Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Presents

This year I/We have decided to give presents from the business to the extended family - brothers, sisters, parents, nieces, and nephews.

For our Dads, they are getting flannel pillows with scripture embroidered on them.  This flannel is so incredibly soft and sews like butter.  I am making Darrell and myself one as well!

For our Moms and my Sister, they are getting these gorgeous plaid scarves (blanket type scarves) with their monogram. 

For my Brother in Law - he is getting two key fobs - one Cowboys as a joke, then Houston Texans for him to really use (my sister's idea!)

For all other sibling sets - they are getting embroidered jute coozies.

For nieces and nephews under 18, they are getting sweatshirt cinch bags with the younger ones monogram and the older ones a patch of their liking.

For my sister's nephew - a hooded towels and possibly a Tooth Goblin.

We are MUCH closer to my sister's family than the rest of the family, so they get a little more personal and unique gifts.

All these items I bought through the business, blanks that are to be embroidered or heat vinyl pressed into them.  I don't use the heat vinyl, so embroidery it is!  Everything was under $8 each - most coming in around the $5 amount.

The pillow forms we bought we at 70% off through a Joann sale, they ended up about $5 each. The flannel I paid full price for @ $8.99 a yard (on a regular sale though), but it does not take much fabric for a pillow.

The scarves were $6.50 each.  The key fobs cost me about $2.00 to make.  The coozies were $2.50 each.  The cinch bags were $5 each!  (I love them they are awesome!)  The hooded towel is the most expensive coming in at $10.  Add about $10 total for thread and stabilizer.

4 Dads @ $7.50 each = $30.00

4 Moms and Sister @ $6.50 each = $26.00

2 Key fobs @ $2.00 each = $4.00

10 coozies for 5 couples @ $2.50 each = $25.00

6 Cinch Bags for nieces and nephews @ $5.00 each = $30.00

1 Hooded Towel @ $10

$10 for thread and stabilizer

Total spent for 26 people $135.00

I really don't think that is all that bad!  We love giving to everyone, we just keep it in the budget.  This year I think we have done fabulous!  I will post pictures when I get them all done!

Do you buy for extended family?


  1. Wow! I am super impressed with your bottom line! Plus, it sounds like you really have this thought out and people will be getting things they could use/need.
    I *think* we have finally stopped giving to extended family...No one wanted to stop, yet, it seemed my family was the only one still bringing presents every year! So this year we will just take care of our own family, plus buy a little something for our parents, and this year I bought something for our new great nephew.
    Have a nice holiday season! =)

    1. Thank you. Out of 7 couples, 2 of us wanted to continue to give. I don't do it to make them feel guilty, it is truly something my husband and I feel wonderful about doing. The ones that wanted to stop were step-families, but to me all the more reason to bridge the gap. As the kids turn 18, we stop and just send them cards like all other adults. We still have 1 living grandparent (even though it is a step), so we make his extra special - he is 90 something - not sure of his age - LOL.

  2. All sound completely wonderful. Presents should come from a place of love or at least admiration and you describe both of those in your plan.

    1. Thank you - I try. It does help that I can embroider, that makes most anything a little special. I know I would love to get any of these!

  3. I think your gifts sound nice. I LOVE receiving homemade things.
    We don't have expectations to exchange gifts with extended family. It was just never an expectation. If I want to give a gift, I will, but not if xemanded, and I would hate to think someone ft pressured to give me a gift. That said, I do make cards for them. I put a lot of thought and time into those.

    1. I agree. Many of our siblings stopped and I have told them over and over, that is our pleasure to gift them and not to feel obligated in any way. So, we keep it really simple and not make a big deal of it. I used to spend time on the cards, but with homeschooling and business, it fell by the wayside. Maybe again someday!