Saturday, October 7, 2017

Whew - I am exhausted

It has been a long week and next week isn't going to be better.  My back has been sort of out since the shoveling of dirt at the beginning of August.  It just needs time - I need to relax and do some long slow stretching after the tens unit.  There just has not been time for that recently and won't be this next week either.

We are on a tight deadline - next Sunday is the last day we can be in this rental, so my plans are to start moving Friday.  The kids and I will pack up everything we can - which will be the majority of whats here and move it during the day.  Then, we possibly might move the dressers and freezer that night.  Spend the night at the rental or wait until Saturday morning. 

However, on Saturday, we are going to start moving small and light things to the house - including beds.  My goal is to sleep at the new house on Saturday, clean up the rental on Sunday morning.

Then the next Monday, we are going to hire movers to move JUST the furniture.  Anything too heavy for DH to pick up alone or with the kids help gets delegated to the movers.  I just cannot lift anything very heavy right now.  But, we are moving all boxes, and loose items - round trip, it should take the movers about 2 hours max - there is not a whole lot when you take out the beds and 2 dressers.  But, again, it is needed.

Unfortunately, this has to happen regardless of if the house is done or not.  In being paranoid, I booked for an electrician to get power to the shed just in case we have to stay in the RV.

Last week

1.  The Driveway was poured Friday, so it is curing this weekend.

2.  All floor tile was laid down.  The patio still has to be grouted, but they are working on sealing the inside tiles today and hopefully grouting the patio.

3.  The wood floors should actually be done by now.

4.  Everything else has just made it a little further - there was some final paint, some final trim, some final cabinet work, a few low voltage things put in, most of the door knobs, etc.

This coming week - Due Date Wednesday - part of Thursday.

1.  All appliances must be installed

2. Whole house water filter must be installed.

3. All special doors and final knobs/locks must be installed.

4. Sheetrock finished (yes, there are areas without sheetrock! - small though)

5. All painting/staining must be done - there is a LOT to be done, but they can also accomplish a lot in one day as well.

6. Cabinets must be finished (this is a problem - their soft close is not working, so they need to figure it out!)

7. All trims must be completed - attic entries, mirrors, garage, touch ups

8. Driveway to shed rocked

9.  Final grade on land

10. Backsplash must be put in

11.  All plumbing finalized - sink faucet in kitchen and outdoor kitchen, master shower as well.

12. All low voltage completely installed - speakers, under/over cabinet lighting, etc

13.  Complete main electric work - there is a problem in the garage, some switches are super funky - like the one for the pendants light is under the sink in the bottom cabinet.  Really?  Also some outlets are not working.

14. Propane installed and coordinating appliances installed - grill, gas logs, range, hot water tank

15. Final accessories - toiler paper roll holders, towel rods, drawer pull, cabinet knobs etc.

16.  Garage door figured out.  Seriously - this is a MAJOR problem.

17.  Final work clean up

So, needless to say, I have to be there so I can make a quick decision for anything that goes wrong.  Plus, there are things getting installed that I have to be there for - internet, phone, electricity to the shed, garbage can delivery, pest control, etc.

DH wonderfully gave me today to kind of relax and putter around the rental by myself.  DD is at theater rehearsals, DH and DS are running errands.  I am doing laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping, vacuuming, getting organized, packing, etc.  Sitting down every now and then to just chill.  I may start commercial cleaning here in a minute.  Get my HGTV fix.

Hope you are all having a great weekend - a cooler one!


  1. Oh, that is a lot to do! Does your state require an occupancy permit before you can move in?

    1. Not that I am aware of. Our builder gave us the go ahead, so if any permitting had to take place, then he would have taken care of it. I will ask him though.

    2. Occupancy Permit is only required from what I can tell for businesses/multi-family. Single family homes when bought previously owned do not require them, but most people get an inspection done before buying. With new builds, inspections are done fairly often, so a final overall inspection is not needed since there are individual inspections for electric, plumbing, septic, structure, etc as it goes along. I do have to have it appraised though. I am still going to ask him on Monday - this is just what a lawyer friend told me.

    3. I was just asking because I know my state requires them for new builds. Pre-existing homes, however, are exempt. Sorry if I added more to everything you already have going on.

    4. In the article, it says that it is a continuing list of permits that have to be granted and I know we have passed all of them up to this point. The builder has stayed on top of this through-out, so I feel very certain that the final inspection will be done. I am not worried at all - if you knew how hard I was inspecting, you would know that I probably have done a better job at the final inspection than any inspector would do. LOL

    5. That's good. You've worked so hard and come so far, I'd just hate to see any hiccup at this point...especially over a piece of paper!

  2. Yes, check out if an occupancy permit is needed. I hope not for your sake. Only because. Well. Delays.
    You are really spinning 24/7. You will have withdrawals when this is over.

    1. You are right - I am spinning! Nope, no delays - this week, I am ruling the roost so to speak. All the contractors started calling me patrona - hopefully, as a term of endearment and not as a dictator!

  3. Our old state of residence also required occupancy permit, but not here. Hopefully you don't need it and can start getting moved in. I'll bet you are beyond ready!

    1. I really don't think it is required, but I am going to ask him tomorrow.

      You better believe I am beyond ready. 8 months - 10 if you count from when we decided and started the process.