Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Best Laid Plans

Recently, my business has grown to the point where my little office is just not enough room.  I also am dabbling in blanks, so there is inventory to deal with as well.

Since Aaron moved out for college, and the room he was using was actually an office according to our house plans, we made his room a homeschool room with two corner desks and a sleeper sofa for when he comes home. 

Well, now that I am not going to be homeschooling after this year (another post), both Darrell and I decided that it was time to make that room more for my business overflow.  Still keeping the sleeper sofa in it.  We would move the desks to the kids rooms and I would put my blanks inventory and embroidery machines in that room.

This was GOING to happen this coming weekend.  I paid for a new logo and was ready to revamp the website, Facebook page, etc.  New space in the office - things were looking up.

Well, LOOOONG story, but Matt (our oldest), was going to move into a house with a friend, that fell through the day his electricity was being turned off in his apartment, of which other roommates had already moved out, so was out of a place to live.

Guess where he moved?  Yep, that room.  Now Aaron is sleeping in the living room because we only have a 3 bedroom house with an office.  I am working in what is considered a formal dining room.

AND on top of that, the day Matt moved in - yesterday - he has/had a stomach virus!  Now Aaron does.  I am so dreading this.  It has been years since we had a stomach virus.  I keep us healthy so we don't get sick very often at all - just allergies mostly.  The rest of us are going to start doing the neti pot, taking elderberry, spraying thieves spray on our feet and peppermint on our temples.  I hate getting a stomach virus!!!

My stress level is through the roof!  I did use that homeschool room for some storage in the closet, now I had to remove all that plus the sleeper sofa, dresser, and nightstand.  Darrell and I had to get rid of our entertainment center because we have to store two couches.  Our bedroom is full of my work stuff, an extra sofa that was in the living room, and Aaron storage things since Matt is taking over. 

I know this is long, I need to vent.

Matt is almost 21.  Chose NOT to go to college.  He left our home with a job paying over $10 an hour, working full time and had $4,500 in the bank.  (some may remember, I did not let him spend his graduation money).  He moved out 1 year after high school graduation on the spur of the moment, just walked in and said I am moving out.  Within a month, he quit his job and did not look for another until his money was gone.  He started freaking out, so I talked to a friend and got him a job.  He is still there and it has been a little over a year.

Now, he is working for less than $10 an hour, part-time and has no money in the bank.  His car literally could go at any minute.

He is bi-polar, obsessive-compulsive and ADHD.  He does not listen to me or Darrell.  He has pretty much cut off his Dad.  He has burned bridges with friends and still thinks it is everyone elses fault.

I cannot have him living here.  But I cannot afford to support him anywhere else.  He is not interested in a trade. 

However, last night after getting all our of kids to bed and not being able to wind down in the living room like we usually do, we decided that he can not be here when Aaron is here from college in the summer. 

Matt has to figure out a living arrangement by then.  

These next few months are going to be VERY hard for me.  I have to get Matt on a good path again, I am homeschooling an intense semester getting them ready for private school, and run this business.

Needless to say, I have stopped accepting new orders and will just fill the ones I currently have and those on the waiting list.  It will hurt, but I will build it back up when things settle down.

Oh, one more thing.  We were supposed to go on a small get away trip, just Darrell and I, but we cannot now.  Matt and Laney, our daughter, do not get along, and with the recent upset to the home and the illness.  We are stuck, yet again.  Our marriage is seriously hurting from this.  We will make it, but we need a break.


  1. Oh my goodness, my ex was bipolar (as well as a violent alcoholic) and it was hell. I can only wish you well. Sending good vibes to you and best wishes for 2017. Anna

  2. No, YOU don't have to get him on a good path, HE has to do that. Also, giving him until summer is much too much....it's too nebulous to the adhd mind. And even in the best of cases, far too generous. If it were me, I would like to think I could say, "You have until February 1 to find a place," and STICK TO IT. But, easier said than done, isn't it? Not sure the relationship qith your ex, but maybe talk to his father, and plan what each of you is willing to do and not do, so your son knows there is nobody who will enable him to NOT take charge of his own mental health?

  3. Sorry for your troubles. I have not kept up, we can trade your son for my mom?