Thursday, January 25, 2018

Business talk

At the beginning of the week, I got sick again. I think it is allergies more than anything and this time was not as bad as the others.  I lost my voice for an evening, but by morning, it was back.  I started with the neti pot and my nasal allergy meds.  It takes a few days for them to kick, but that with some elderberry, vitamin D and a good daytime cold med, I am doing fine.

Yes, I am staying home.  I am not hugging anyone either. I miss my loves. 

Anyway.  One of my vendors came up with the cutest design for valentines. I absolutely fell in love with them.  The design cost me $8, I used scrap materials and embroidery threads - already sold 2, so I have more than covered expenses.  Since this is a new kind of product I am offering, sales will be slow, but I am getting a good response.  It just takes finding the people who are looking for this.

Valentine's is not a holiday that I usually market around, neither is Easter, but if I want to have good sales around Christmas, I have to start now to build up a customer base that likes this product and I know they are out there.

Since I moved up here out in the country, my "bread and butter" part of the business is gone.  That was patches.  No one will drive up this far to get a $1 patch sewn on, so I need to find another part of the business that is more constant and brings in smaller amounts of money at a faster rate. 

The quilts are great, but the turn around is very slow.  That is where I get the large amounts of money, so for my business to be strong, I have to have the smaller items and the larger items.

So, to kick off this new business venture, I am offering a giveaway of one of these little cuties on my Facebook page.  So far, the furry white are the most popular, then the furry red ones.  The purple color comes in third, but they want it furry!  LOL.  Personally, I love the gray one.  I like unusual holiday colors.

Which is your favorite?!?!


  1. Red is my favorite, but I would prefer a pink one, sort of a hot pink. Am I entered in the giveaway? Design is one of my strong points. I had a friend with a gift shop. She would ask me to think of something to make. I would tell her something a few days later, make her a pattern. I never got money, just things from her gift shop.

    Do you have an embroidery machine?

    1. Yes, I have a 10 needle machine. I can make one for you! I just need your address - can you email me? pvcfree2008 at yahoo.

  2. Great way to expand your business! I like the gray one, too!