Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday - not much better

Life is just too busy for me to recover.

I am sick again. No voice.  This is the 4th time I lost my voice in 3 months.  There is too much stress and so busy.  We are trying to lighten the load, but things keep popping up and life is just too busy in general. 

Having a child in theater leaves no room for rest.

Thanksgiving was OK.  It wasn't too bad.  I enjoyed watching the parades, but the dinner was not great.  I do not like Thanksgiving food, neither do any of us, so this is the last year of it.  The turkey on the grill was good though - DH did a great job with it!

Other days were full.

On Friday, we waited until 1pm, then went to Payless for the 50% off sale.  Hobby Lobby for a couple of things - like wrapping paper, bows and Christmas Cards at 50% off as well.  Some friends came over Friday night and it was a nice visit - I was tired though.

Saturday, DH and I ran errands for hours - it wore me out.  It seemed like every place we had to go was to pick up one thing.  It sucked, but necessary.  I did put on a soup that morning that was wonderful - a bean, turkey and sausage soup - it was fabulous with a spicy kick.  I could barely keep my eyes open after eating.

Sunday, we got up early and caught a morning show of The Man Who Invented Christmas - it was good and everyone enjoyed it.  I spent the afternoon grading and planning out the rest of the year in homeschool.  Then, started reading and collapsed early.

This morning, we got up early because the cleaners were coming.  I went through the cyber Monday deals and used one to register my son for a summer camp - $150 off was a fabulous deal.  Nothing else really grabbed at me.  I updated my calendar and started transferring to the new one coming up. Both are kept out right now because January plans are coming like wildfire.

I registered DD for the next semester theater auditions - Much Ado about Nothing, it includes a summer Shakespeare camp.

Also, DS#2 stopped by before heading back to college - he had been visiting his dad.  No voice is not fun when trying to say goodbye.

We sat outside with our new propane heater (gift card purchase) as it was a bit chilly while the cleaners were here.  The kids did their homeschool and I answered questions having to repeat frequently as the wind was often louder than my voice.

I also scheduled times to deliver furniture we are giving to Harvey Victims.  I think most of my life is really acting as a secretary.

Now we are back inside and I am exhausted.  We still have photography class today so I think I am done.  I need to get quilts made - like I am seriously behind, but it is no good starting when I am so tired, I will just screw up.  I will sleep in tomorrow and then get a good days work in.

There is so much more to say, but I will have to do it another day.  I need to get their photos printed and plan this week's menu.

I saw everyone had a great Thanksgiving - I hope this week is even better for you!


  1. Well, that doesn't sound like you are resting at all!

    1. I know - We had an argument about that on Sunday.

  2. Four times in three months is entirely too many times. Go to the doctor and see if it is something serious, like polyps that could turn cancerous. It happens. And quit teaching if it involves one word.

    1. I had a virus in my voice box when I was 20 that caused me to lose my voice for almost 3 months. There was not even a whisper. Since then, any sort of drainage at all - from a cold, allergies, etc, I lose my voice. Typically, I lose it a couple of times a year. Just lately, it has been bad. From blood work, it looks like allergies - the mold from the flood, the new house build..

      As for teaching - all I do is homeschool my kids. I do not teach anything else (I am a very bad teacher - demanding and mean). There is something in the works for that, it just takes time.

  3. I'm so sorry you are sick again! I hope you get better soon. Hopefully after the Holidays you will have time to rest and recover.

    1. I think that is exactly when I will recover! I am holding out for December 19th. That's when all the craziness stops. My college boy came home sick and I think he gave me his cold.

  4. Hi Jennifer! I'm trying to catch up with my blog reading! So sorry you are dealing with more health issues. Praying you feel better soon. Please REST and take care of YOU. Will continue to read and catch up... :) {{hugs}}

    1. Just one cold after another with a hefty dose of allergies. The exhaustion was new, but not unexpected given the stress of the last year. I am on the road to recovery. Thank you!

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