Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Update Week 2

Sadly, still nothing to take a picture of, so I will leave you with one from our trip several years ago.

Yellowstone's Grand Canyon

1. Suburb House - Roof was approved by Insurance Company as their was significant hail damage.  Good news.  Bad news is we have to get the check we were given signed by the mortgage company.  Nothing can start until we do that.  So, at this point, we are waiting to that check back.  

I did pick up 40 boxes to start packing the extraneous stuff we have - like most of the business items, books we do not use on a regular basis (but want to keep), excess kitchen items that cannot be taken on RV, but helpful in a full functioning kitchen, knick knacks, pictures, etc.

We made a fix it/clean it list before putting the house on the market - like recaulking, touch up paint, etc.  None of it will cost a whole lot, just elbow grease - I will post a complete list week.

2. Land Purchase - Nothing major - due diligence with the Title Company.  We did have to pay the HOA fees upfront.  Which was different for us.  We always paid then at closing.  It was explained that the title company pays for those fees and then they get reimbursed at closing.  Well, when deals fell through, the title company lost that money.  Makes sense to make the buyers pay them - it ensures the deal with go through.  It is usually very close to closing though, so I think we may close next week.

3. Land Home - We talked with a few of the references from the K Builder, but all had a lukewarm response.  They were ok, but K Builders were not truly custom and did not let them pick outside vendors for items in their home.  Plus, on my side - they wanted a special survey that cost $750 that we had to have BEFORE talking to them as well as $2,500.  This was all before we even met them!  Kind of fishy to me.

So, they recommended Builder M - who once worked for K Builders, but started his own company.  He is meeting with us to discuss things Saturday morning and we don't have to bring anything other than our winning personalities!  I am taking floor samples, some pictures and a written plan we have for the layout of the house.

4. RV Living - nothing here.  No time this week. 

5. Business - Finished 1 quilt, almost done with another one.  Word is getting out that I am closing, so the incoming daily traffic has slowed down (thankfully).  I will start slowly packing the excess and thinking about having a closing sale on my stock items - like backpacks, a couple of hooded towels, key fobs, jute water wraps and in general fabric.  That way it would cut down on what we take with us and put a little money in my account.  Time is the main issue though.

6. Homeschooling - things are going good with a toned down curriculum right now.  It is hard to imagine but in just a few months we will be full bore and I will have nothing else to do on a daily basis.  I kind of feel for them, but not really.  Such an awesome education - one on one.

Overall, we felt like we got some things decided on this week.  I don't feel as stressed now that a couple of things have come together.  The unknown is my worst enemy!

I still have my head in the clouds though - dreaming and thinking.  It is difficult to work because all I want to do is sit up there by the land and go look at fixtures, flooring, paint, model homes, bathrooms, etc. 

Ah, here comes the busy weekend!  I am getting this quilt done and Darrell is focusing on the backyard!  No rest for the weary until April!


  1. Your blog name definitely applies right now! :-) It's coming together. Looking forward to your updates.

    1. You can say that again - I am feeling it too! I know only good things are ahead though so that makes me feel better about it all!