Monday, May 14, 2018

Weekend fun

Spur of the moment camping trip!

It was our first time out in the RV since we lived in it last year.  I wasn't sure how the kids were going to take it, but DH and I needed a break.  We did not cook at all - just ate easy food - sandwiches and I picked up some sushi and potstickers.  Veggies and dip and we were good to go.

I don't really do Mother's Day.  Holidays in general are not great for me - VERY, VERY bad childhood with lots of abuse, so I tend to be low key and just get through them.  Crazy because I no longer speak with my mother, but for 38 years every holiday was a nightmare, so we just lay low and keep all pressure off of the day. 

Even Christmas (which I LOVE the season), on the day, we make sausage balls, open presents and I have chili in the crock pot cooking from the night before.  No cooking, no other family, no stress.

Anyway, we walked a bit, played Big Boggle, watched a couple of movies, talked, made smores, and just enjoyed each other.  We did not have cell service so the kids were forced to find other means of entertainment.  They wrote and drew pictures - it was lovely.

I slept a ton, but still feel pretty tired.  This exhaustion is pretty deep.  Last year really did me in.  We are working on it though - getting some things off my plate.  Nothing I can talk about yet, but I can say we are working on it.

As for taking the RV out.  The kids enjoyed it - they don't want to live on it, but for a quick trip, they said they did not mind.  Whereas, it put the wanderlust back in DH and I.  Not to travel to other countries (though that is always there), but slowly tour the US and Canada.  When the kids are gone of course - they have no interest in traveling like that with us anymore.

Anyway, I have to get going.  I have a quilt to make, house to clean and laundry to do!


  1. Sometimes, I get a deep exhaustion that seems it cannot be alleviated, so I understand. A weekend of no cooking AND with family sounds as stress free as weekends can come.

    1. Yeah. I have never had this before, but I am slowly doing things to make me feel better - this week, it is getting enough water. One step at a time. I let myself go over the past 18 months, so it is time to do for myself again.