Sunday, September 4, 2016

Quilt for College Boy

Well, I am delivering my second child to college this weekend.  So far, I am not tender hearted.  I am not sure if it because he started pulling away two months ago or the two I still have at home and am homeschooling.  He is just ready and I know it.  It is not sad that he going, but rather, I am so incredibly proud that he is excited and ready to start this new part of his life with confidence and perseverance. 

I bought some fabric back in January - Modern Essential for Zen Chic by Moda.  It is all this science oriented fabrics and designs - very cool for my engineering oriented kid.

Then, while perusing You Tube, I came across this video from Missouri Star Quilt Company and fell in love with the design.  I wasn't about to buy the book though - as I don't often follow patterns.  No time.

So, I made my own based on the one page pdf they had.

Here is what I came up with!  He loves it and in fact, wrapped all up in it right now.  (we are in our rv)

David posing with his new quilt

Back side - using up the fabric in the pile.
Overall, this is one of my favorite quilts I have made - very fun and eye catching, but so easy to make - a little dull actually.  I would do it again, but not in 2 days - too much going on!

He moves in tomorrow and we will stay here one more night - have to rush back because Laney has a sign language class.  Sigh.  Never ending or when it does, I will probably wish it was still here.  The paradox of parenting!

Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend - for those in the US at least.


  1. Gorgeous quilt! And, so happy for both of you that the transition is being looked on with excitement - that makes it much easier, I'm sure.

    1. Me too! Thank you so much. He settled in great and seems to be eager to get started!

  2. That quilt is stunning! And makes the perfect "guy quilt"! I cannot believe you cranked that out in two days!!!!

    1. Thank you - I can't either! My back is paying for it, but he loves it, so it was worth it!

  3. This is just beautiful. My grandmother quilts, and had sent each of us off with one as we leave home, get married, have children etc. It's absolutely lovely every time.

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