Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Trying my hand at designing

Carla over at Half Dozen Daily got me super hooked on her cork.  So, I am trying my hand at designing a few things.

You would laugh to know how I did this one!  It included chip board, a ruler, a ceramic coaster and pen.  LOL - whatever you have available huh?  The chipboard was for my template and the coaster was to get the curve.  It worked.

Not too bad!  This is a card wallet - I did not want to just say business cards because I found it is good for gift cards - they are thinner than regular debit/credit cards (though those fit as well) and I thought it would be a very unique gift card holder - for a gift!  Instead of buying paper that will just be thrown away, even the holder could be used.

My question for you all - what would you like in cork?  I was thinking about a bi-fold and tri-fold mens wallet in plain, chocolate and black cork - maybe even mixed, a women's small wallet, a passport wallet and a luggage tag.  Not to mention, I would make the hand sanitizer holders and maybe some key fobs out of it.

The only bummer thing is I cannot find an American supplier that has the variety Carla's supplier does.  So, I paid the exchange rate and international shipping.  I can only hope someone picks it up sooner than later.  Right now, here I can only get the cork-printed fabric - not the actual cork.

I am in completely love with this cork - so soft and easy to work with.  I am going to go crazy with it!

Friday, March 16, 2018

OK, here is the yard

As I promised - LOL - here is a picture of the yard.  DH is working so hard on it - we have not hired anything out.

For a reminder, this is what it looked like when we spread rye grass and laid down straw before winter hit. 

Now, here is what has been going on!

It really changes the whole look of the land!  I was surprised.  It makes it look smaller and cozier.  I like how the fence and plants are softening it up.

So far, he has installed the fence, planted 3 Natchez crepe myrtles (I like the white and the mottling of the bark in winter), 4 gorgeous hibiscus with HUGE yellow, purple and red flowers, 4 dwarf bottle brush bushes, 5 low height silvery grasses and 4 foxtail ferns.  We need to get a few more to finish the row and some thing for the front of the house.

We are putting in wooden dividers for the grass area and the beds.  I wanted a much more organic look than more stone.  The house was really looking cold with the white concrete driveway, the crushed concrete driveway, all brick exterior and stone front.  Too much stone!  Once the crepe myrtles grow, it will look stunning!

As for work,  this morning was a doozy.  This one woman had been messaging me about a widower who wanted to get pillows made for his kids and him.  Well, late last summer one of my customers died of cancer and I wanted to do something, but I had never met or talked to her husband, so I did not know how to approach them.  Well, I asked this woman this morning who this was for and lo and behold, it was my customer.   So, I only charged her for the pillow stuffing, not the work.  This lady who died was a beautiful person who I looked forward to seeing every time she came.  She was just a wonderful person, so I don't mind doing the work.  Her husband wants a quilt as well, so I will be doing that soon.  I am not sure what I am going to do about that.  I have to charge something, but most of the cost is my time.  Maybe I will just discount it deeply.

Then I made another peekaboo as a test.  This is the cutest one so far!  Look at her little tail!  This is my favorite picture!

This is how she looks from the front.  Just adorable!

I wish I had little ones.  I told my husband, we would have never bought a single stuffed animal if I could have done this back then.

Have a great weekend you all!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Coming up for Air....Work

I am more than busy - which is good - if you are working, you are not spending much money.  At least what you do spend is given back to you plus some.

I called it a night just a few minutes ago.  I need a night off right now.  Putting in 12 plus hour days with homeschool and work.  Some of the work is trying to build business back up.  If you are not marketing, then things go quiet quickly.  I even so much as shut down temporarily.  I had one customer call and ask if I would do her a favor (because I shut down) and make her other son's tshirt quilt.  Good grief.  I have been back for over 6 months.

So, she was quite surprised when I said I was in business.  She immediately turned around and started to tell everyone.  That is why I have to work so hard right now to get the word out there.

What's on order?

1.  2 Hatchling Egg Baskets - These are the cutest little stuffed eggs.  I am selling all 13 for $40, $35 through this weekend.  They are getting a pretty good response for them just being out a couple of days.  Next year, I will do much better.  (if you are interested, you can shop at my website www.threadedlines.com - I cannot ship stuffies to Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Massachusetts because of their stuffed animal laws? )

2. 6 of these hatchlings, but in specific colors and animals.

3. 3 baby memory quilts - 2 not so bad and one is awful - I tried to tell her that you cannot use all red, but she would not listen.  It is not good at all.  I am not even going to post it on my website.  These are almost done - I just need to put the borders on one, quilt them all and bind them all - maybe 1 day worth of work left.  They are lap size at best.

4. One T-shirt Quilt - average size - between twin and full.  About 35 shirts.  She is picky about the fabric, so we have to get that settled before I can start on it.  The swatches are on order.

5. Five memory pillows for a mom that passed a few months ago.  This is a friend of the family that has order them - although I have not started, it will not take long. Pillows are super easy, even with clothes.
That is it right now.  I have 6 Hatchling baskets ready to go, so hopefully more orders will come in this weekend.  If not, I am not worried.  I will give them to a family that cannot provide Easter to their kids.

On other news, I am now a tester for a designer.  That means I get her designs for free!  YEAH!!  It is all the peekaboo stuffies and some other things I have not started yet.

I need to get a rhythm down so I can blog, grade, teach, work, cook, clean, visit, relax, but it seems there are not enough hours in the day.  Tonight, I quit early. 

DH and the kids are planting the hibiscus, drawf bottle brushes and some ornamental grasses outside right now and I am drinking champagne.  We did not get enough plants this weekend - we were short 1 set of everything, but we are getting there.  We planted 3 Natchez Crepe Myrtles and 1 Meyer Lemon tree over the weekend when the in-laws were here.  It really softened all the brick and stone on the outside of the house.  I promise, I will try, try, try to snap a pix tomorrow.  The fence is up and it really changed the whole look of the yard.

Miss you all bunches - I have not even read blogs I have been so busy.  Tomorrow morning - you will all hear from me!  I will catch up!  Gotta run - dinner to make!