Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bad Day/Good Day

I know, it's Valentine's Day.  Honestly, if it were not for Facebook, I probably would not even know.  We don't celebrate it and don't want to either.

I had a VERY bad day in spite of it all.

1st - sent customer this picture, telling her it was done and it looked fabulous.  When does she want to pick up - yada, yada.  Well, she texts me - I hope the backing is something soft and fluffy.  I text back that it is the cotton we decided on when ordering and it would get softer with use.  She then texts  - What color is the backing?  I answer that it is blue - like she ordered.  She doesn't text back for hours.  Then simply that she will pick up on Thursday.

Great.  This was made from 80 images for the middle part.  100 squares around the perimeter and very close to a king size - the largest and most shirts I have done so far.  To change the backing would take me around 2 weeks!  She is insane.

#2 - Second customers - She picked several shirts that HAD to be on a pillow I was making - in addition to the quilt for her daughter.  So, I cut the shirts for the pillow and quilt, laid out the pillow, then snapped a picture and sent it to her for approval. 

The colors don't match.  Well, yes, all the maroons from the 5 different shirts are slightly different.  That is what you get when you try to make something from 1 color that uses different fabrics and different garments as well as cotton fabric. 

I just asked that she come to my house to work together - that way she can see the colors and my predicament.  Sigh.

#3 - As the day is going on, I am trying to move on by working on the next order and talking with the roofer,  the real estate agent, etc.  I am on the floor laying out the 3rd customer quilt when my phone dings and I get notice that my "order" is prepared.  Ummm - what order?  I have not placed an order for anything in a while now.  Trying to stop ordering since the move is eminent.

Well, I try to contact them, but my computer freezes.  Sigh.

I finally get an email to them.  They actually wrote me back within half an hour!  There was a glitch within their system sending out invoice to everyone and they were trying to fix it.  Darrell said it was probably a virus.

#4 - Crazy customer lost these patches I made for her and wants me to do more, but I have stopped doing embroidery, so I tell her no.  She freaked out!  Sigh.  I cannot give in this time.  I am having a garage sale next weekend.  Half of my business is packed up.  I am trying to turn out quilts like crazy and still sewing patches until the end of this month.  Something had to give and embroidery it was.

Good Things

1. My daughter's teacher cancelled class today!  YEAH!  We did not have to get out in the storm. 

2. The roofer came and is putting on the roof next week.  It is not costing me an arm and a leg, but we have that charge that they can never predict for boards.  $100 a pop. 

This is the same as when you lay flooring - the stuff they use for leveling - it costs per bag.

It is how all these companies get you - there is always one thing that they cannot predict and it costs MORE than you usually anticipate.  The roofers cut my deducible in half.  Wanna bet that the boards will cost about that much that gave us?   LOL  The roof is going on before we put the house on the market - that is all I care about right now, so I put this in the good category.

3.  I got notice that we are closing on the land Friday!  YEAH!!  One thing I can check off the list and one step closer to the goal.

4. Customer 3 approved the quilt and told me I am very talented.  I sooooo needed that.

So, now I am relaxing on some heat with a glass of very cold, white wine and taking a breather by writing.  I will probably pack a few more boxes tonight.

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day  - whether or not you celebrate.  A Good Tuesday is reason enough to celebrate!


  1. Phew! This is why I'm SOOOOO glad I don't 'do' people-focused work much anymore. Part of the reason I quit my library job a few years back is because of having to be around people (i.e., the public) all day, every day. Truly. I am grateful for my office job in that sense - I just get phone calls, tucked away in a little office... :)

    Glad, though, that it was all balanced by the Good that happened. And a glass of wine is definitely well-deserved! x

    1. I know! The general public crazy! Really though, my customers are quite nice, but the 3 hard ones chose yesterday to be in my face. Unusual. Today is a new day!