Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Slowly down a bit

There is truly not a lot going on. 

Business mostly.  Some kids' stuff - just normal life.

On Monday, I had a booth at a local private school - they have a Farmer's Market.  I don't usually do farmer's markets, it is not really my customer base, but I did as good in the 2 hours there as I did for a whole weekend at the last show.   Not killing it, but still.  The stuffed animals were a BIG hit - I almost sold out. 

This was my booth.

The new tote bags I am offering.

I often do very bright and then more conservative.

However, I did this show by myself.  We planned our set up for inside shows, so the outside gigs are a little rough, but it worked.  BUT, since I was by myself, I had to set up and break down alone - that tent is HEAVY!!!  It is not an EZ Up Tent.  Looks nice and shady there, but at the end, I was in full sun on concrete.  I almost passed out.  It was ugly.  I did not drink enough the day before, the morning of or during.  I had not eaten much either.  Bad combination.  I learned my lesson.  The temps were at 95 on that concrete reflecting the sun back up on me.  It was awful.  A guy came and helped me, but it took a while for me to feel ok to drive.

Then yesterday, I felt like I had a hangover - it was from the heat I know.  So, I did not get too much done.  Today, I need to rock it out!

1.Finish making the backing for a quilt. I cut it wrong, so there is some work involved. 

2.  Sandwich said quilt and pin baste, ready for quilting

3. Make a Robot Peek-a-boo stuffie.  It is for a photo shoot, so the deadline is today!

4. Send jpg of a monogram for approval. 

5.  Cut tote bag fabrics and interface them - ready to sew together tomorrow.

If I can get that done - I will be golden!  It is very doable, if I get myself in gear.  Slow going this morning - enjoying the coffee.


  1. That looks like a lot of work to set up by yourself. I don't do well in heat like that.

  2. Yeah, I don't do so well in heat either and usually I don't put myself in those situations. It was a favor for a friend.

  3. Sometimes, I did outdoor craft shows. I had no tent. One time, they had to call the EMTs for me. I had a two-liter coke and the same bottle filled with water. I did not pee from 5 am until 4 pm. I thought I was dying and had a 75 mile home. I never did another outdoor show. I learned my lesson.