Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Memory Bear

My week really has been a week of catching up.  I am not going finish everything I wanted to finish, but I am going to make quite a dent in it all and I am holding out hope still.

My list for the week included (starting this past Friday through this coming Saturday)

  1. Doily Quilt - literally, I am sewing 30+ doilies this customer's mother had made onto a quilt - talk about labor!  I will not do one of these again.  I am about half way.  My walking foot broke, so I had to order another.  It came tonight.
  2. 33 shirts and jumpers to put embroidery and applique designs on.  Each one different.  I want to shoot myself. 10 down - 23 to go.
  3. A Cube Quilt for my son - I HAVE to get this one done.  At this point, I have completely cut the front.  Need to start sewing...
  4. 100 Blue Line Key Chains - DONE!
  5. 1 Blue Line Pin - DONE!
  6. Make a Memory Bear for Mock-up - DONE!
  7. 2 Embroidered Logo shirt - same design, different color
  8. Embroidered slogan on a patch
  9. Lay out one quilt with specialty requests
  10. Lay out one quilt with just 55 shirts - Whew!
Although it seems like I am not getting far, I have put a large dent into all of these.  However, now I am need to focus on one thing at a time and just get it done.

So, for tomorrow, I am going to embroider the design for the quilt, lay it out, take a picture - done.  Then, I am going to embroider the slogan on the patch - done.  Then, embroider the 2 logos - done.  3 items done by the end of the morning.  This is a MUST!

My son has band lessons, so I will have to leave, but I will start with my son's quilt.  It is the next most important thing to get done.  I will work until we leave, then start back up when we get back.  I hope to get the front sewn tomorrow.

Before I get back to it, here is a picture of the memory bear.  Not bad for a first run, and I plan on make some adjustments for the next one.

There are a few adjustments to be made, but I think it turned out great!

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