Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday Tile

There was tile drama and the day is all about the tile!

Last night, hubs and I went to the house to check out the tile that had been started.  This is my special Saltillo Tiles - Mexican clay tiles. 

It was after dark and there is no electricity in the house, so we only had the flashlight that was on our phones.  I was not happy - the grout lines were big in some areas and thin in others.  I hated it!

I texted the builder and told him I was upset with it, so he scheduled a meeting with me and the tiler for today. I was really dreading that meeting, I hate confronting someone about their work.  It is ALWAYS so personal.

So, we went to bed and I slept, but not well.  Dragged myself out of bed and showered.  Not looking forward to the day and I went out to get some coffee when I saw DH!  The wonderful man called in sick to go with me to tell this tiler we did not like his work!  He also said we needed some time together since he was gone all weekend.  Boy, did we!

When we got to the house, we went to our daughter's bathroom and looked at the tile in the day light.  It was not bad - the tile was irregular (which I love) and gave such warmth to the little room.

The tiler was working on our son's bathroom - which he finished while we were there and it looks fabulous!  It works so well with the tile in the shower as well - even the builder was impressed.

It is exciting to see the tile go in - unfortunately, you will not get to see pictures until the grout is in.  You would not be able to see the true beauty of it until the end - the color are still dull until they are cleaned and sealed.

This evening, we are just taking it easy watching Lord of the Rings and relaxing together.  It is wonderful and was very needed!


  1. I'm glad it turned out not to be as bad as you originally thought. I'm sure that was a relief. Enjoy your extra time with your husband.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it was not the tilers work, it is the shape of the tiles. They are supposed to be misshappen since they are shaped by hand before drying. It was the main reason we chose them.

  3. Glad it all turned out ok. Probably was hard to see with phone flashlights ;) Can't wait to see pics.

    1. Yep, Lesson learned. I told DH that I will not be able to wait until he gets off work anymore. The sun is setting earlier and I really need to see things in the light of day.