40 base price

So, upfront costs are $735 for everyone's phones.  Now, I know mine is a much bigger price.  I basically run my little side gig off of it, including accepting credit cards, so I needed a phone that had a little more gb and ran a little faster - mimicing my iphone.  There was no in between unfortunately.  I will use some business money to pay it - probably around $150.

Minus business money - $585 upfront cost.

This is the last cell phone we are buying for the children.  They will have to purchase their own from now on.  Also, all kids start paying their own cell phone bills at age 15.

For the plans, the $10 plan is unlimited talk/text (wireless) and 5g on cellular.  No data included.  -A CHOSE this plan saying he did not need data.  Since he pays, it is up to him.  -K was not given a choice; he does not need data.

The $25 plan includes 3G data and unlimited talk/text (on wireless) and 5G cellular.  -L needed it because her yearbook teacher requires it.  I am not sure how poor families' children are able to participate.  -D hardly uses data, but does sometimes and he is an adult, so he gets data!

The $40 plan includes 4G data and unlimited talk/text. This is what I have currently (on AT&T) and -D wanted me to keep the same (plus, I wanted it as well).

There are taxes on these services both at a federal and state level, so the total monthly bill will be around $125.

So, upfront buying of phones - $735, $585 with my business contribution.
Monthly charges - $125, but we pay $113 because -A pays his own bill.

What we currently pay at AT&T - $188 per month.  (That doesn't even include -K's new phone, which would kick it up to around $200 or more per month!)

That leaves a savings of $75 per month.

It will take almost 8 months to break even from the upfront cost, but WELL worth it in my opinion.

Our older son has used Republic for over a year and he says it works great everywhere.  Here's hoping it meets our expectations! 

$75 extra dollars a month to debt!  WOOHOO!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Living a yoga life

Seems as though health is on my mind a lot right now.  Not just the insurance part, but the eating well, moving your body, clearing your mind, peaceful kind of life.

I am not one that naturally lives in peace.  Drama is kind of the way people would describe how I live.  Not too much, but I really like to have some activity going on all the time.  I get bored otherwise and starting thinking too much.

Sewing helps with that.  So does always looking for ways to save money (thus, the healthcare discovery).  I have been called a gypsy because I like to move.  My yearn for traveling is brought about this RV living idea.

Part of me loves it, but other parts want that home base.

But, back to yoga.  When I stopped going to classes, I got out of the practice.  Then, Carla mentioned the Yoga Studio app.  I downloaded it and tried to fit an hour of it everyday.  Thinking since I participated for an hour in class, surely I could at home.  Well, I gave it up very quickly.  The holidays happened, stress from kids, the renovation, etc.

So, just this week, I decided that even 15 minutes of strength training or stretching yoga would help those muscles.  Jane thinks it might help her as well!  We will see!

This week, I have finished 15 minutes each day as well as walking in the evening.  I would like to get more hiking in the mix, but I am trying not to push too hard.  If anything, the yoga is helping my mood!

What all do you do to relax from the everyday stresses of life?