Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Land and Business Goings On

Land - Well, it seems as though we have to get the land bought and closed on before we move forward on anything.  So, we put an offer in today.  Hopefully we will hear something by this weekend if not sooner!

Funny thing about the land is that its located in one County, we have the address with another County and the school (not that we will go there) is located in the County we are not located in, but our taxes are paid to the County the land is located in.  I think this is going to be interesting!

Business - I am finding it difficult to work right now.  Partly because there is so much going on with the buying, selling, building, but also I have so many customers this week!  I opened up the quilt orders and boy oh boy they came running!  I have 9 appointments this week, on top of getting things done with the house and homeschool.

I know they will slow down pretty quickly because we are waiting for the land to close and there is not much I can do during that time, so hopefully next week is better for me getting things done.  It is looking like exactly 20 quilts by May.  Sigh.  I need to pay for my son's college tuition (I promised) and this ensures I do.  I can do this!  13 weeks to get them done. 

Tomorrow - MORE RV talk!

This my fountain Darrell made me for the house we are selling, I made him promise to make me another one!

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