Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My thoughts today

I really have so much to do to catch up with everything, but I am zonked today.  Trying to keep my eyes open.  We got up a little early to get to the orthodontist appointment, then I immediately started working, so no heat on my back, which did not set up for a good day.  I sewed together 783 little 2" triangles and sewed on around 20 patches.

The triangles are super boring to sew, but it had to get done.  It was hard on my mid back though and now I am sitting on some heat.  I see the tens unit happening tonight. 

Yesterday, I DID go to the chiropractor, and he worked on my hip flexors.  I have never had hip flexor issues before and OMG - that was one of the most painful things I have ever lived through.  He pressed into the flexor muscle while moving my leg and hip simultaneously.  Oh, in about 15 places in a 3" square area.  It is so very sore today, but my back stopped hurting.  Soreness is preferable to pain.  Although, it is has temporarily affected my ability to sew at the machine.  Not that I cannot, but I have to angle my leg in such a way to avoid severe pain, but then it causes numbness.  Lots of moving around, so it took 3x as long to complete.

So, while I am sitting here trying to relax, I thought I would share some of my thoughts today. 

1. I am losing sleep over my oldest living here.  I have decided that we are going to give him a hard date - probably Feb 1., or March 1, if he gets a second job.  I need to sleep again and I need to stop feeling responsible for his lazy or bad choices. (my other kids are not like this!)

2. There was a post in the Sonlight Mom's Group on Facebook that Magic School Bus is coming back focusing on STEM.  Although there is nothing wrong with Science, Technology, Engineering or Math - it is not the ONLY thing out there.  Lately, I have been on bandwagon that there is a whole generation of electricians, plumbers, mechanics, woodworkers, etc that is missing because so many parents, schools, and educators in general are pushing the STEM curriculum.  The fact is, not everyone is cut out to go to college and there is not much out there for non-college folks.  Even my husband is thinking seriously about starting to get certifications for electric work.  Especially if his job is cut from the ever awful oil industry depression.

3. I watched a couple of homeschool vlogs, and thought 2 ideas were neat.  One was tea time once a week, where literally, you use a tea pot and typical tea nibbles and read poetry, or discuss current events.  The second is to actually have a Christmas party on the last day of homeschool before the Christmas holidays with food and treats and a small gift from the teacher. 

This appeals to me so much because as they are getting older, we have stopped doing those fun things, but if we can adult it up a bit and spend time together - I think it would give a special, memorable time to our homeschool.

4. How much I want to go have Sangria, cuban sandwiches and yucca fries with my husband

5. How close, yet so far away from the 5 quilt set I need to get done by this weekend.  I am worn out, in pain and it is going slow.  Still everyday, I make progress. 

6.  I really want to focus on reading more this year.  Not just rereading what I have on my shelf, but literally order from the library and keep a running list going.

With that, here is my question for you all...

What books do you recommend?  I am looking for non-fiction mainly, but some really stunning fiction is always appreciated!


  1. Oooh, books. Always a good topic. Some of the non-fiction I have read over the last few years (most of it not terribly new, so you might have read these already):
    Radical Homemakers - Shannon Hayes
    Dead Aid - Dambisa Moyo
    Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking - Susan Cain
    Blink - Malcolm Gladwell
    The Kerry Babies Case: A Woman to Blame - Nell McCafferty
    Hit by a Farm - Catherine Friend
    This Organic Life - Joan Dye Gussow
    And some I've made a note of that I would like to read:
    Why Zebras don't get Ulcers - Robert M. Sapolsky
    The Year of Living Danishly - Helen Russell
    Girl Up - Laura Bates
    Girls will be Girls - Emer O'Toole
    Nigel: my family and other dogs - Monty Don
    Lunacy and the arrangement of books - Terry Belanger

    1. Thank you! That will keep me going for a while!

  2. Ditto Blink from the recommendation above. Others I like (more of a mystery genre) - Anything by Julia Keller or Marcia Muller

    1. Thank you! I am excited to get started!

  3. I don't know if you like mysteries (they're my weakness), but I just read a couple of really excellent ones by an author called Fiona Vietch Smith called 'The Jazz Files' and 'The Kill Fee'. The books take place in London around the end of WWI and the main character is a 22-year old woman called Poppy. They were terrifically written and held my attention really well, not too gory or sweary or messy, but interesting and had some nice historical touches in them (with a bit of artistic license thrown in with respect to dates, etc.). I don't read an awful lot of non-fiction, but if you want to look at my list of books, there's a little link on the side of my blog that might give you some good ideas. xx