Saturday, February 3, 2018

Loving Life

I am beyond slammed busy, but in the way I love.  My business is picking up again, albeit in a different direction than what it was.

 I will just break it down:

1. Homeschool - mostly it is going good.  My daughter is struggling keeping it together and remembering to turn her work in (it is a global problem, not just public school), so we are going to try and see if we can figure something out this weekend.  What would help her - a planner, a daily 1st sit down with me, phone reminders - whatever, we just need figure it out.

I am still struggling with science.  Either it is too creationism slanted or we are slogging through.  We may just have to slog through because I even the creationism slanted one is difficult to implement.  As science parents, we are always talking science, but the more particulars at higher level they need.

Everything else is fabulous!  They are doing current events 2 times per week, one being international and they are loving it, so am I.  It sparks such great discussions.  In history, we are in the middle of the Civil War and I gotta tell you - I am so done with it!  I cannot wait until this unit it done. LOL

Math is good, they are progressing in writing and we are holding off the foreign language until fall and start it off like a normal year.

Overall, I am pleased - oh, and yes, I am still grading daily - easy 10 minutes tops with coffee first thing in the morning.

2.  Finances - Well, I gotta be honest here, we were trying to refinance our home, but I just don't think it is going to happen. It is a lateral move at best with added closing costs.  So, we are just going to stick with the craptastic mortgage company.  We will not refinance.  Once our debt is gone, we will pay it off as quickly as possible. 

As for the debt payoff this month, AH, we have not sat down yet, it is on the docket later today or tomorrow - honestly, probably tomorrow. I have customers coming today, our daughter's theater class, errands, etc.  I will post that probably Monday.

3. My Business - Threaded Lines.  Yeah, so I put out the hand sanitizer holders and I love them - they are not getting much, BUT, I think these are a in person type thing.  However, what this did was bring in business for the key fobs - specifically an Episcopalian Shield. 


I sold 15 in less than 24 hours.  Plus, this garnered someone to ask for a custom fob.  So, I had to digitize the image (for embroidery) and it turned out fabulous!  OMG!  I am blown away that I have this ability.  It is just the beginning.

This is what I digitized and how the embroidery turned out!

I sold 10 of those.  So 25 fobs in 24 hours.  2 T-shirt quilts are coming in today.    I am back in the game!


  1. When I homeschooled a middle school age kid, I was able to send him to the public school just for science. Like you, I found it was very hard to implement. My suggestion: If using the public school is not an option, go to the local community college's bookstore, and buy one of their lab manuals. So, if you're teaching biology, buy the first 100 level biology lab manual (Bio 101). For chemistry, it would be Chemistry 121, probably, something like Principles of Inorganic Chemistry, or Chemistry for the Health Sciences. You don't have to purchase it at their bookstore, you can get the information, and order it online. That would give you experiments you could do, with calculations, to supplement the theory you are teaching.

    1. Yeah, going to public school is not an option here - literally. If you homeschool, you cannot go to public schools for anything, not even extra - curriculum. Good idea with the college bookstore. I will check that out.

    2. I don't understand why schools would exempt homeschooled kids. It just doesn't make any sense to me. The schools were one of the reasons we left the Lone Star State, actually. It's not that they are bad academically, in fact, some are excellent. It's the culture which they breed within the walls that disgusted us--from the top, down. Fit in or get out.
      Our state is excellent in working with homeschoolers, at least in our district. I'll be honest, my eldest is not much of a student. He detests school, and he's a junior. I really didn't see him graduating--do you have any idea how hard that is for two college educated parents to stomach? But, when I asked if there was anything at all we can do, do you know what the administration answered? "Yes, there are HUNDREDS of things we can do." And they are doing them, with my son. They're not punitive, they are custom made ways to keep a bright, disinterested kid involved. They really don't care if he gets his education under a bridge. They just want him to get an education. Because of them, he is finally thinking college might be an option, if only dipping his toe in at the community college.
      I love the Episcopalian key fobs! (My church, btw.)

  2. What kind of embroidery machine do you have? Those are beautifully done.

    1. I have a Babylock Enterprise - 10 needle. It is almost a commercial machine, but not quite. Thank you - I am working hard at it!

  3. Ohh, love the key fobs love them. If you ever decide to go large and do a prayer book or bible cover thing (just saying). Are all the home school science things big on creation stuff? I never knew that. (first time commenting instead of just viewing)

    1. I have thought about bible covers! Great idea! Yes, most homeschool curriculums for science are creation. Sad, but I want them to know the other theories.

      Thank you for commenting - I LOVE talking to you!