Friday, January 20, 2017

Please don't worry...

I am not going to do anything rash. Unless you call getting out of town for the weekend at the last minute rash!

YES!!  We are going camping!  Thank goodness.  It will set me a little behind, but hell, I am already behind, what is another day or two!

My job is running much better today.  No stops or thread breaks or needle breaks yet.  I am holding my breath.  I want to get this done before we leave.

Yes, I am still a little down - so much on my plate, but I really think it is just me being overwhelmed.

Here is the plan:

1.  Almost stop the business.  No more patches and only 1-2 quilt orders at a time as I can do them.  That way I still have something to do, but not so much to do. (and my customers are livid!  You would think I killed their dog!)

2. Oldest boy IS moving out - come hell or high water.  His life choice is to not go to college, and adults that are not in college do not live with me.  This is supposed to happen next week.  I am only 50% convinced it will happen, but come the 1st, he is sleeping on someone's couch if he doesn't.

3. Once he moves out, our furniture can go into place and I will feel settled again.  No two couches in the living room, more room in my office, my bedroom cleared out, etc, etc.

4. The retirement account will hit $100,000 very soon - like a week or so.  This is beginning to make me feel better.  It is no where near enough, but it is a start.  We are really trying and now I am starting to see the effects.

5. I have joined a book club (in preparation for things leveling out) to get out and meet some people.

6. Yoga, walking and hiking will be started soon after the business really declines.  This is where things will really start looking up.  I need nature like water!

So, there you are.  6 things I am working on to make my life a little smoother.  Everyone in the family is helping as well - because when mom is happy, everyone is happy!

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  1. I think camping is a great idea! Throw some hot dogs, buns and pop in the vehicle and go :) Nature is very soothing and you need it right now. I know what you mean about your son. My stepdaughter is 19 and a complete waste of space right now. Had every opportunity and has blown everything everyone has ever given her. Bank of Dad is officially closed. I hope she gets her shit together (excuse my language) but if she doesn't at least she is the only one who has to deal with it, that or her useless boyfriend she is living with.