Saturday, April 22, 2017

Internet and our RV Set Up (photos)

Well, we finally got the internet installed today while I was working!  MY GOODNESS!  It is fabulous - so freaking fast!  I wish we could get this at the land.  All of us are on our computers having been without for over a week.  I know this is bad, but we are people that use the internet a lot for work, play, entertainment, etc.   We dealt and quite nicely, but it is so good to have this again.

Any, on to more interesting things.  Bad pictures because the lighting is horrible in RVs and we like a lot of natural light - albeit indirect light.  We had coffee on the deck this morning before it rained and brought in a cold front that has our windows open enjoying the fresh, country air!

Here is a before shot of part of our RV.

Here is the aftershot with the renovations.  OK, what we did is pull out the dining set and that countertop thing with little storage.  We put in a set of Ikea shelves and an Ikea cabinet that is deep for storage of appliances (crock pot, toaster oven, electric skillet, toaster, can opener, rice cooker, 2 pots and 2 stove top skillets).  The top is used to put one of the appliances and a permanent spot for the coffee pot. 

We are using command strip hooks like crazy and put up a key rack that has space for Darrell to drop his wallet and cell phone when he gets in daily.  I also hang my purse there.  The trash can (you cannot see it) is behind the cabinet and butted between it and the shelves.  It is a full size trash can with lid that came from our house - I love it! 

The book shelves house 98% of the homeschool items.  I also gave one bin for Laney and one for Koen.  This is where they keep everything they wanted to bring from home.  In the drawers, it holds all the sharps for the kitchen, the dishtowels and rags, cloth napkins and a catch all drawer (batteries, clips, etc.)  We store 2 fold out TV Trays that we use outside, inside - for eating, homeschool, games.  We also brought one lamp that gives softer light at night.

Oh, we move around the chairs as well.  The TV is above the coffee pot area.  It is a great central location and Darrell put an arm on it that swivels and comes out far.  The storage above is the pantry - housing all our canned and boxed food.  The larger open area holds bottled water and distilled water for our neti pots as well as an air filter.

Here is the Kitchen/Living Area:

We have a small strainer to use for during the day dishes.  There is a spice rack behind the stove top.  I bought a behind the sink shelf that is working out fabulously!  We put up a magnetic strip, but I could do without it.  Below the sink is a cabinet that holds the cleaning supplies, then another cabinet with 2 pull out drawers - one for silverware and one for serving spoons, ladles, measuring cups and spoons - all the kitchen items that are not sharp.

The couch is also from Ikea and fits 2 easily and comfortably.  The shoe bin is housed under the couch.  Since the slide stays out constantly, it is an easy place for the shoes.  We also put up a paper towel holder and have the router on a shelf on the side that you cannot see.  Angles are tough in an RV.


What can I say - it is small.  So small, that I stood in the shower to get this crappy angle.  You could not see the sink if I stood outside the bathroom.

Nothing too special - we bought an over the door rack for 2 bath towels and a basket for rags and handtowels.  We put one hook for a towel over the window because it is not private enough for me - so it plays double duty.  The 4th towel hook is over the toilet.  All towels get dry now!  For the sink, we bought little $1 pails from Target and used command hooks to put them up for our toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Under the sink, we keep extra toiler paper, descreet wipes, and cleaning wipes.  We used hooks inside the cabinet to hold a plastic grocery bag for trash.  All other bathroom items and medicines go in a cabinet right outside the bathroom.

The Master Bedroom:

This is our bedroom.  See the the privacy curtain!  LOL - It is a full size queen bed, which is fine.  The 2 side cabinets hold our clothing.  We use the rolling method and plastic shoeboxes for our undies and socks.  The upper cabinets hold everything else.  Our computers, a homeschool art supply box, a paper cutter, external hard drive, etc.  

The black drawers you see on my side of the bed are what I bought at Container Store to hold my nighttime/evening time things.  Such as lotion, nail polish, emery board, nail clippers, chapstick, headphones, etc, etc. 

We installed clear magazine racks to store incoming paperwork and Darrell's tools.

On my side of the bed, we put in our favorite wine bottle clock that we have had for years and years (to feel like home), plus you can see it from the couch.  Also, we installed a fan for me at night.  Perimenopause - need I say more?

If you caught the hanging black fabric - that is what we put over the windows at night.  Rather than installing curtains, we used command hooks and grommets.  I like the natural light during the day, but hate the rope lighting the neighbors have on at night.  It works perfect.  Darrell has one on his side as well.

Well, folks that it is our RV and some of the renovations we did.  The kids did want their area on-line and I appreciate that.  Though in the Homeschool picture - you can see Koen on the top bunk.  We gave them magazine racks to store some more of their things.  They have a cabinet for their clothes and I had them print off pictures and quotes to decorate their areas.  It is quite cozy in there.

We have cooked here 3 nights so far and other than trying to figure out counter space, it is starting to work well.  We are getting into the flow of things.  I know getting the internet today is helping tremendously with our feeling like it is home - we can watch Netflix again and check all of email - anytime.  Plus, I can issue receipts to my customers again!  Always a good thing!

I hope you are having a great weekend - we are enjoying the cooler weather and a reduction in the stress!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

RV Showers

Ugh!  This is the only thing that turns me off about RVing.

So, the park we are in has really nice, large and private showers.  They are kept clean and the day we looked at them, they were air conditioned.

So, we took showers at the house until the very end, but the time came to break down and take the BIG shower.  You know - the shaving shower.

I woke the kids to get going because we have lots of errands today.  We gathered our bins.  Laney was dragging so Koen and I left her.  I took bleach cleaner and sprayed the showers, we still wore shoes though.

Uh oh, forgot the wash cloths.  Back to the RV to motivate Laney and get the washcloths.

Back to showers.  It was very humid due to no vent.  There is a fan, but it did not look vented.  It was also quite hot since the doors are kept shut at all times.

During the shower, I thought, "That's it, we are renting a house, I am done."

I read about this though - at about a week in, you want to give up.

So, I went back to the RV.  Koen was already done.  I told him that the was only shower we would take there, we will deal with our micro sized shower in the RV.  He agreed.

Laney came back.

She agreed.

We are staying on the RV.  It really is not bad, just the shower sucks.  However, we have a fabulous shower waiting for us at the end of this journey.

I am still typing on my phone - damn hand is numb.  No pictures until we get service.  We have signed the contract, just waiting for an install date.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I am sick - Crap!

Yep, one day after moving completely, I am sick and feel like crap.  I think it is a let down from the weeks of stress.

5 nights in the RV and we are setting in well.  I really think we can do this.

Today, before I knew for sure I was sick, we woke up early to pick out brick for the house.  Our builder brought the full size plans which is so cool!

We picked out the brick, 10-12 weeks and we will have pallets full!

Things are moving along and the builder wants to clear the land very soon.  So exciting!

I cannot write often because we have no internet yet.  We are working on it, but it may take a while - ah, RV life.  We are doing a hotspot, business Comcast.  They owners of this park have a deal with Comcast and the long-term rvers are able to get it.

Take care, taking my sleepy medicine and heading to bed!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Moving Day

I cannot write much - so very busy.  We moved the RV yesterday and are moving out of the house today.

Craziness abounds!  I scored a free small storage shed for the RV site - it looks a little sun worn, but is in great condition!  It locks and everything!

This is the RV on the spot that will be our home for the next 6-8 months (maybe more).  We are so not settled inside yet.  These are tough days.

We did find a room where I can finish the business.  I have one month to finish.  So, far, I have sandwiched 3 quilts, only 3 to go!  I should be able to get done in the next couple of weeks.  I will be working a little today, all day tomorrow and all day Monday before I have to leave officially. 

The cleaners are coming on Monday afternoon.  Whew - so glad to get this over!

Y'all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our decision

Where our realtor is coming from, we went into contract on March 20th.  She says the agreement was for 30 days.  Well, on or before April 21st.

This was the shortest closing date we received, and our realtor said it would be tight and encouraged us to wait to move until the very end because the closing date might get pushed back.

So, we focused on my work and the RV rather than moving so much.  But with the new build, and booking the RV spot, etc - time went so quickly.

We had planned to move out this coming weekend - everything but my office.  I was going to continue working here through Thursday (the 20th), the same day the cleaners are coming for the final and deep clean.  The buyers could walk through Friday morning before we closed AND I got this cleared with my realtor.

This is where I got upset.

She told me yesterday that the buyers wanted to close on Thursday and would be walking through on Wednesday.  WHAT!?!??!?!  (Um, I thought the house was still mine until we closed and I would have to agree on the walk through - not them tell me.)

That means I have to be out by Tuesday and the cleaners would not be there, etc.  Plus, Darrell cannot get off work - he has client meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday - like big name oil company meetings - ones you cannot get out of kind of meetings.

Our realtor then said what about Wednesday afternoon.  Darrell does not get off until 5:30 or so.  Good grief.

I just stopped talking to her at that point.


So, Darrell and I talked about it last night and he went through his tirade.  Nothing brings a couple together like fighting an enemy!  LOL

We are tired of constantly reacting to other people's decisions and decided to take this move in our own hands. 

In all honestly, we are done with the house - it is a complete echo everywhere.  My kids are on mattresses on the floor, we are really gone in our minds.  It sucks for my work, but we are done.

We are moving out this weekend and I will work until Monday here.  We changed the cleaners to Monday afternoon and I will completely move out Monday evening.   The RV will not be completely ready, but it is 80% right now.  It will be fine.

We told the realtor we can close on Tuesday or Friday afternoon and that is it.  I have not heard back from her.

As for my business, I am crazy busy.  I am finishing this one quilt I started which is #4 of 10.  As for the rest, I am getting them all to the sandwich phase - which is the top, batting and bottom put together and pinned - ready for quilting.

For designing, I have to lay all the pieces on the floor and also with sandwiching, I have to lay it out on the floor.  This is impossible in the RV.  As for the quilting and binding, well, I need a machine, an iron and a cutting mat.  I will have to sew outside in a tent, but the quilts will never touch the ground.

That is the plan at this point. So, in all honesty, it is probably my last post until we are on the RV.  I am taking a little more time this morning, but I am going to be too busy to breath until next week. 

I hope you all have a great week - I cannot wait to hear about all your excursions and thinking!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Buyers are killing us

I am about to break down again.  There is so much pressure on me and things are going incredibly wrong on my business side.

The buyers are pushing us to close even earlier and it is killing me!  I have to get these 6 remaining quilts to the sandwiching point so I don't have to lay them on the ground!

The Pellon interfacing is bad and to get something works costs 3x the price.  I am doing that, but it is cutting my profit margin by a TON!

My machine is acting up and I am not sure it will make it through.  I need to get it serviced, but they take a week or more - no time.  Darrell is going to open it up this evening and we are going to look for lint.  This is killing me.

So, we don't even have the appraisal back yet and the buyers are wanting to firm up a closing date that is 3 days earlier!  Literally - one week from today!  I am dying!  We have not moved out yet, not ready with the RV - nothing.

We are working on things 18+ hours a day, I am stressed, not sleeping, we are bickering.  It is awful. 

People keep telling me it will work out.  I WANT TO SCREAM!  Of course they will because I am working myself to the bone.  I am so tired of hearing that.  Could someone just say, that sucks - you are going through an awful time and I am so sorry so many bad things seem to be happening.  Please, tell me what I can do?

I say to that people when they are going through hard times.  I keep telling myself it will all be over in a few months.  It seems like a very long time!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

5 Ways to get privacy in an RV

I should say, 5 top ways to for a husband/wife to get privacy in a RV without doors, except on the bathroom.

5. Sneak into the only 4 x 4 sq ft space with a door and pretend that the walls are soundproof.

4. Tell the kids to go to their room - which consists of bunk beds closed off by a curtain.

3. Tell yourselves to go to your room - which consists of one queen size bed closed off by a curtain that hits the foot of the bed - and pretend really hard that it is soundproof.

2. Sit outside the RV where you can pretend neither the kids nor the neighbors can hear.

and the best of all!

1. Sit in the car like teenagers and talk, then neck.

LOL.  Yes, we are a little concerned about the lack of privacy, but that will make the house look that much better.  Plus, my sister is giving us a week sometime in August.

Didn't I ever tell you - I LOVE MY KIDS!  ;)

Friday, April 7, 2017

Weekly Update - Week 10

Well, I skipped last week since my sister came in and we went to Round Top.  I am still loving what I bought and I cannot wait until the house is done so you can see them in a better light.

Things are moving right along at break neck speed and show no signs of stopping, but there is a big light at the end of the tunnel. 

I had a little break down at the beginning of the week.  I think I needed it.  My head got more clear and I was able to focus on what was important.  Darrell stepped up his game as well taking care of some of the little things (that build up to be big things) that needed to get done and has cooked every night this week.  We have not eaten out once.

OK, here goes!

1.  Suburban House - The inspection was done and the buyers wanted us to repair everything on the report - they would pay, but we had to repair before closing.  I am happy to say, the repairs are done.  Check that one off.    The appraiser has come, but I have not heard word yet.  I am hoping to hear something today.

Packing will start in earnest this weekend, we move in one week.  I still have to sell 2 desks and a kitchen table - that needs to happen this weekend.

2. Land Home - Well, well, well.  This category has jumped into high gear.  We finalized the plans for the house, electricity and outside views.  This was enough to get the ball rolling on the loan.  Yesterday they asked for our preferred Title Company, so I assume things are rolling along nicely.  They also have been in talks with our builder and it is good on that end. 

We signed for HOA approval on our house and shed build.  That will take 30 days. 

A couple of guys tried to get on the land to do the soils testing, but the underbrush is too thick, so they have to go back with machetes next week.  Once we have the results from this, we can start clearing while the foundation plan is in the works.  Then we can lay the pads.  This is where I pray weather works for us.  We need a week minimum of good weather for this pad to set.  Then it has to dry for a couple of weeks before we start with the framing.  Our builder told us mid-May, so it seems like the loan will be closed before then.

Our builder gave us a list of items he wants us to decide on BEFORE we lay the pad.  Things like brick, stone, ceiling for the patio, trim color, window sashing color, windows themselves, and garage door.  I asked for an extension since we are waiting on the loan in order to get my business closed and us settled in the RV.  He was so nice and said I could - no rush.

However, I am itching to look at bricks and Darrell was already taking off work for the trip to DC that was cancelled, so we are going to look at bricks while he is off.   Most of the places to look are only open during the week anyway and I don't want to make this decision by myself.

3. RV Living - Oh boy, we are thinking about this!  Darrell finalized the shelves and have them secured to the floor.  I went to Ikea and bought the cabinet that will house the kitchen appliances and be used as a countertop for the coffee pot and any cooking appliance we need.  The kitchen in the RV has ZERO counterspace. 

I also bought the Poang Chairs we are going to use and the little bag we are hanging on them fit perfectly!  I could not have planned that better.  The kids and Darrell will build the furniture this weekend, clean up the RV, make the beds and the kids are putting up their pictures in their bunk areas to make it feel more like home to them.

We also hung a paper towel holder and put a arm on the TV so it can hang and be out of the way, yet swing in almost any direction.  It looks great!  Pictures coming soon - I promise!

4. Business - It is what it is and I am doing the best I possibly can.  I finished Quilt #3 and 13 embroidery names.  I ran into a BIG problem with the interfacing, so it took me a couple of days to figure out how to work with it.  I am back in business now (though hating this interfacing) and 1/2 finished with #4.  I have precut #5 and plan on getting done with #4 & #5 by Monday.

I still have 5 more to go and 150+ patches.  I know it will get done whether here or on the RV.  I have given up that it is going to happen here.  It does not mean I am not going to work like crazy, but I am not fooling myself either.  I will just have to make the best of it until this is all done.

I could never have predicted the house would sell so fast, nor that they buyers would want such a quick closing, but that is what happened, so there will be adjustments made for working on the RV.

5.  Homeschool - I am adding this back in because my mind in on this!   I cut shirts and fabric and think about homeschool (bad idea).  We went to the library yesterday while the repair guy turned off the electricity and water and I made them get at least one book.  We need some work - my daughter used to get the max allowable (holding my head in shame).  So, history and math is starting up the week after we move.  I have already decided.  It is easy to start that up, it does not take much from me and The schedule is already set. 

The plan is to use the rec room at the RV place most days, library once a week and have lighter Fridays for getting out and about.   All of this is semi-mute though until I get done with the business.

Well, in a nutshell, that is it.  Lots of tiny, little things that go along with it, but this is the big overview.  This is my first slow morning this week, so I am nursing my second cup of coffee and trying to myself going.  This going full throttle every day is wearing on me.  That will change soon enough - this little list goes to two items very soon.

I hope you all have a great weekend - tell me what is going on with you - any big projects?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Construction Loan Process

Well, I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

I told my husband last night, this is the last time I want to take out a mortgage - ever.  I am so done.  It is not only the fact that I will owe someone a large sum of money for a very long time, but the probing that goes into makes me feel like I am at a Proctologist!

So far, we have had to give them

1.  Tax Returns - for 2014, 2015, 2016

2.  W2s - like the returns were false.

3. Paystubs for the past 6 months

4. Bank Statements for the past six months

5. The paperwork on our landpurchase

6. Title company preference

7. Provide proof of a builder in good standing with the state of Texas

8. A set of house plans, electrical plans and outside view plans

9. A signed builder contract

10. A  descriptions of materials needed

11.  An estimate of the entire project

12. A draw schedule (withdrawing money during the building process)

This all had to be turned in before we could even start the lending process.  Yes, even to this level, I am squirming in my seat with people looking at our financials - I am actually quite private about it.

They will need our closing docs when close on this home in 2 weeks!  (it is starting to sink in!)

The questions have not started yet though.  Last time we were getting a loan, they made us sign a notarized statement that we were not getting divorced within the foreseeable future and that we were not move under duress. 

I am sure there will be questions about our home plans.  My biggest concern though is that the house will not appraise at the level we are building.  There is not a lot to go on for the area.  BUT, if they extend outside of our neighborhood about a 10 mile area, I think we will be ok.  An appraisal was done on the land in January and it was $5000 over what we paid for it.  So, I hope it all works out.

Right now, we turned everything in, and they sent us a lot of papers to sign for proof of receipt - like the truth in lending, the credit report pull, the terms of the construction to permanent loan, interest rate and since these loans are ARMs - the schedule for that  (yes, we will refinance to a fixed rate before the first change which is in 4 years and to lower the interest rate), for us to know there is counseling available, yada-yada-yada.  We will sign ALL of it again at closing, plus many sheets saying we are married and US citizens.

I am really hoping we can close in just a few weeks and get moving on with the process.  Now that we are only 1 week away from RV living - it feels a little more urgent!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Work Woes

Today and almost every day for the next 2 weeks minimum is all about work.  Sadly.  I want to look at ways to maximize space in the RV, look for ways to save money on the new house, as well as research and decide on the building materials.

However, I have to get done with these quilts!

I finished #3 today.  We have been dealing with my son's accident, so that slowed me down somewhat, but the real reason is Pellon changed how they made the interfacing I use.

I use Pellon PF44 Interfacing for my quilts.  It stabilizes the stretchiness of the tshirts while leaving them very soft - it was great.

These quilts use a ton of it though - almost 25 to 35 yards per quilt.  Over the weekend, I ran out, so I toddled over to Joann's to get some more.  Bonus - it is on sale for 50% off.  Perfect and I have a coupon from the calendar for $20 off of $60 - even better.

Then Tuesday, I go to start ironing quilt #4.  Um, the interfacing is sticking my iron, gumming it up and not sticking to the shirt at all.  Crap. I got a bad batch - so I thought.

I went to a store across town this morning because they had a ton and I thought maybe they have some older ones.  Not a chance.  The person that worked there did not realize Pelon had changed the way the made it, but sure enough, she noticed as well.  I am screwed up one side and down the other.  This interfacing is paramount to my business.

No other interfacing is similar - there are others, but they are thicker AND triple the price.

When I got home, I wrote Pellon, as well as Joanns about my extreme disappoint.  It won't do any good though, I had to figure out how to use this stuff.

It seems as though I have to cut it to size before I iron (pain in the ass) and then use a damp press cloth.  Yes, this gets it to stay, but not as well.  It peels off very easily, unlike the way it was before.  I have to do it way though - I have no choice.

So, what used to take me 1 to 1.5 hours for 30-40 shirts will now take me about 4-5 hours, if not more.  Reason being some shirts require multiple press times because of their size not to mention that the ironing has to be SLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWWEEEEEEERRRRRR.

Not good at this point.

PLUS, a customer who I promised do embroider names on her troops uniforms, brought me about 120 patches to sew on!  I have the hardest time saying no, especially when we could use the money.  ARGH!  No time, no time.

Darrell said he was worried about how bored I will be once we get in the RV and the business will be done.  (He is dreaming - this business will never be done!)  I told him that I am so looking forward to a slower time. I have been too busy for more than a year now.  It is affecting my health, our relationship, my relationship with my children - everything.  Even if a rough adjustment, I am looking forward to it more than he knows.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Teary and hormonal

Today is my emotional cry it out and then pull up your big girl britches day.

The stress of all of this is intense! 

To give you an idea of what we are going through (I need to write it as therapy, really)

1. Darrell's father is going through 8 weeks of radiation for prostate cancer.

2. Darrell's step father just found out his only functioning lung lobe has two spots of cancer.

3.  My last grandparent was just diagnosed with COPD and had recurring melanoma.

4.  My son had a wreck on Friday and is shaken, but not hurt and now without a car.  The wreck was his fault, so no money is coming in.

5.  The appraiser is coming tomorrow and there is stress because the offer we accepted is over market value.

6. The buyers want us to repair everything on the inspection report.  They are paying, but I have to manage the contractors.

7. Keeping up with constant doctor appointments - ortho, chiro, dental, well checks, etc

8. Trying to find my college boy a place to live over the summer

9.  The constant decisions that have to be made to build this house - I mean obscure things you would never imagine.  Picking a brick from 10 possible choices is nothing - easy - which I have limitless choices and have to find it myself.  Deciding where you want every outlet, light and plumbing pipes from a 2D paper is insanely difficult.

10. We have started the lending process and problem #1 has arisen.  The address with the post office and the tax office is different.  Sigh.

11. We lost electricity of the RV storage, so doing the renovations was challenging and we did not get much done, but have to move out in less than 2 weeks.

12.  Which leads to the packing issue - since we have to put so much in storage, what exactly we need to take to the RV is interesting and requires a great deal of forethought.

13.  Trying to finish 8 quilts in 2 weeks, 120 patches to sew, 13 names to embroider. 

I am going insane. My husband has decided to have a period of selfishness, so I am holding the bag on all of this.  Yes, we are talking about it, and yes, he will pull up his big boy britches up soon as well.  Only I don't get the luxury of being selfish and becoming absent. 

Even though I cannot seem to stop crying today, I am emailing people, working on quilts, making dinner, running to the bank, and still making decisions. 

So, today is the day I am allowing myself to wallow in these feelings.  I can cry, get it all out.  Then tomorrow, I will be back in the game.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Round Top Trip

I was unable to take hardly any pictures.  I was very stressed - me and crowds don't mix well for one.  However, it was mainly because I HAD to find the front door on this trip.  The plans were on hold for it!

So, in my search, the picture situation fell through.  This is why I will never vlog.  I just cannot be out of what is going on - it is not natural for me.

Anyway, we got there about 9:30 a.m. which was great because it was not hot at that point and the crowds were not horrible yet.  I got a tip from a customer about a vendor with a ton of doors; she gave me directions to these doors but, we soon gathered that she was not the best at directions.

We decided to pay $5 and park in this field that looked like they had a good amount of things.

First thing I came across was this:

Oh, my goodness, I fell hopelessly in love with this!  Dutch Doors, stained glass, beautiful.  It was also $2,400.  Double gulp.  We tried for 2 hours to send a picture to my husband and also the builder.  Finally it got through.  They are windows!  LMAO!!!  We could still make them into doors, but it would take quite a bit of work and they sellers would not budge on price and insisted they were doors.

I walked away.

We walked and walked and walked.  I saw these cute pieces and wanted to take them home, but at $65 each - I thought they were overpriced and did not know where I would put them either.  They also would sit in storage for a while.

Also, I was looking for our outside dining table - preferably wood with metal or a copper inlay - something like that.  I came across this farm table, but also over priced - $2200

You really could find good deals, you just had to walk and look and walk and look.  It took all day!

My sister found a table for $175 that was really unique and her style completely.  I did not get a picture of it - bummer!  I thought I had!

All the time we were looking, we were trying to get pictures to our spouses.  But around 3:30, we were done.  We had long walked our 10,000 steps, were sunburnt, hardly eaten anything (we did drink water though) and were just about ready to call it quits, when I almost hit a police officer eyeing these doors.

Although this was not exactly what I wanted, it was in the same style.   We decided that this would be our last stop.  Remember, I have zero faith that I will find anything at this point.

We walk in and I find a door I kind of like - it is $350 and will do, but I wanted something a little more interesting.  I started talking to the door designer and builder and I ask if he has more of the clavos to go on the door to make it look a little more custom.  He did not, unfortunately, but he pointed me a direction to another door. 

Now, it does not have to top arch like I wanted, but this door is stunning!  The picture does it absolutely no service.  It was hand scrapped by him and sat as a show piece for his store at one time.  He had a hard time letting it go because it held so much meaning to him - which he told me as he was loading it on the truck.

It still has an eyebrow arch like I wanted, clavos, and the hand scrapping is around the perimeter.  It really does look so much better in person.  The best part, his wife is a stained glass artist and she is making us a custom piece to go in the arch - in oranges, blues and greens.  I have to lightly sand and restain it as well as giving it a few good coats of polyurethane, but the $1,000 was completely worth it!  This is one of a kind door with custom stained glass - I could not have asked for more.

Now, both of us were rejuvenated and wanted to explore this field of tents that seemed to be all about the furniture.  At the same tent where I bought the door, my sister bought a necklace rack and then we stepped out the other side of the tent.

To the most amazing display of wood table on iron footings.  It literally took my breath away!  I saw an 8' table in a deep, rich, dark brown that I wanted to lay on and kiss, but I thought it might be too expensive.  The seller (a guy) was a jerk, but rattled off the price.  My sister saw the same table on the other end of the tent that was 7' long.  PERFECT!  I did not even try to text Darrell, I just started counting out the $100s and bought it.

Then the seller became my best friend.  I told him I was building a house and our dining room was outside in a covered screened patio and that is when he told me - this wood is teak, reclaimed from a boat!  He forged the footing himself however and it is incredibly heavy.  This is so perfect!  No, I did not get the copper inlays, but I will put a copper bowl on top of it!  It is so gorgeous!

There was another couple who walked away thinking about it.  But at a place like this, you have to be ready to put the money on the line - an cash won!  Now, I did pay $1400 for this table with no chairs and that is expensive, but this is the perfect table.  Literally - it was in my dreams!  I paid for it with my money I made from quilting and is the only real splurge I am going to do.  This table will be with us for years - because I highly doubt I will ever tire of looking at it.

That was it though.

So, we drove very slow home because we had to have the tailgate down since the table was 7 ft long and the door was 8 ft tall!

Darrell could not stop gushing and gushing and gushing.  Even today, he is going on and on over how beautiful it is.  His favorite is the table, but he cannot visualize the door just yet.

My overall opinion of the whole market is 90% of it junk.  You have to sift through the rest to find the deals.  You will pay for quality, probably meet the artists, builders and TAKE CASH!  It saved me tax.