Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee

This is the first morning in a week that I have been able to really enjoy coffee.  I think I am finally starting to recover from this extremely bad cold (possibly flu).  DS is about at my level with it, but DD is full in no breathing through the nose mode.

Homeschool has been fitful to say the least - we are chugging through, but we still have not had one week that was just calm.  There are still contractors coming in and out for little things and big things - electric work, painting, cabinets, doors.  That will still be going on for a while.   This illness really threw us for a loop, but DH thinks it is a let down from the months of stress, our bodies just relaxed a little too much.  I always get sick when I let down from stress.  So, I am not surprised this was a doozy.  Quite a few months of stress I say.

This weekend was the first time we felt a semblance of normal.  The internet really brought it together.  It is not as bad as my initial thought.  We can stream Netflix - though the quality is lower and it stops to load a couple of times.  You cannot browse the internet while watching either, but hey, we can make it work.

I am able to listen to my podcasts while working, which is MAJOR!  And, we can sit down and discuss budgets, pay bills, etc here.  DH was having to pay bills at work as everything is done on-line.

The rye grass and clover we planted is already starting to grow.  Less than 1 week!  We are doing this to 1) hold the dirt in place through the winter and 2) prep the land for the trees and garden.  Rye grass helps with nematodes as well. 

We have not closed yet.  In fact, we are just waiting on the title company.  This cannot come fast enough for me.  I am ready to move on from this process and start living!

Well, today, I hope to get a few things accomplished

1) piece together 2 quilt tops
2) clean kitchen this morning
3) find fabric in storage and wash for backing of quilts
4) Unpack 2 boxes (more if I get on a roll)
5) Sweep living room and entry
6) Write friend about her visit
7) Light homeschool with kids
8) Back stretches (I am not standing up straight right now)
9) Make menu for week using pantry items
10) Relax on patio with a book - its all about balance!


  1. Glad you are starting to feel better. You'll get used to the slower internet. I've never lived in a home that had high speed available and funny, but it throws me a bit whenever I use it in a location that does. Enjoy your coffee and book!

    1. Yeah, it is not too bad. I am still able to accomplish what I need to. It feels so normal to have it again. Its like I needed it to feel like home - LOL - my how times have changed!