Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mind Dump

You all are the sweetest people ever!  My goodness - the love was felt!

 I was able to get some rest last night - I did not even make it to 10 pm and stayed in bed until I was ready to get up.  I never sleep through the night, but I felt like I got better sleep than the past few nights.

Slow is the name of the game today.  I need to cook a bit for tomorrow, but I am going to wait until -D gets home - we can do it together.  Today is prepare the sweet potato pie, bake the pumpkin cake, devil the eggs, and shop for the last minute fresh stuff.  Really not bad at all. 

I am still drinking some coffee; it is cool in the house and tastes so good (yes, water in between).  I need to eat a little, but my stomach is just not there yet.  While I was watching some fun gift idea vlogs on youtube, I did a sort of mind dump to get what is in my head out and see in black and white what is bothering me.  In my head, it stays sort of like a tornado - one issue bleeding into another issue, bleeding into another - so that it seems much larger and complicated than it actually is.  Very cathartic to do this every now and then - at least for me it is.

One good thing - our 401(k) is valued over $90k!  I know it is low for our age, but we are so close to $100k I can taste it.  We will be there very soon - maybe not this year, but very early in the new year!  This gets me super excited!

Back to mind dump

1.  Mostly a list of to-dos.  Things that really are pretty easy and -D can help me with.  They will take several weekends, but they are all weekend projects.

2. Homeschool vs. Business.  This is a big one.  I am not sure how to manage both or go without one or the other.    Something has to give though.  This is a major talking through.

3.  Christmas - gifts, cards, etc.  Again, a quick talk and moving on - it will be simple this year - I think people will understand.

4. My work to finish and gifts to make.  I have decided NOT to make gifts for Christmas, BUT there are a few things I need to make as promised - a quilt made from my grandmother's clothes for my cousin (she cared for my grandmother and was executor - they were close), and the wolves for my step-father in-law's family.  I also WANT to make my oldest a quilt - as I have made for all my other children and I WANT to make my husband a quilt as I have already started it and family contributed!

Really those are the main categories.

What I am thinking with my business. 

I need to make the 5 quilts that are in my office right now.  Quickly.  Then, I don't stop the business, but go to zero marketing.  If something comes in - I will take it, if not, I sew for fun. 

Homeschool is very important to us, but them being on a high school level is very time consuming for me as the teacher.  They are involved in activities on top of an intense load. 

So, this is a big one - balancing them.  There may not be a great answer and it may be something we consistently "limp" through.

Anyway!  Are you already starting to cook for Thanksgiving?  I hope you have a wondeful, drama-free, cozy day with those you love!

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