Friday, December 30, 2016

Turning a New Leaf

Starting about June of 2016, I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off.  I am more than busy with work, trying to homeschool, keeping the house clean, trying to cook more, eat healthier, exercise, blah, blah, blah.

It ALL failed miserably because I let my work take over and homeschool was over all of the other stuff. 

I have gained about 10 pounds over the past 6-7 months, completely stopped exercising and even though we cancelled the cleaners, I have not cleaned at all.  Luckily, my husband is the bees knees, because he kept the house going even with a horrible energy sector job and more and more stress as people got laid off. 

Talk about GUILT!  Which, honestly, did not help my sleep or things in the house at all.

The next 6 months won't change too much, but I there are some things in place that should create a little realistic life for us by August.

1) I have stopped accepting any new orders for my business.  I have 10 quilts in my possession and about 10 on a waiting list.  That is enough to keep my going for quite a while.  (I will give you all some year end numbers for it soon).  I am still going to take scout patches though.  I am the Scout Lady and I have no plans of stopping that - they are quick and cost me almost nothing to sew on.

2) The youngest 2 are going to private school.  Public school is not an option and this is something we feel VERY strongly about. They are going into 8th and 9th grade, so it is not like we will paying for years and years.  This is a non-negotiable thing and I will not debate about it.

These are the major changes.  The work is the most immediate, but also me being able to let go of constant planning and implementation of upper level school work will be HUGE!

Once this semester of homeschool is over, I will have more time to devote to household duties.  Neither Darrell nor I believe one of us should be entirely responsible for household duties, but he really has been carrying it all for the past few months.  I am looking forward to taking some of that off of him.

The business will work itself out - I will still have a customer base, and in no time I can build it back up.  I am not concerned at all about it.

That is it for tonight.  Getting very tired and looking forward to a warm bed tonight.


  1. Years ago when I became a stay at home mother, my mother, also a highly educated stay at home mother, did something she rarely did: Offered unsolicited advice. She told me to remember the "stay at home" part of the term. It helps me to remember those words of wisdom when I feel pulled. Ha...I also, when people used to ask me whag I did all day, remembered thaf my parents were the ones who piad for my college education, (well, except the gsl, dh and I paid those) and they were, next to my husband, the most supportive people of my choice to stay at home after children. Here's to you taking care of YOU. Happy New Year.

    1. Yep! Wonderful words to remember! Thank you. Happy New Year to you as well!