Monday, November 20, 2017

Completely exahusted

The weekend was very long.  I love my elementary friends.  Don't get me wrong.  It was lovely to see her again after 21 years, however - it completely wore me out.

She did not want to do any of the things I had planned other than shop for Christmas items and decorate.  No antique shop, no movie.  So, we talked and talked and talked and talked.  Her interests are very different from mine.  She is extremely opinionated and our opinions are opposite.

She is not intelligent either and has no interest in learning, so it was difficult. I mostly just listened to her.  She wants to live in the past and that is just not something I am interested in.  However, it was nice to reconnect and talk about childhood a bit.  One day would have been good, but she was here for 3.  My whole family is just not used to that length.  I will do more in the future to curb that.

On to other things, my hormones are going CRAZY!  I am in peri-menopause and have been for about 2 years for sure.  I am very late and thinking I will skip this monthly visit.  We will see - no I am not pregnant. It still feels like I am PMSing though, so that sucks 2 weeks of PMS.

We did mostly set up Christmas decorations though.  The big tree needs to go up and I need to organize the Nutcrackers as well as get the outside wreath in shape.  The house really looks cozy with the 2 smaller trees, a garland on the mantle and the stockings. 

If I have not said before - we have 3 trees.  The big one is the family tree with all the ornaments from the kids and our lives over the years.  One of the smaller trees has ornaments from all the states we visited as well as the national parks and monuments.  The other smaller tree has the White House Historical Society ornaments that come out every year.  We have all of them.  They are gorgeous!

To recover, I am going to read and nap.  Probably nap first.


  1. Perhaps there are indeed times old childhood friends should remain in the past. At least now you can be better prepared for the next time she does suggest reconnecting.

    Good luck with those hormones. Graves' disease put me into early menopause, which I viewed as a sliver lining. Hey, you need to take them wherever you can find them! Lol

  2. It does seem a bit odd that after not seeing each other for 21 years she would want to spend 3 days with you. LOL. That would be too much for me too, especially if not having much in common. I was reading thinking antique shop and a movie sounded perfect :)

  3. Oh my goodness.... 3 days ? No way. I am visit and out type of gal! LOL Sometimes I think 3 hours is to long but that is me! After so long I'm not surprised you didn't ask her to leave a bit sooner. Or got sick in front of her! LOL All kidding aside, at least you re connected and now you know how long it should be.

    Your home sounds lovely!


  4. We'd *maybe* spend 3 days with my immediate family, but no one else. Definitely not a long lost friend. But, you survived & it's all done! :-)

  5. Wow! That sounds like 3 days of hell.
    Yikes. I could not have done that.
    Oh well...a learning experience for sure.
    3 trees sounds fantastic. I like the 3 themes. This is such a special Christmas for your family.
    This week is zooming by.
    Enjoy it.

  6. Whew 3 days is a long time for any guest outside of family! I hope you enjoyed catching up even if you guys don't share the same opinions. I think sometimes it is good to be exposed to people like that to make you appreciate the good friends you do have. I love your 3 Christmas tree idea! Too cute- I hope you post pictures.

  7. I enjoy my mini reunions with old friends. Many people and just a few hours.I'll have two trees this year and my village.

  8. Was she hiding out from someone? Feds after her. I would never visit anyone that long. And, I would take my cues as to what to do from my host. I went through menopause when I was 44 and took premarin for 25 years. I love premarin. I hope your new diagnosis helps you to find relief.