Thursday, September 29, 2016


I am drowning.  I have so much to make for the business.  Saying I am underwater is understating it!

I currently have 20 quilts on order - 18 due by Christmas. 

One customer is bring me TONS of applique and embroidery.

I keep thinking if I get over this hump, then I can get back on top of things and move forward.  I LOVE this job - the only one I really have ever loved.  Seems as though people are seeing that because just when I think I am starting to make headway, more come rolling in.

Yes, part of this is my fault, because I cannot say no!  Because so much of what I do is memory oriented, the stories are so sad! 

My son killed himself before he could find out his girlfriend was pregnant with his son.  My grandson is turning 1 now and I want to give him a memory bear from the shirt his Dad (her son) used to wear all the time.  Along with the bear, I am giving him a picture of his father wearing the shirt.

 This is just one story, there are many others!  The husband died and she wants a quilt from all his Harley shirts, a grandmother is surprising her grandchild with a quilt from all the competition shirts she saved,  pictures taken from a PeaceCorp expedition that she wants incorporated into a quilt, birthday this, Christmas that. 

Most break my heart and I cry a bit when I am making them.  Others are just for fun times and to their excitement makes it too hard to say no. 

My current delivery time is March 2017 and people are still ordering!  They don't care!  Some do and want an earlier time, but most are ok with it.

I am still sewing patches and embroidering - LOTS and LOTS of hooded towels.  They are fairly quick and fun though.  Not pushing, but just in case - yes, I can ship, so if you want one just let me know!  I also personalize them.  They are $25 as is, and $30 with an embroidered name.  I have over 100 styles, too!

So much more going on, but I have to get back to work.  Deadlines to meet!

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