Monday, January 23, 2017

Forced Rest

Our camping trip was good - we got to spend some time with the younger two and relax.  Though on my account, it was forced.  I started feeling sick Friday morning before we left.  By the time we left, I felt awful. 

Darrell gave me some strong medicine that helped me get through the business of Saturday.

I had a gift card from Pier 1 that I got for my birthday months ago.  I am not a huge Pier 1 fan, but we found a Galileo thermometer and a mask on clearance for my daughter.

Then we headed to Barnes and Noble where we bought a Globe.  I did not want to spend a ton of money on one and they had the best for under $20 that we could get immediately.  It will do what we need.

We did decide to spend a little bit and go see Hidden Figures.  It was a fabulous movie!  This is the genre that I love. 

Then we had an awful dinner at Olive Garden.  It was with a gift card, so I am not complaining too much.

After that, I was zonked and have been ever since.  Today I lost my voice, but had to keep working.  Homeschool is all on their own though - I cannot talk at all, not even a whisper.  They are good though - it will be ok this week.

I know we were supposed to do nature this weekend.  Darrell and I did sit outside each morning with coffee, but it rained and stormed most of the time.  I felt awful for the tenters and there were quite a lot of them.  The ones next to us had a toddler screaming BEFORE the storm, so they left within a few minutes of it starting.  I don't blame them.  If I had not been in a grounded travel trailer, I would have left immediately as well, even without a screaming toddler.

It was good though - I did not work for 48 hours and I really needed that.  Seems as though my body is telling me I need more by prolonging the cold.  Still feeling pretty yucky, but am resting comfortably.

Right now I am watching the Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. Interesting...


  1. Okay so I am laughing at this camping trip, only you or I could go on this and still have a positive atitude, well maybe....?

    1. Well, if we didn't focus on the little things - where would we be? LOL