Monday, February 26, 2018

Manic Monday

I am anxious to get the bonus this week!  However, I have a 2-day show, college boy is coming in and my in-laws are coming the next weekend, so I am crazy busy.

This morning, crock pot is slowly cooking the potatoes, carrots and a roast, so dinner is already on and that makes this evening a little easier.

This weekend, I worked my ass off.  I finished my grandmother's quilt.  I cried when I had to throw away the scraps and made my husband put them in a separate bag so they would not be mixed with food.  He was so sweet and put one of my lillies in with them.  That is done now, so I can move on. 

I made 2 types of dinosaurs.  I had a customer that fell in love with the peekaboo bunny and wanted a peekaboo dinosaur, so I made that and then the other dinosaur.  I was already going to make them for the show, so it was not too much out of my realm.

Then, I planned and prepped for 5 other designs - peekaboo monkey and lamb, then a regular elephant, mermaid and fox.  When I say prepped, I got the files ready to go, cut all the fabric to size, picked colors, etc.  Today, I should be quite productive.

We decided to call this week our Spring Break.  I am getting ready for the show, college boy is having his spring break, so it just made sense.

Good news on that front, the new science curriculum I really feel will be a good fit - they are liking it more (it looks like traditional school science, which we all are more comfortable with).  PLUS, I found an a la carte school that has high school foreign language for them.  Though I want them to learn Latin, it is just not realistic for us.  My daughter really wants to learn sign language and my son will just take Spanish.  It is needed down here anyway.  That was the last subject I was struggling with.

Now I need to find driving lessons for my daughter and guitar lessons for my son.  All in time!

Rain, rain, please go away.  It has done nothing but rain here.  We literally had a lake on our property yesterday.  DH is trying to put up a fence,  but he can only work about an hour at a time and is head to toe muddy.  I am trying not to complain too much because I know come summer, we are going to be praying for relief from the sweltering heat and a rain shower would be welcome.

All I can say right now, is that I am super thankful for my screened patio.  The mosquitoes are so bad already and that patio is a respite from the relentless biting they inflict upon me and my daughter.

Anyway, I better get going or I will have nothing for the show!


  1. The critters you are making area super cute! I hope you makes lots of $ selling them!

    1. Thank you - I do too! I need the money for more debt payoff! Debt Busters Unite!

    2. Are you raising the bar on how much debt you'll pay off next month? Challenge accepted! Lol

    3. February will be the biggest month all year. But I will post about March when we finally get the time to sit down!

  2. My vocabulary expanded greatly when I took Latin. It's too bad she cannot get it. I would loved a screened patio or porch or a tiny shelter from them.

    1. Yeah, we have a screened porch and very shaded, so it is lovely. She has a very wonderful vocabulary as we have word studies and do root studies as well. I am not as concerned as I used to be.