Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Overhaul

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, we woke up when we woke up - around 9:30 a.m.  We made sausage balls, had some coffee, then some more coffee, then another cup for good measure until about 11.  Then, we went for a slow, 2 mile walk.

Came back home, opened up the turkey to find it still frozen on one part.  Laughing, we steeped it in water to thaw quickly, why I jumped in the shower.

Once I was dressed, and discovered the turkey was now thaw, then I set that up while hubs got the potatoes started, then I got a glass of champagne and sipped while the kids and hubs set up the Christmas tree.

My son and his girlfriend came over, helped with the tree, visited while we cooked on and off.  They left for her house and we continued cooking.  My oldest son came and we were ready to go pretty soon.

We sat down and my daughter only wanted turkey, fruit salad, rolls and olives.  While others took only a couple of things as well.  After no one finishing and dinner being eaten inside of 10 minutes, we are done with Thanksgiving meals.  No one in my family really likes it anyway and I am tired of cooking all that much and it being lackluster at best.

We all talked about it afterward and decided that this was our last Thanksgiving.  What we all agreed is that is would be MUCH nicer, if we could go serve others, then come home to a simple meal - it would mean so much more.

SOOOO, that is what we are going to try to do next year. 

Now, that banana trifle was excellent!  That I just might keep.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - I hope you were able to spend it with people you love!

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  1. I love your plan! No one in my immediate family of four likes traditional Thanksgiving food, except for me. So, I rarely make it. Yesterday we had grilled burgers, wine & hula pie (kind of like a mud pie). It was pretty great. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!