Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Contemplation of ...

Wisdom, Beauty and Truth.

In the process that I am going through both in the education of my children and myself, I constantly hear about focusing on Wisdom, Beauty and Truth.

It really is not what we traditionally think of these things, yet it is.

Wisdom - we think of this more with a person, someone who is wise.  Is this person all-knowing?  Maybe full of common sense?  What I think of when it comes to wisdom is, quite simply, the ability to stay in a place of learning and contemplation through a lens of truth.  A child cannot be wise because they have not had the experience to learn and contemplate and especially not understand truth.

Truth - This one is very difficult for me.  There are so many things that seem on the surface to be true, but is it?  I have not seen truth in its purest form because I have not studied enough.  I am not wise either.

Though I have a deep desire, and always have, to learn and grow, I am no where the point of where I would call myself wise.

Beauty - We all know this.  We each have an idea of what is beautiful.  But the type of beauty I am talking about is going deeper.  Moving past the superficial and finding true beauty in the abstract.  The beauty of math or astronomy.  The beauty in cleaning or preparing a meal.  The perfect order that created a tomato or a kiwi.

Maybe even, with a stretch, I can find beauty in our struggle to get out of debt and stay out debt.  LOL - maybe one day.

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