Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Big Push Week

This week is a BUSY one - lots going on.  Where to start...

On Sunday, we delivered furniture to Harvey Victims in the morning - mostly it went ok.  We had 5 stops, and one gave us the wrong address, but I will drop it off when I go back down there next week.  It is really sad the dire straights some of these people have been in.

Also, the lack of general knowledge they have.  I never understood the disparage between the income with education.  I am not talking about math or understanding scientific reasoning, just basic household maintenance and repair.  Specifically, one family - the parents were in their late 40s, early 50s and had never heard of a L-bracket.  They did not know what a wrench was.  It was incredibly sad. 

Anyway,  DD's theater production of Little Women is this week, so we are in the throws of tech week.  Also, in photography class, they had an assignment to take pictures representing each letter of the alphabet.  They are a few letters short, so that should be fun trying to get along with long theater days.

Oh, she is also a part of a Secret Santa with her theater troop.  Only they told us the rules yesterday evening - 4 days of gifts!  Wednesday thru Saturday.  Geez - when did it get so complicated?  Her person is very picky and gluten-free, but does not like candy.  So, we are thinking about lavendar sachet on Wednesday, Starbuck's gift card on Thursday (her favorite drink), chocolate covered strawberries on Friday, and a stuffed puppy with reindeer ears on Saturday.  Not sure if I will make the puppy or not at this point, but hopefully I can to save money.  We will make the sachet as well.

As for work - SLAMMED!  I still have 3 quilts and a pillow to make.  I made one pillow already and 101 police fobs and one quilt.  The person that picked up the quilt ordered a pillow, but it is simple, so I can do it in 20 minutes or less.  The hand closing will take the longest.

I am going to try to get 2 quilts done this week.  It will be a stretch, especially with everything going on.  But that would leave next week with 1 left and then I can work on family things until the new year.  I have 2 already in my possession for the new year and the list for graduation quilts is piling up!  I am not advertising either!  Word of mouth ONLY and most are repeat customers.

Well, I am still feeling pretty good - even with all that is going on, I have been able to sleep until I wake up, which is awesome - it helps tremendously.

Already - grabbing a cup of coffee and getting to work!  Have a great day!


  1. Four days of Secret Santa? Even Santa makes no return visits! I wonder who thought that up. Hopefully, it will not spread.

    1. Me too! We gave her the little $1 candle last night. Tonight is a stuffed puppy with Santa that was on clearance for $3. Tomorrow is chocolate covered strawberries for $5 and Saturday is a $15 starbucks gift card that we had already.

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