Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas is out the door!

Well, at least all the gifts for family and Christmas cards.  A bit later than usual, but that is off my plate now.

I have been working 16+ hours per day every day for weeks now.  I am exhausted and taking today off.  I had to go the chiropractor.  My leg was going numb again.  I had thrown my riser away because it was killing me.  Good thing too because after 4 years, I am starting to get better!  I went from an 8 mm riser to a 5 mm riser.  Whew!  Maybe one day, I won't have to wear one at all, but I tell you, the world was right when I put it in - felt incredible!

I think some of my pains will settle down now.  There is a delicate balance with my hips and back.  For those who do not know, about 4 years ago, I had a microdiscectomy surgery between L4 and L5.  My disc had literally exploded, so some trauma (probably child birth) obliterated it!  I was in a wheel chair for about 2 years because I could not feel my leg and fell all the time.

They left the shell in place to give me some support and not be literally bone on bone.  So, I gave up the chair 3 year ago and keep doing better and better, but I have to have massages frequently (from hubby), monthly visits to the chiropractor, heat therapy, as well as the riser and I will never be able to lift heavy things again.  My spine just cannot take it.

Anyway,  I went to the chiropractor, post office to mail everything, then the library.  Home to make a wristlet for my daughter's sign language teacher, then took her to class and ran to Joann's.  Got home and thought - I am done today.  I need a break.

So, I changed the beneficiary on my term life policy.  I bought it when I was single, so my Dad was still the beneficiary - EEEKKK, EDIT, just found out my ex-husband was my contingent!  My husband has been so patiently asking me to change it since our will reflects him as the beneficiary.  It would legally be a nightmare if I did not change it.  So, I did.  I am going to print it off and wrap it for him.  After 18 years, he deserves to be my beneficiary. LOL

I may clean my office, if I get some energy or I just may have a glass of wine and read.  It has been A LONNNNNGGGGG time since I did that.

Without further ado, here are the pix I promised!  I did not take one of every single piece because there are multiples of the same thing.  This is just a quick peek so to speak.

Garden Flag - 1 side

Garden Flag - 2nd side

Sweatshirt Cinch Bag w/ tone on tone embroidery

Blanket Scarf w/ monogram

Flannel pillows with scripture

Yes, I made the pillows.  Yes, I did all the embroidery.  The scarves, cinch bags and garden flags were blanks I bought very inexpensively through my business.

I also made these hats for my cousin.  She just gave me the cost.  We do that back and forth for each other.

Now, I just need to get done with lots of quilts, some monogramming, a ribbon blanket.  I have accepted that I will never catch up, but be at a state of constant work.  Which, honestly, never a bad thing.

Everyone else sent out their goodies?


  1. Replies
    1. They are HUGE hit this season, I have to save these because they went so fast!

  2. Take care of yourself - you are working too hard & your body is trying to tell you that you need a break. :-) Great job on finishing all of your holiday stuff - it's all lovely!

    1. YEP! We are working on alleviating the stress. Running a business and homeschooling is NOT the best on stress. Thank you - your words are always so kind!

  3. Wow, I had no idea you had the back injury. It sounds awful. :(

    I love the garden flag - so cute!

    1. Thank you! I love them as well! The back injury was bad, but I am SOOO much better now.

  4. I worked 20 years in HR and every time someone's family situation changed in any way I checked their designated beneficiaries. I reckon I saved a few people some nasty surprises. When my ex left me in January 2010 I had all my paperwork changed to name my kids as beneficiaries for everything within - oh about 10 minutes flat! (Love those Christmas stockings by the way). Anna