Friday, January 5, 2018

Loving these slow days!

I was able to sleep in again and there is no where to go and noone pressing me - luxury I tell you - absolute luxury!

This morning I listened to the first workshop session on habits - it is Christian based, so the first lesson was about beginning with a small 10-30 second prayer in the morning while brushing teeth, getting dressed, making the bed, etc.  This person suggested reciting a memorized verse that is uplifting. 

Just being a part of this workshop has got me moving back to some of the habits I had before we started the process of this house - like wiping down and making the bed before leaving my room.  I love doing it because even if all else goes wrong, my bathroom is clean and my bedroom is neat.  That is a wonderful feeling at the end of the day and really every time I walk in it.

I also am starting a load of laundry daily - well, as needed.  I don't need to do laundry every day.  But I do consider it daily.

I am still moving quite slow, so anything else that gets done is just golden.

We think our barn cat has died.  Either that or he has run far, far away.  We finally let him out of our shed and he stuck around for a few days, but we have not seen him in 5 days and we rattle the food bag, set out wet food, called and called - no meow - nothing.  Bummer.  We were hoping to keep cats, but we probably need to wait until our land is a little more developed and we have cat loving plants.  

I am keeping my nephew all next week, so life will pretty much stop.  I highly doubt I will be able to blog or work.  My office is not a place for a 4 year old and he is busy, busy!  We will go the library once, and I was hoping my homeschool group would do a playdate, but it has been so cold and rainy here.  He likes to go, go, go, but we are not go, go, go people.  I will think of something else - even getting out for an hour or so seems to break up the day nicely. 

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