Tuesday, September 5, 2017

When it Rains, It Pours

I am not sure my light depression is not warranted right now.

Toward the end of July, my last remaining grandparent died. 

Last Tuesday, the last day Harvey was here, my husband's step father died.

Yesterday afternoon, I found out one of the sweetest customers I have lost her battle with cancer.  I used to sew the patches on her boys' uniforms and we would talk and laugh.  She was a beautiful person.

So much death as of late.

I am really trying to see the positive side of things, keeping a journal, reading uplifting books, trying to laugh with my kids - even fart jokes.  But overall, there is just a touch of sadness.  I think I really have not had time to grieve all the loss lately.  I need some quiet time to think. 

We started homeschool back up today.  As expected they are struggling with math.  Their little brains have to get back into the groove of it all and remember percents, probabilities, coefficients and all that.

Gratefulness:  I am grateful for my Yeti tumbler.  I always have cold water now - day or night, it is sublime!

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  1. I think each additional death layers and enhances the sadness. My best friend of 20 years died in May 2001, 9/11 happened, then my brother died in December. I could not find joy in my favorite things for a year. I did not feel sad all the time, just distracted by something I could not name. Finally, the fog lifted. However, I did not have a husband and children to add joy and distract me.