Thursday, November 9, 2017

The No Days

This past week, although my posts have been about the exciting, have been no days.

We stopped homeschool.

I, mostly, stopped working.

The house is a big mess.

And not much has gotten done.

We are still sick.  K (DS#3) and I are almost done - the last vestiges of the hacking cough and stuffy nose.  We are still taking decongestants and sleeping with humidifiers, doing the neti pot and taking vitamins C & D. 

L (DD) is in the throws of it.  Poor thing.  She got it last.

D and I decided that this week is all about getting us better, so we are doing the bare minimum and getting rest.  I am not above thinking it may have something to do with the building dust.  We are going to change to the house filters asap and really work at cleaning this weekend - like vacuuming the walls and such, again.

Since we are just resting, we took our new to us care to get looked at.  There was a scrapping sound at the back wheel, the cigarette lighter did not work (could not charge cell phones), the windshield washer fluid would not spray, and the trunk could not open from the pull switch inside the car.  All of that is repaired now.  So, it really feels like a new, new to us car.

I know I keep saying it, but I am really starting to feel like me again.  I am home, things are normalizing, I have a kitchen... It really is bliss.

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  1. Building dust is a killer for me. I don't think you do, but if you have carpeting, vacuum it several times a day until the colored lint in the bag is no longer being pulled up. I think I remember you said you were covering the appliances with plastic. I wanted to scream to tape it all up. Even dust on the underside of appliances could hurt you. I had dust in cabinets and drawers, everywhere. And, I was assured there would be no dust left. I hope you finally get this all under control for your health. And, sanity.