Friday, January 6, 2017

Will we ever make a final decision!?!?!?!

This whole education thing for my kids absolutely killing me!  Not absolutely sweet at all. 

We have nixed the private school idea.  (No, no, no applause is necessary!)  2 main reasons

1. Minimum of $100,000 for 4 years for 2 kids, 1 year for 1 kid.  That is about the same amount that it costs to replace our roof, get a bathroom reno, cut down all pine trees and plant more shade type trees, get a shed for the backyard, buy a new-to-us SUV, get all the windows replaced in the house, and go on a domestic 2 week vacation and a month long European vacation.  Good grief!

2. We went on a tour and my daughter did not like it. Upon a long talk, both Laney and Koen want to remain homeschooled.  They like it.  Even with less friends, and my going ballistic when they don't show their work in math.

So be it. 

However, since they are entering high school land, I want more money to spend on experiences like a trip to an observatory when we are studying astronomy, and shark and other marine life dissections at a Texas A&M college in Galveston when we study marine biology.  As well as go to DC when we are doing American History, and other fun things.  After all, that is what home school is about, especially at the high school level.

So, we are going to do just that. 

I still reserve the right to take each year at a time, possibly getting into dual credits at the local community college and/or a la carte classes (math or science) at a school that offers a la carte classes for homeschoolers.  My only problem with them is that teach creationism over evolution and with the science background of my husband and I, we are ADAMANTLY against that.  I would prefer a secular science.  We will see.

Some things Darrell asked for - that I return to yoga, get massages from time to time, and we bring the cleaners back. 

We will see.

I am spending the next 6 months, slowing the business down.  With 20 quilts to do, it takes a while.  I am also debating stopping the patch orders altogether. 

It is a balance because if I am not doing something constructive, then I get depressed.  Though teaching is very important, it does not feed the creative side of me.  So, I am going to slow down, not give up.  That will have to organically happen, so I am not sure how that will look just yet.

Back to work - those quilts don't sew themselves together!


  1. You have the right to change your mind until you are satisfied. At least you are being realistic, despite how hard it has been to reach a decision.

    1. You are right! I feel like a flake, but we are just trying to figure out what is best for all of us!

  2. I feel this way every time I have an update on our move. We're staying. We're moving. We're selling our house. We're buying a house. We're going to keep renting. Repeat. ;-)

    It's okay. Like Sam says, iterating until you get the right decision for you & your family is what's best for you.

    1. LOL - Every time I read your blog about it, I feel for you! It is so hard to make these types of decisions. We will keep on working on it together!

  3. Ha. I ran into that science dilemma too, when I homeschooled. That's creeping into the public schools too, you know.
    You'll get there. All the best.