Saturday, December 2, 2017

Numbers for month ending

I am slammed with getting quilts and such done.

BUT, finally getting some energy back - I am able to sleep until I wake, which is doing me more good than anything AND my allergy meds are finally kicking in - I only do a nose spray, so it takes just a little longer, but I like it better - I cannot handle ingesting the meds.  Side affects are killer for me.  I cannot take much (violently sick).

Anyway.  We are working hard to pay down debt and getting a bonus this month helped!


401(k) loan for land
October 2017 Start - $42,627
Current -  $42,227.50

October 2017 Start - $30,400.81
Current - $11,660.90

October 2017 Start - $13,943.95
Current - $13,646.72

October 2017 Start - $17,279.17
Current -$17,020.17

October 2017 Start  - $32,855.22
Current - $35,905.07

October 2017 Start - $21,753.52
Current -$21,753.52

October 2017 Start - $7,013.68
Current -$7,013.68

October 2017 Start - $332,480.00
Current - $332,480.00

Total Non-Mortgage
October 2017 Start - $165, 874.09
Current - $149,227.56

Total Debt
October 2017 Start - $498,354.09
Current - $481,757.56

Ok, when I say we started October - it was mid to late month, so that is why I did not do a Nov. 1 update.  Couple of things - so much was paid off due to what we had saved for the closing.  Once we closed, we out aside $1,000 and paid down debt with the rest.  We also do not have a mortgage right now AND we received a bonus.

The increase in CC#4 is college tuition.  Sigh.  We will be back to a cash basis with that soon.  We cannot log on to see our truck payment (we have to call them on Monday), so I just left it, but I know it went down a couple of hundred.  Car payment has not been taken yet, but there will be a payment on the next check in.

The large payoffs will slow down in January, but a large chunk will be paid when I get my inheritance.  Come on 2018 - let's get out of debt (non-mortgage)!   It is unlikely that we will be able to get completely out debt in 2018, but we are going to try as hard as we can!

I am working, working this weekend to catch up.  My energy is mostly back - YEAH!!!  I am feeling so much better - sleeping is the best thing.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Good to see your update and your progress! Facing the numbers isn't easy, but I also feel it is necessary to stay focused with the task at hand. I am beyond eager to kick debt's butt in 2018. We can do this!

    On a side note, I'm a little confused about you not having a mortgage. Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Because we closed in November, so payments do not start until January 1st. We did not have a interest payment in November and no mortgage note in December. It starts next month!

    2. Now I get it! Gloves are off come 2018! Our debt is going down!

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