Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Busy day at the Build!

It was another busy day at the build and honestly, these will probably happen more and more until we are done.  There are so many little things to decide on and each one feels like such a production!

The granite was supposed to be going in today, so I decided to spend the day there.  Glad I did - lots to make decisions on!

1. Where to put faucets in granite.
2. Where to put the soap dispenser.
3. Where to put the disposal button (we are going with an air disposal)
4. Walk through with sheetrock guy for final punch list and put tape on all areas
5. Backsplash layout design.
6.  How to make 16 tiles fit into a 25 tile space.  That was fun.  I basically decided to cut out a tile area.  We cannot easily order more - they are hand made custom tiles. 
7. Decide on dates to meet the driveway guy.
8.  Remind builder about gutters, so he texted the guy.
9. Decide on window sill treatments for kitchen.
10. Talk money
11. Talked about upcoming things - plumber this week, granite finishing tomorrow, hot check on lights and outlets, tiling continuing, stonework done tomorrow.
12. Discussed how farmhouse copper sink fit in cabinet with countertop.  It will need a small piece of finishing on it.
13.  Topper for stone on posts on patio - only acceptable option is cedar.
14. That we needed a faucet for the outside sink
15. That we needed bulbs for all the lights.
16. Reconsidering the tile issue when an inventory was done.  The place I cut out could take the other size of tile, so we are going with that.
17.  Seeing the living room beams get unwrapped.
18. Seeing that one of the beams is sagging and need to be supported ASAP!
19.  Deciding on the type of baseboard for the loft.
20. Deciding to put a lock on the master bathroom door that faces the bedroom.  Since that bathroom has a door to the outside, we felt that guests might want to use that bathroom and we could lock our bedroom door to keep them out.  It is the easiest place to go.

There were other smaller things and some of these took forever because of a language barrier.  It is coming together though - 18 days left!  DH is already imagining coming in the front door to be greeted by the trickle of water from our fountain, a breeze from the fan and Ottmar Liebert playing in the background, grabbing a beer from the fridge and settling into the sofa with me, as I drink a glass of wine.  His words - not mine! Remember, this is all the patio - not even entering the actual home!

I am still in detail land since I am the lead in this build.  It is coming together - the builder paused at one point today when we were coming out of the master bedroom looking back to the entry and said WOW!  I am telling you - this tile is amazing.  I know I said hand made to order, but it is only about $3.00 a square foot.  It is a mid-range cost for tile.  Not expensive.  It is not consistent, wavy, irregular and so freaking gorgeous!  I cannot wait until it is sealed and really shows the colors.  It is so dusty right now.

Gratitude: Today, I am really grateful for air conditioning.  Going onto an air conditioned RV was heaven today.  In between times after sweat rolling down my back, it was wonderful to step into a cool, not so humid place even for a moment.

P.S.  As soon as electricity is hooked up, builder said I could run my ice maker - Sonic Ice folks - I cannot wait!


  1. At what point can you take a shower in your house? It all sounds so nice. I wonder if you could put up a page listing all the products you used. Some of the vendors might give you a break on prices or something in gratitude. You have seen how brides advertise at their wedding? After all, the ten-thousand people who read your blog each day might go to these businesses.

    1. I don't know yet. Harvey has affected the electricity. Because we have a well, we have to have electricity to run the water pump and the pump for the septic system. Everything is hinging on electricity right now. My blog only has like 38 followers, so I cannot get any sponsors at all. I don't even know all my products unfortunately! But I can make a page eventually of the ones I do know.

    2. Jennifer,
      I am surprised Harvey an effect on your build, but I am so far away and certainly don't hear things like this on the news. If it weren't for people like you, I would never know. Well, it was a good thought. Maybe you ought to know the products for your own future reference. There are some things like the tile I am interested in. Hopefully, you will get the electricity soon.