Friday, January 12, 2018

Fun Friday!

Is it really fun - well, that is debatable.  We decided not to go my sister's this weekend - people are getting sick.  DH has a bad headache, me and the kids have sneezing attacks, and my sister is not feeling so hot.  Even if ours is allergies, I would just rather stay home! Plus, driving through wind with the RV is no picnic.

DH is already off work and on the way home, we are going to do nothing!  YEAH!!!  I did what I call the morning trio - bathroom, bed, laundry, so we are good to go.

My office is a mess.

I am working on too many projects, but having a blast with it.

I had to take a selfie for a workshop I am in (taking a week ago, but edited yesterday I think)

So, there you go - my kind of Friday Fun.

Any big weekend plans for you all?


  1. We aren't doing much this weekend except taking it easy. We had a super busy week and we all just need some downtime. I hope you all feel better soon!

  2. I hope you guys feel better soon! I have so many projects I want to dig into and I just never have time.