Friday, May 4, 2018

Stepping Back and Reevaluating

Things came to a head yesterday.

Homeschool - With everything, DH and I decided to stop, guilt free, and evaluate exactly where we are going with it.  A break for us since we have been homeschooling for almost 3 years straight with funky breaks and stressful times.  We all need a stress free break.  In looking at what we have accomplished, we are not behind at all.  So, I ordered some summer fun things - like math games, nature journals, drawing pencils, Boogle, etc.   Dad set out a plan for them and HE will follow through with them, not me.  I get a time to enjoy them as my children, not my pupils for a while.

Home - I went to wash clothes and the tub was full of water.  Sigh.  Hopefully DH got it fixed last night - I have not been in there to check this morning. 

Son#2 - Is moving in with his girlfriend - Double Sigh.  AND I just found out that they lost their apartment for next year due to a clerical error (apartment person told me that), so at this point, they do not have a place to live.  They may be dorming it.  Which would be great for them NOT living together.  As much as I want to stress about this, I just don't have it in me.

Business:  I am gearing up for fall.  At this point, I will be 3 large shows - possibly 4, so business may be booming by this time next year - or not. We are giving it 3 full years.  We will see.

I am still a little frozen - meaning, I am having a difficult time getting much done.  Yeah, I know I need to pull up my boot straps and I will.  I need to give myself a little time to decompress from the past 2 years. 

Plus, it is cloudy and dark and perfect for curling up with a book on the easy chair and be drowsy.  I will get my energy back - I just a few nights of really good sleep...

So, the next 3 months are for deciding

1.  Will I homeschool?  If not, where will they go?
2.  Business - what direction to take it?  How will it look with homeschool?
3.  If I decide to continue to homeschool - what curriculum, what extra curriculars?  balance with business?

These are difficult questions as the 2 don't mix really, but need to.  I am as curious as you are about what will happen, but I am going to let it go for this next month.  No more talk about homeschool for at least 30 days!  Focus is home and business.  Period!


  1. Welcome to summer break! (Good for you.)

    1. Now to let go! That will be the hard part!

  2. What's the online school options in your state?

    1. I don't know. We cannot do on-line things because our internet cannot stream. Country living. If I knew that, we would have waited to move. It is affecting my business and our lives.

  3. I’m certain you will figure things out and everything will turn out for the best. You are a saint for homeschooling your kids for so long.

    1. Thank you! We are still on the fence, so we will see!