Monday, January 22, 2018

2018 Goals

Since it has been almost a month since I made these goals, I wanted to take a moment to see how I am doing with these.

1.  Exercise for all. 

We have a chart with the exercises for the teens and I have done yoga a couple of times.  Not great, but I was sick, then with the teeth issue and not being able to talk, the pain was so bad that exercise was out of the question.  I have been stretching my back however, and that has helped tremendously.  I will jump on the recumbant today.

2.  Better Eating Habits. 

We are doing OK.  It is a work in progress.  I have started preparing morning and lunch meals and like I thought, the kids have followed suit.  Moods have changed drastically!

3.  Priority for Homeschool and Threaded Lines DAILY!

Yes pretty much - since I have not been able to talk about 18 of these 22 days of January, it was not great, BUT I did make it a priority and we stayed on track.

4.  Grading Homeschool every day. 

So far, so good - grading is up to date.  I found that grading in the morning before they get up is the best time.  I am too tired in the evening and into my work, but morning is quiet and I am more refreshed.

5. New Chore Chart that includes adults. 

OK, we tried one with adults and it was WAY too overwhelming for me.  We let it go, but it did give the kids insight to what Dad and I do everyday.  They were grateful for the little they were responsible for.

6. 15 minute clean ups. 

Somewhat - I do what I call the Morning Trio - wipe toilet, sinks and mirror, make bed and pick up or wash laundry.  I think I am getting the habit down, then I will extend it to the kids.

7.   Threaded Lines - 2 posts per week

Nope, I have not started this.  I am making my grandmother's quilt and it taking me some time.  I am just not motivated with the business right now.

8. This blog - add pictures to 2 blog posts per week

I love taking pictures, but it just has not happened yet.  I am not even blogging as much as I used to.

9. Send one "I'm thinking of you" note per month

Yes, I have done this so far - one month! 

10. Send Birthday greetings to all parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, and close friends. 

Yes, January cards were sent out and February's will be done when do bills next.  Easy, easy

11.  Facebook - Birthday greetings

I think I have missed a couple, but I have done 95% more than what I did.  It is helping me feel more connected and people are reaching out to me more.  It is lovely.

12.  Ah, the infamous lose weight. 

Nothing yet.

13. Use planner daily.

 I only did not use it for a couple of days when I just checked out because of the pain.  It helps that I put the meals in it because I am forced to look at it every day.

 14. Bring more "fun" to our family.  Oh boy, this year was so serious.  We all forgot to be fun.

 Well, we have started talking more and we are going to a Compassion Experience this weekend.  No board games, we have just been running and I have been sick!

 15.  Join a book club. 

I have not started looking yet.

16. Stick to a monthly budget. 

Yes and no.  We stuck to our budget until my computer borked.  That is the only thing we are off on so far this month.

17. Respond M-F to at least 2 blogs and 2 Facebook posts of friends.  

I think I have with the blog, but not on Facebook.  I am trying, but I cannot think of good things to say.

18.  Call my Dad monthly. 

We have texted.  It is not much, but it is something.  I also tagged him in a Facebook post.  He shared it, so there is that.  Serious baby steps.

There you go.  Not bad.  I know these could be a monthly goal list, but I want these to be habits.  This year, even with my sickness starting it off, is looking to be a very good getting back to normal year.


  1. I think you are off to a remarkable start with your goals!

  2. These are great attainable goals! I hope everything normalizes for you soon.

  3. I thought I asked this before--what are threaded lines? Those are all admirable goals.

    1. Thank you - I thought I answered it, but maybe not. I do so much in my head that I forget sometimes. It is the name of my business.