Saturday, September 2, 2017

August Goals Revisisted

 Yeah,  I did not get much done - not even close.  I don't care though.  August was a tough month.

New House Related

1. Reschedule all deliveries for mid-September - appliances, furniture, hot tub, etc  um, they are all rescheduled, but not for mid-September.  That has all been pushed back.  I consider this a good try though.
2. Clean up the house area every weekend  - Nope, not a chance.  We have been so slammed, I have not picked up one thing.
3. Refinish front door - Nope,  we have to wait until the shed is done.  The Stained Glass is on the way however.
4. Start work on rolltop desk?  Nope
5. Order kitchen sink  - Yes!  Not only ordered, but arrived!
6. Order all lighting - No, but we since we are paying for them, we used credit card points to make the purchases.  The gift cards are on the way, but Harvey delayed them  We are so close!
7.  Finalized/order outside kitchen items - sink, fridge, storage cabinet, grill  - YES!  I take small wins!
8.  Purchase rain catcher basin - Another resounding YES!
9. Follow up and push Shed production! - Yes, shed is going in next week.  Weather delay, so I forgave them.
10.  Make appointment with Permaculture Consultant - I made an appointment, then it got delayed.  Trying to set another appointment, but I think his house got flooded.

Kids Related

1. Family Dinner with all 6 of us! - 3x!  It was a banner month
2. Get list of needed supplies from college boy and shop! - Yes, completed!
3. Pay tuition for college after scholarship are logged - Yes, completed!
4. Sell ticket for play DD will be in - Yes!  DONE!
5. Take DS to at least one social event - No, with everything, we did not make this happen.
6. Get overall homeschool plan set - Mostly, we have not started yet, so I won't claim this fully.
7.  Plan first month in written format of homeschool - YES!  This I did do!
8. Decide for sure if teen led newsletter/newspaper is going to happen. - It is not - final decision.
9. Work together to develop a plan for physical excercise - Not happened.  No excuses.
10. Book hotel for taking college boy back to school - We are not going.  Hubs is taking him and coming back in one day.

Me Related

1. Utilize planner daily - specifically with goals, not just check lists - Sort of, it is check listy, but I am working toward it.
2. Eat lunch daily - I have a habit of not eating until I am ravenous around 3 pm. - Nope, I am so bad about this.
3. Consciously drink more water - at least refill my Yeti 4 times. - YES!  My drinking water has gone up majorly!
4. Back stretching daily - this is a MUST - my back has gotten bad and stretching is a paramount! - I am stretching more, but not like I should.  There is room for improvement.
5. Set a time to start getting up daily in preparations for the school year.  - Fail, we just ran out of steam.
6. Get a massage - No, it did not happen
7. Make daily cleaning checklist - Not at all.  We are thinking about it though.
8. Create year long menu - yes, this is something I really want to do!  I laugh and laugh - not a chance
9. Create and send out We've Moved cards - Nope, not this either.
10. Gratitude Journal.  I need to spend a little time thinking about the good - I would like to purchase one I can fill in rather than brainstorming.  This should be a nightly thing.  - OK, I checked a book out at the library and am putting into practice some of the themes.  I have not started a gratitude journal, but I am telling people I am grateful for them and the things they do.  Trying to be very specific and genuine.  

 Well, there are certainly more yellows then red and for that, I am thrilled.  Many, many things are out of my hands.  Funny, the things that are I did not follow up with. 

I am a little drained right now, so I get very tired in the evenings.  I am starting to work on my eating schedule and taking some vitamins as well as getting some exercise.  This month is a very busy month with the house and getting ready to move.  Also starting homeschool and my business.  I will make another goal list for September - tomorrow probably while hubs is gone.  That and clean house!  LOL

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