Monday, February 13, 2017

Our NEW Builder

We met Ernest of Masterson Homes this Saturday at a Starbucks in between where we live currently and where we will live.  This area will be our main shopping area as it is about 11 miles from the new home, but has all that we will need on a normal basis.  It has Kroger, Lowes, Target, Walmart, Kohls, JoAnns and lots of restaurants.  We buy so much on-line now that shopping is really not a priority.

There is a Brookshire Brothers about 5 miles from the house, which will be fine for last minute things - milk, butter, etc.  It is too expensive for full shopping though.

Anyway, back to the builder.

He is exactly what we have been looking for!  He listened to us, asked questions, wrote notes, inquisitive about my vendors, offered suggestions, made plans about the future with us, etc.   The meeting was a dream and he did not ask for any money yet!

He left saying he was going to work up a rough plan and give us a quote (knowing it will change as we add or subtract items).  Then, I will meet with the architect to nail down the design of the house.  Once we get all the details, he will work up what is needed for the construction loan, even working with our Metal Building guy for the large shed.

I cannot wait to get the quote!

Oh yeah, he always is fine with the survey that was already done on the land - no need to get another one.  That saved us $750 right there.

I get to pick the front door because it is a special thing to me, then he will design the front of the house around it!  WOW!  He is also going to use my vendors for the saltillo tiles and stone.  I am truly amazed.  With most builders, you have to use their vendors.  We are also going to purchase our own appliances if his are more than what we can get OR they are not what we want - he is fine with us purchasing anything.  He will just take it off the balance. 

Truly, we could not have asked for more.  He seemed willing to absorb the burden of this process and said he would be the person we talk to day in and out - he does not hand it over to someone else.  Either he or his foreman will be their daily checking on the contractors and I am welcome to be there any time I want during the construction process.

Time frame, 5 months once we break ground.  Now, the construction loan process may take a little while and we plan on getting it going as soon as possible.  But this brings "in by Christmas" a reality again!

So, that leaves me with working my ass off to get all these quilts sewn together because the house has to go on the market early March!  YIKES!


  1. Your builder sounds perfect! So happy that you found someone that will work with you!

    1. He is great and we are excited to work with him!

  2. Take pictures from the start. Building your own home is an amazing experience. Having a builder that you like and can trust is the most important factor.
    Such an exciting time for you and your family.

    1. Absolutely! We will definitely be taking pictures. I want to do one a day from start to finish, but I know there will be some time that I am not around. We will see. Maybe our builder can do that for us.