Monday, October 2, 2017

September Goals Revisted, New ones?

 OK, September was C.R.A.Z.Y. - with family deaths, a hurricane, a torrential flood, pending homelessness - I am not sure I accomplished much - lets see...

New House Related:

1.  Set new appointment with permaculture guy. If he will ever get back with us.  We may have to find someone else because we need to get a plan for the yard grading. - YEP!  We have a plan! We are excited about it - I will let y'all know with it another day.
2. Take one day to clean up the area around the house - Yes, and no.  It is a work in progress - we cleaned up, it got messy again, we cleaned up again, it is messy again.  I am ready for the dirt, building materials and guys trash to be GONE!
3. Refinish Front Door - A MUST! - We tried but could not because of humidity.  IF we get electricity this week, I will work on it this weekend.
4.  Begin work on Roll Top Desk - Nope, did not even start.
5. Purchase all lighting - A MUST! - YES!!  All of it, even the bulbs are purchased.

Kids/Family Related:

1. 1 Social Event for kids - teen dance at the end of September. - YES - it was fun!
2. Homeschool at least 15 days this month.  We have field trips, science classes and a funeral, so this will require tenacity. - We got 5 in and decided there was too much to focus.
3. Set a physical education schedule for family, even if it is simple. - Nope, no time to think about it.
4. Pick up and store beef side at rental.  At least we have food coming in. - Yes, we have the beef and have been eating it!  Delicious - we missed this quality of meat.
5. 2 dates with DH - I am going to count it, even though one was cleaning up and one was shopping for furniture.  It is our life right now.
6. 1 adult social visit - Yes, I did meet up with some friends while DH was out of town at his step-father funeral.
7. Start moving items from temporary shed to our garage/shop to cut down on expenditures.  We did start moving, but have not been able to move out of the temporary sheds completely because of the lack of electricity at the new home.

Me Related:

1. Lose 3 pounds.  I am starting small and slow. - Lost 2, but I am counting that as a win!
2. Some form of exercise daily, even if it is back exercises.  I am in lots of pain and need to get better. Not really, but I have been stretching more and walked a few times.  Pain is less.
3. Take planner one step further and schedule processes for goal completion. No, there is so many last minute things with the house that scheduling was frustrating.  I am going to wait on this.
4. Finish 2 Tshirt Quilts - Not even one.
5.  Make hooded blanket and stuffed lamb for 7 year old Harvey victim. - Did not happen - guilt is there.
6.  Make wolves for my Father-In-Law's family with his clothes. - Not this either - no time.
7. Talk to my sister once per week. - I have not talked to her once, but I am texting her.
8. Message/email/tell 5 people of my gratitude of them. - Not this either.
9.  Journal daily gratitude - Yes, I have kept up with this.
10.  Start 100 day of photo of something that makes me happy.  I reserve the right to do multiple on one day because of stress.  However, when I start, it will be 100 pictures in 100 days. - I started taking pictures - every single day something goes up on Instagram.  It is quite fun!

September was ok,  I lost sight of these goals, but it is no wonder really.  I think for October, I am going to let the goals go.  We are moving, setting up a new home, my sister is coming in, we are planning an open house - so much going on.  If I come out breathing and we are mostly settled in the house, I will be thrilled.


  1. September sure was a tough month for a lot of us. Always best to focus on the positive. Here's hoping for a MUCH better October!

    1. Yep, I try to keep up with the positive! October will be better!

  2. Your life was a whirlwind. I am just glad you kept doing anything at all.

    1. Yes it was. October is starting out very hectic too, but it will be settling down soon!

  3. Busy busy! what is permaculture? landscaping?

    1. Permaculture is a way of planting eatable food and ornamental grasses and flowers that give you a more sustainable life. So, fruit trees are planted with nitrogen rich trees, and nut trees are planted close to fresh water. The herbs are planted in an upward spiral shape and the vegetable garden is located close to the kitchen for easy picking. There are several compost areas. We are doing a greenhouse as well as a pond with fish. We were going to have chickens, but our subdivision does not allow them. We will have barn cats for rodent and snake control and rain barrels hooked up to a drip system. It is all about working with your environment for food and health, in a way that is more natural. You can get very into it or just touch on it - which is more where we are at.