Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Starting the Adventure

OK, we really started yesterday, but I am burning multiple fires, so I feel like the real first day of this adventure is today.  The ball is rolling.

I probably need to break this down into 6 sections, which will eventually turn into 3.

1.  Suburb House

2. Land Purchase

3. Land Home

4. RV Living

5. Business

6.  Homeschooling all the while

I will write on these six topics as I can - taking pictures when I can.  Bringing the week in glimpse of all them on Fridays.

Today, I will update on all of them at the start of this journey!  I am so excited and nervous and running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

1.  Suburb House - Sigh, wish we could just sell and be done, but we have to do the due diligence.  We had a bad storm at the beginning of January that damaged the roof, only to find out yesterday that the shingles are falling apart - yes, I climbed up there and felt it.  We need a new roof.  We filed a claim with the insurance and hopefully there is enough damage from the storm, but we may not get approved because of the age.  It is sad, because the roof is only 12 years old - a bad roof job initially.  However, we are doing this because a bad roof will prevent a sale and a new roof will get us top dollar - along with the other improvements we have done during our stay here.  So, we are waiting on the adjuster.

2. Land Purchase.  We just found out that we have the go ahead of purchasing the land (before construction loan approval) and the equity will count toward the down payment at closing!  So, we need to find a realtor and purchase the land!  YEAH!

3. Land Home - We just found out that before we can get the construction loan, we need to get the blue prints set in stone, so we get to start planning our home very soon!  YEAH!

4.  RV Living - I am starting to research best ways for the kids to feel comfortable in the RV and get them private space.  They have bunk beds, but they are still with each other, I am thinking of separate time for them.  If we are far enough in the construction that we have the water well and electricity installed, then we can RV on our land.  I will set up a separate tent for them have alone time.   Planning, planning, and more planning.

5. Business.  I put out on Sunday that I am closing temporarily, but accepting Tshirt quilt orders through today.  I have about 20.  Whew!  I cannot leave this house until I am done because I will not have access to my machines until we move in the new place.  So much for ramping down.

6. Homeschooling - the kids and I had a meeting this morning that it is really not feasible for us to continue the full homeschool curriculum while we are on this adventure.  We decided that Math is the most important, so we will continue that, plus history and literature with some research papers every now and then.  Oh, and computer programming for Koen.  In Addition, they will be active participants in all aspects of this journey - from dealing with contractors, negotiating through the purchase of land and with the loan, designing the house, picking out the interior, learning about the house building process - from slab to finish, and close quarter living.  No, they are not making final decisions, but they are going to be a part of it so they are learning very important life dealings!

OK, I have to go pick up my daughter, then a customer is coming, then on to work.  Oh, I need to eat too - pasta salad and I really need more coffee!  LOL


  1. What about the toilet emptying situation? You didn't mention a septic tank.

    1. We have a portable tank (connected to the RV) that Darrell will take and dump twice a week. A pain, but doable. Once the house has running toilets, then we will use those. I have to ask about when the septic tank will be put in. All four of us can go about 4 days in our RV (the holding tank is 30 gallons). Believe it or not, the smell is not bad. We keep it in check with lots of water and stuff that breaks it down.

    2. That twice a week dumping is going to get old real quick. Ewww.. I make my husband empty our trailer black waste tank but we just have to hook a hose up to it when we are down camping.

    3. It will, I know! We are still in the planning stages! That is how we empty as well. You just hook the hose to the portable tank and dump it the same way. He says he does not mind, but we will see - nothing is in stone yet!

  2. I am so glad that you are making changes! I think we all tend to get stuck in ruts and end up miserable. I feel the same way sometimes about my house that you feel about yours, but when I bought it I knew it would not be my forever home. I plan to stay here at least 2-4 more years. Good luck with your new housing!

    1. Thank you! It is an interesting process, I tell you! Onward and upwards! I hope you get into a place that is peaceful for you sooner than later.

  3. Interesting blog! Do you know whether or not you have replacement value on your insurance? Years ago we had a good portion of a (thankfully empty) horse barn roof collapse under the weight of heavy snow. The roof was already 20+ years old and in desperate need of replacing. Given that we had replacement value, they insurance company covered the cost in full. Still amazes me!

    1. No, we don't. We don't live in an area that needs replacement usually. Hurricanes, but that is rare. We are at the 3% rate, which is 3% of the value of the home. We HOPE the adjuster allows it! I will post more as it progresses.