Thursday, October 12, 2017

Exhausting week

I am taking it slow this morning.  My back is seriously out from laying floor and just standing or walking all day - every day.  It is only where my life long problem is - everything other part is doing fine.  I have to baby that L4/L5 spot.

Today is the last big push.  The appraiser comes tomorrow and we are finalizing paperwork, getting the survey, etc.  The roll over to a permanent loan will happen soon - I hope - we are already talking about the title company.

Yesterday was a whirlwind and part of me wants to write it all down so I don't forget, but it is so exhausting, I don't want to remember it all - just the final product.

But, I will tell you a little bit.

All these contractors were there at one time yesterday.  The gutter installers, the plumbers, the electricians, the trim guys (think baseboards, etc), the painters, the propane guys, the tiler, the mason, my builder, his helper, and me.  There were 15 trucks in my yard.  Mine was on the street.  It was a mad house - the painter was sealing the stained built in shelves - only it was a spray sealing, so the air was thick with that polyurethane, I could not stay in there.  I had already turned off the air conditioner, opened all the windows and doors and turned on the fans, but it was overwhelming.  Once they stopped spraying, it cleared up quickly.  I was thankful for the temps being low with a breeze.  It was a gorgeous day!

Today, more painting - they will be there through Friday probably, the glass install for the shower, weather stripping all the doors as well as all the handles and locks, installing all appliances, cleaning up and level the land, graveling the driveway to the barn/shed, finishing the backsplash and hopefully sealing the back patio, some minor electrical changes and shoring up a few things.

Some work will spill into Friday and the screens for the patio are going in Saturday and Sunday.

Bummer thing about right now - I am a little sick.  I have no voice....again, and what I really need more than anything is a day of watching the entire Twilight series, sipping ginger tea and eating soup (with buttered crackers) in my comfie chair in my new home. 

Oh, our hot tub came yesterday and we though they were going to set it up - THEY DID NOT!  They did not even hook up the electrical!  I am so mad about that!  Now, we have an empty hot tub just sitting there.  Sigh.  I sure could use it to.

I really need to get out to the new house and open up the barn/shed, but they have not started asking for me yet, so... I really should start packing this place up.  We are moving out of it tomorrow.  Just sleeping here on Friday night with nothing but a tooth brush and a change of clothes. 

This is all almost over - back to the real life.  I wish I could say I was excited, but mostly I am just grateful it is almost over.  I am so tired and deeply in need of rest.


  1. You sound very worn out! I hope you are able to find a restful day all to yourself soon.

  2. It won't be long now. However, I can hear how tired you are.

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