Thursday, January 12, 2017

Setting goals

I cannot help but think about setting goals - I love how so many bloggers/vloggers set goals and update us.  I cannot help but feel motivated by the wins and comforted by the fails - they just seem real to me!  Life is not a straight upward arrow, but there are many ups and downs and sometimes the downs last a LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG time!

I am still unsure of what goals I should set, if any.  Our big picture items are...

1. Get out of debt

2. Start Roth's if we can - at least 15% going to retirement.  (we are at 6% right now)

3. Help all kids get through college/technical school without incurring loans

4. Decide on place we want to live when we retire - land, no land, Texas, elsewhere?

5.  Incorporate more travel in our lives.  We live in a stressful environment for us, so getting away is crucial.

6. New roof, windows, back door and revamped bathroom in this house - crucial to being able to sell.  These are problem areas.  Out roof caught on fire over 4th of July and there is some damage, but the roof overall is really on its last leg, we are patching the hell out of it.  The windows are single paned and starting to warp from the heat - double-paned is a must here in southern Texas.  The back door is warped slightly and very drafty.  When we bought the house, the inspector marked it as a problem.  The master bathroom has a leak under the shower, it is really too small of a shower and not at all reasonable for an elderly person.  Tiles are loose as well.  This would not be a major remodel, just a new shower and possibly new tile.

7.  Betterment of health.  I am so done with worrying about my weight.  If I can walk forever, stay stretched out, keep my blood pressure in check and get strong, then I am good.  I do the sitting on the floor and getting up test all the time.   It is my check with myself to see if I am on the right track.

That is kind of it.  I don't do long term goals for homeschool because it morphs based on what is going on and setting a goal would be very, very broad and not worth it for me.

So maybe it is better for me to set monthly goals, that I know I need complete by the end of the month, that work in the direction of the larger life goals.

January (late I know) Goals

1. Finish Customer J's (5 quilts), Customer B's (quilt repair), Customer W's (tshirt quilt), Customer L's (tshirt quilt and pillow).  It is a lot for one month, but I need to catch up and this is what it will take.

2. Stabilize our Homeschool Day - this year has been a wash with trying to find a private school, then ultimately deciding to stick with homeschooling.  We are still not back in session!  ARGHH!!!  Next week, this is my priority!

3. Begin walking routine.  I also want to start yoga back up.  Nothing earth shattering - I would be fine with 2x a week at this point.  Just get moving!

That's it this month - with oldest child moving in, the first two weeks everyone racked with a stomach virus, finding college boy a car, and basically having our lives turned upside down, the fact that I can even think straight is a miracle!

Kind of excited about this - keep me accountable people - if I don't set goals one month - ask me to, pretty please!


  1. I don't set goals as it seems to set me up for failure every time -- I am investigating James Clean and his theories on setting goals vs working with systems -- very interesting stuff

    1. I agree. My monthly goals are more associated with I really need to get done that month. Things that if they are put off will cause problems or simply that my mind cannot get off that subject. I am going to check James Clean out - Thank you!

  2. Question: Wouldn't your homeowner's insurance cover the roof?

    1. No, the fire did not damage too much. The age is the worse, unfortunately.

  3. I've moved from annual goals to lists of priority focus. It helps me monitor intentionality and progress not the destination.

    1. Exactly. Writing those priorities down seems to make them more solid.