Thursday, December 7, 2017

Taking a deep breath

I have a few minutes before I have to get my teens up.  I let them sleep in today.  D took a 1/2 day off from work today, originally to deliver furniture, but that fell through, so now it is just to take a deep breath.

Both of us are SLAMMED with work.  He has projects that have to close out before the end of the year and I have 2.5 more quilts to make really before next weekend. 

L (DD) has opening night tonight.  I am not sure Sunday could come fast enough - she has 4 full length shows of Little Women.   She is nervous and stressed, so I am letting her sleep as much as she wants - let her body heal itself and let her have a clear mind.  She is a teen after all.

My back has pretty much been out all week.  I am just starting to come out of it - slouched over and cannot stand up straight yet, but the pain is a bit less.

We got a barn cat last night!  He is a teen - only about 1.5 years old.  Very black - not one hair a different color with yellow eyes.  He will not come out of hiding just yet and runs away from us.  We are just letting him get comfortable with his surroundings.  It is WAY different than a forest.  He is in our 30 x 40 shed, so he has LOTS of space though.  He ate last night and used the litter box, so that is a good start.  His previous owners overfed him, so he is on the chunky side.  They gave him people food like pizza!  Um, no.  I may give him some pumpkin to flush him out a bit before his surgery.  He is getting neutered in 2 weeks, so he will be in the shed for that whole time and probably for another couple of weeks when he gets back from surgery.

I am mostly done with Christmas shopping - my nephew I am struggling with and I want to get my husband a little something.  I cannot say here because he reads the blog.  So, if you do read this sweetie - it is small - like stocking small!  Maybe socks!  LOL

We kind of splurged on the kids this year.  We don't usually - they are maxed at $100, but this year I think we went up to $200.  I think it was the rough year and the first Christmas in this house.  We just are excited! 

I will post more about that when I get these quilts done.

I hope you are enjoying some Christmas music, cookies and decorations! 

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  1. Our kids have more modest gifts this year because of a family trip. I this too bad that the end of yea madness impedes just being able to enjoy the good times, but hang in there.