Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Saga Continues

Unfortunately, I am a creature of habit.  I have my little quirks and get pretty upset when they are messed with.  Inwardly though, I don't share it.  Yes, I know I should in a gentle assertive way, but alas, I am a southern girl and we are not taught to do that.

I like to wake up and have a couple cups of coffee in silence, perusing my email and Facebook.  Not at this moment.  I have two almost grown boys staring at me - literally.  One has to fold up his bed before I can even sit in my chair.  This will be gone in 4-5 days though, so not long.

Another little quirk, after 9 pm, my husband and I like to sit in our chairs and watch a show or movie (we rarely make it through one) to wind down after a long day.  Well, for these boys, they are just getting started with the night.  So they want to chat about politics and their problems.

You see what this is doing to my sleep.  Sleep - what sleep?  I am up thinking all night about their lives and what they should do - that I cannot do for them or tell them.  This SUCKS!

I am trying to let it go, but with them staring at me, it is kind of hard.

OK, so where I left off last time, he did not have a place to live.  The deal was falling through because he went off on his friend.

As Matt was dealing with his sickness, I noticed he did not have sheets on his bed.  I asked where his sheets were and he said wrapped around his computer monitor and TV.  Where was that?  At his friend's new place.  Arg!  I told him he really needed to get them.  Matt said he was at work and did not get until 4. 

At this point, I let it go, but started thinking his friend is without a car right now, and usually his grandfather (who was upset with Matt) brings him home.  I knew where this friend's house is so, so I took it upon myself to be there at 4 to at minimum get Matt's things, but hopefully bridge the gap.

Things could not have gone better!  I talked to the grandfather, smoothed things over, got Matt's things.  Matt is going to move in in 2 weeks to a month.  They have not closed on the house yet, and there needs to be some septic work done before he can move in.  Fine.   I am still holding my breath, though.  I am not an optimist about anything.

So, now he has a very filthy apartment that we thought did not have electricity, but does.  Sigh.  He could still be there.  At this point though, the furniture he has in already at my place and I don't want to move it back to move it again - and anyway, we have to sell most of it.

I have 6 quilts to make in the next week, but his things are dominating my space and my mind.  I need to move past this.  My kids also have a tour of the private school next week, we are supposed to be putting a good foot forward and I feel like I am just existing right now.

We really needed some time away.  We have no family here, so time alone is almost non-existent.  Sorry, pulling my big girl panties up now.  Whining is over!

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