Monday, February 6, 2017


The adjuster came out today to approve or disapprove our claim for replacing the roof of the house we are currently living in.

Luckily, we were approved!  So, out of pocket should be around $2,500.  I do not completely understand the verbiage at this point - especially the Recoverable Depreciation.  But, the way the adjuster talked, we would be getting that when the new roof is put on.

He specifically said - you get a check now, then you get another when the work is completed, so I will go with that.  It is much less than I anticipated from our insurance, so we are golden at this point.  Plus, the roofer is offering us $1,000 for letting them put a sign in our yard.  I could not care less about that sign.  I will not be here in 4-5 months.

Main issue is that I have to go through the mortgage company to get the check endorsed, and they are making us jump through hoops!  We have to sign it, send it away (even though they have offices in town) and are asking for an inspection even though they are not paying anything!  AND, we have to pay for that inspection.  Such a crock!  That kind of bureaucracy makes me so mad!  We have a bad roof - the insurance people chalked it, took pictures and aerial photos!  They should be good with that!  I mean, we do have a stake in this property.

Sigh, I am drinking a glass of Sauvignon Blanc just to calm down a bit.  This is why I do not do this day in and day out. Also, makes we want to pay the new house off as quickly as possible!  That way, I don't have to jump through hoops.

The insurance company actually was not bad at all.  Call in a claim - 5 minutes.  2 minutes phone call to set the appointment.  Then 2.5 hours talking to the roofers and inspector.  Done, I received a check, no biggie.

It was just when I had to call the mortgage company that they went all - "We have to check this out - and YOU have to pay for it."  BTW - I ALREADY PAID FOR IT!!!!  The roofers came out and inspected it, then the adjuster came out an inspected it, even a second roofer inspected it.  Can we just be done with the initial inspection?  I think an inspection AFTER the roof is on is more appropriate.

Oh, and little do they know that I am even bringing one thing that is not on the claim and does not meet code, up to code.  I think I can make better decisions about the house I LIVE in than the company that just holds the loan.

OK, climbing down off my soap box.

We tried to walk the land this weekend, but it is so thick!  I LOVE IT!!!  This is Darrell way back there and the edge of the land where the survey was done.  It was the only place we could walk back.


  1. I am so happy for you! Your property looks beautiful!

  2. Thank you - it is starting to feel real! So much business for a wonderful end! Thank you for joining this adventure.

    1. I am truly enjoying reading your journey! We owed a 10 acre parcel of land for over 20 years with the intention of building our dream home. Never happened. We decided to throw caution to the wind, move to an even more remote area 400+ miles away, and bought an existing home on a lake, surrounded by woods. We have no regrets!
      To an extent, I feel I am living vicariously through other bloggers who are taking the plunge to build their dream homes. I'll be eagerly reading your updates!

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