Tuesday, September 26, 2017

100 Days of Happiness

I missed this by one day, but I caught up on Day 2, so I am all in now. 

There is this thing that goes around on social media that happens on the last 100 days of the year.  They want you to sign up, but I don't need any more emails, so I am just posting on Instagram pictures that make me happy or at least smile a little.  These are not earth shattering things, but just tidbits of the day.

I first caught wind of this 3 days ago - in the late evening actually, so decided to jump on board, since I was already bouncing this around in my head anyway. I did not want to be 2 days behind, so I just took a picture of something around me.

Day #2 officially, I will go through Day #101 to make up for it.

 Although it looks like a very large glass of wine - it is not.  I think it may be a 6 oz glass - not much, I assure you.  But, I love my white wine - dry, white wine. 

Day #3

 It was a harried morning, rushing here and there, errands, errands, errands.  I saw this in the middle of the driving area of a parking lot.  I know someone lost it, but the glimmer caught my eye and thinking of little girls and their bling made me smile.  I risked life to take the picture and was surprised to see a few of the gems were still around it on the ground when I put it on my computer  Yes, I doctored this picture, but it looks so much better with a darker background than plain ole concrete.

Day #4

It is no surprise lately that I am in absolute love with dragonflies.  I always have been, but lately, since we have been building, it is more so.  My best friend, John, gave me this dragonfly - it is metal and the wings actually flap - it is gorgeous and something I very much enjoy everyday.

If you want to follow me on Instagram - I am threadedlines.  I will try to keep posting here as well - maybe do batch posts.  You will definitely get a better story about here.

I am just taking care of odds and ends today.  Making dinner, cleaning the kitchen, wiping down the bathroom, mailing a check, uploading files, check in with a class for kids, sign up for a dia los muertos field trip at the Funeral Museum, go over calendar and update, ran to the house to open the shed (tiling and painting today), chose windows for doors, packed up 3 boxes, washed/dried/folded a load of towels, finished a book, and now I am about to head out to return/exchange some lights, pick up laundry detergent and back to the house to see what was done and lock the shed. 

Yep, I am getting tired today.  But overall, it was a good day.

Gratitude:  I am grateful for loving family.  I did not grow up in a loving family, but I made sure my children would - with parents that love each other, a mother that does not scream and just an air of trust and love.  I take it for granted sometimes, but I adore our family.

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