Tuesday, November 14, 2017

House Pictures!

OK, I finally took some more pictures of the house.  There are still a few more things I want to show you, but not too much more.

 Cords and all - our living room.  The books are not all up yet and that is my heating pad draped over my chair.  There is so much room - this is the largest living room I ever had!  The picture doesn't show it though.

 BEAMS!  I LOVE these beams.  They are so rustic and gorgeous.  We were told that they came from an old Mennonite barn in Wisconsin.

Our stone fireplace.  I cannot have a house without it - this is the 4th house I have put a stone fireplace in.  We are going to do something about those wires - just no chance yet!

 Another view of the living room from behind the couch looking out to the patio.

 This is the front entry and part of my office as looking from the living room.

 This is my messy office.  The room is a different shape and smaller than what I wanted, but I am going to make it work.  Quilts on the ironing board, blue bags with more quilts to make.  The embroidery machine I have yet to turn on!

 This is the entry from my office.  These are raw doors that I have to stain.  My list is getting longer.

This is looking back down the house from the entry - the kitchen to the right and living to the left.  All our bedrooms are back this way.

 I think I mentioned back in August that I was able to take one of my grandmother's chairs and that it was interesting.  This is it!  It sits in my bedroom.  It is VERY comfortable and the fabric is growing on me.

 This is the best picture I could get of our bedroom.  It is not particularly large, but we do not need a large bedroom. 

This is a new dresser that we bought this summer. We are not using it as dresser, more storage and entertainment center, but I LOVE it - semi-rustic and about 4 1/2 feet tall. I got for less than $100 -That may be why I love it so much!

 The famous shower in the master bath.  Double rain heads and it feels like walking into a spa every day!  I literally cannot believe we own a shower like this - never before and probably never again will we have a shower this good.

This is the master bathroom looking from the door to the patio.  The shower is on the left, water closet at the end and clothing closet to the right.  We kept it smaller because we did not need lots and lots of space.  It is actually a very good size for the little time we spend here.

This is our master closet.  It is huge to us.  There is a motion light and what I could not get a good angle on is all the shelves - both to the left and right.  We have a seat on the left with an electric outlet that we charge our phones at night and can sit down to put on shoes, etc.  There is cabinet above the seat as well.  It is amazing.

 This is the view of the patio from the master bathroom door.  Our hot tub!  So far, we have used it about 3 times per week.  It is lovely.

This is the patio from the screen that blocks the hot tub.  Our outdoor living room.  It is so comfortable.  We all have taken naps out here and D and I have morning coffee on the weekends lounging on the sofa.

 This is the outdoor kitchen area - complete with sink, pull out trash drawer, soft close storage drawers and cabinet and a mini fridge.  This is the grill that we are cooking on turkey in.  It is hooked up to the house propane, so no more small tanks to fill!

 Our dining room - The table is 7' long and made our of reclaimed teak wood from a boat!  The iron work underneath is custom made.  The chairs are the ultimate, but they will do for now.  

 Our view from the patio and living room.  So far, we have sees roadrunners, rabbits, deer and a racoon.

 It was too dark to get a great picture and no still picture will do this justice.  This is our $50 water fountain!  It sounds gorgeous and D put a light in it so glows on the trickling water and sends a ripple light on the ceiling above.  Very relaxing.

 This is the custom stained glass we had made for the actual front door.  This is from inside on the patio - the colors shine into the living room in the evening before sunset.

 This is the front door of the house. 

 This is the mostly finished house!  You can see the rye grass and clover seed we spread out is already growing!  It looks so much better than the crappy dirt blowing and muddy!

This is the house and barn/shed.  There is a lot of work on the land to do, but we need to give it time to settle and let the land get fertile.  I am not sure trees would grow if we planted them now.

Well, that is it!  We love our little home.  I it about 2,200sq ft, so not super huge, but big enough.  I still want to show you the storage room, laundry room and loft area, but that will come in time.

OH - almost forgot!  We are closing tomorrow!  YEAH!!!  Finally!  It really is not closing, because we already closed in May, but it is a modification of the loan. We had to jump through the same hoops, so it feels like a closing.  Anyway, tomorrow we sign the papers and then we have a mortgage.  So glad to be moving forward now!


  1. So great to see the finished product! It looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you - it is almost done, but not quite. Ready to have it completely finished!

  2. Your house came together so nicely! Beautiful home you have!

  3. It's all so nice. Congrats! What a great deal on that rustic dresser.